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Easy fix while keeping it the same for PvP

#1 problem, whoever plays the most gets a better rank dilemma. Currently PvP is not very competitive because of that.

The only way to fix that issue without changing PvP altogether is to implement a resource that defines how many PvP match you can invade, here is an exemple of what you could implement:

A. Let’s call the resource wings and you are given 50 wings (it will show 50/50 and then 49/50 if u invade once, etc)

B. As soon as your wings is not full to 50, there is a timer of 30 mins counting down… so let’s say your going to be away for 1 day then do your 50 wings and it will take 30 mins X 50 = 25 hours to refresh back to 50 from 0 WITHOUT being penalized for not playing 24/7… Basically you get a break of 1 day while still being very competitive.

C. For the PvP die hard fans… Casual PvP doesn’t use your wings! And of course u get no PvP pts… And also I suggest that the gold amount is identical as a real PvP invade.

D. You can introduce a conversion for the wings… like 30 gems to buy 50 wings.

You are requesting an energy mechanic? A timer? You want to punish a gamer for playing the game?


This is a “energy system”, I despise an energy system in ANY FORM.

I vote NO NO NO NO


This sounds like an energy system…


I hate energy systems.


Energy system? But we just got rid of the energy system 6 or so months ago!

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Yeah an energy system that doesn’t stop you from playing PvP, you just play Casual PvP, the only thing is you don’t get PvP points which is the big problem right now in the top 100… Sister is top rank because sister plays 24/7 , right ?

No she plays for 8 hours on hard difficulty.

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They would also have to completely redesign the “casual pvp” to give tier rank only pvp points because you would be limiting how many battles people would be able to do to tier up (ignoring leaderboards altogether)

This also completely ignores the fact that points are lost for losing defense.

This is a bad idea.

If you’re frustrated not to be in the first 1000, just play more. It is not that hard to be in first 1000, you need a bit of dedication, but it’s like everything in life.

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Difficulties doesn’t change PvP as per game info…

How is Sister playing the game a problem for you?

You play the game to get 30 gems… so you can buy 50 Wings… so you can continue to play? This logic is flawed.



  1. not sure the problem you cite as the #1 problem is actually a problem… what do you mean by not competitive? Looks pretty competitive on the board…

  2. your solution is basically an energy/stamina mechanic to limit play, which I feel is a really bad idea…

So no thanks.


?? Casual PvP doesn’t give PvP pts just gold…

I would also like to point out that all leaderboards go to people who play the most.

Even with awful energy systems you have diehards that use each and every point they get right on the mark. The people who play the most would STILL be in the top, this would hardly stop that.

So not only are you limiting pvp points but you are limiting peoples ability to Rank their TIERS as well (not leaderboard ranks)?

Actually difficulty affects casual mode. Also the choices you make in ranked are from left to right easy, medium, and hard.

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The other problem, besides this being an entergy system, is that players that have a surplus of gems because of really great fantastic guilds, will have no problem spending those gems to get more PVP fights. Then you’re introducing real pay-to-win mechanic.


Then your obviously not looking at the top 100 leaderboard… before reset the number 1 spot has well over 100,000 PvP pts over rank 100 (bot or no life which one is it ?) … So if rank 1 doesn’t sleep, eat, shower, etc , then yeah it’s very competitive… and I just whooped sister in PvP… rank doesn’t determine how good you are at all…

As I already stated, said “no lifes” would still make each point of energy count, and people who play more casually would end up falling behind anyway simply because once the energy maxes you are wasting points.

You are still ignoring that this would interfere with peoples ability to get tier ranks as well.

Then they can just easily remove that difficulties affect casual PvP… I’m sure they can figure that out

Casual if for those who liked the old system but do not want to compete in the new system. You also forgot about the problem of your choices in ranked pvp are still affected by difficulty.

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