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Duskbringer parts

Not sure what you mean. I’ve done this for a year and haven’t been blocked yet.
Let’s take this week as an example.

Total Weapons - 13
Total F2P Weapons - 12
Doom - 2
Weapons in forge this week - 7
All 5 other weapons can be gotten naturally from progression including the class weapon, faction weapon and early level weapons.

Cursed blade is achieved with mastery level
Spider Tome is a class weapon
Eldrazi Wand is a faction weapon
Mace of Malice is achieved with mastery level
Dusty Tome is achieved with mastery level

Only weapon not in the forge is the Spider’s Kiss which was probably a weapon that was only available to buy, and still is only available to buy.

Let’s take Mist of Scales back when it was able to reach power level 20, requiring 8 fully upgraded weapons.

1.) Basilisk Fang. Upgrade adds random element to otherwise reliable weapon.
2.) Cobra’s Curse. Okay.
3.) Dagger of Scales. Not available back then.
4.) Kris Knife. Cash only.
5.) Medusa Tome. Okay.
6.) Pit Knife. Upgrade adds random element to otherwise reliable weapon.
7.) Serpentine Dagger. Upgrade adds random element to otherwise reliable weapon.
8.) Shadowbringer. Upgrade adds random element to otherwise reliable weapon.
9.) Vile Flask. Upgrade adds random element to otherwise reliable weapon.
10.) Wicked Scythe. Okay.

Sums up to 3 of 8 required weapons that are okay for everybody to upgrade. 5 weapons turn in slot machines, which some players object to. Paying $5 allowed you to get away with only transforming 4 weapons into something you don’t like to play with.

I held off uprading Mist of Scales to power level 20, just couldn’t convince myself to permanently break so many weapons. Essence of Evil already keeps hurting me enough.

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Still don’t see the issue lol. I have 9 Mist of Scales weapons upgraded. The fact that you don’t want to upgrade them is not my problem or the games. That is your choice. I choose not to upgrade doomed club or doomed blade. If I get kingdom blocked one day because of that fact(assuming doom scrolls aren’t the issue) than I will have to choose power level over weapon, or vice versa. Continuing this point, I’m blocked on many kingdoms because I refuse to spend minor ascension orbs on Doom troops or other legendary troops. I’ve made the choice to be blocked because I will eventually be unblocked by time. Although I am now spending those orbs on the doom troops slowly cause of the lack of ToD events…bad example lol, but you get my point.

The fact you can’t upgrade, is more of a choice for you than it is an inability to. I upgraded all the weapons you didn’t, cause I couldn’t care less about them. I have my main weapons and that’s all i need.

The overall point of this is the weapons will be available for players that want to upgrade the Duskbringer weapon affected kingdoms. Assuming you have collected the class weapons, mastery weapons, and faction weapons, a player should not be blocked to getting to power level 20. I wouldn’t even worry about anything higher than that since more weapons for those kingdoms will be out by the next block.

It’s a choice that isn’t supposed to be a choice, progressing shouldn’t put you in a worse position. This was even acknowledged by Sirrian in one of the dev talks and promised to get acted upon. Unfortunately, Sirrian moved on to new challenges. All we’ve repeatedly heard from the remaining crew is that they need just a little more time to design the perfect fix, band aids as proposed by the community just won’t do.

Fair enough. There are others who do care about their weapons though, for them it’s a long ongoing issue. Besides, my original point was that endgame players would craft Duskbringer, even for something so minor that you couldn’t care less about it.


I don’t disagree with either of these points, or at least the general idea of them. If you’ll remember, i stated very clearly that the duskbringer weapons should have been available in the soulforge to begin with just like dawnbringer. This is an issue, and I’m confident it won’t be addressed sadly.

Well the point you actually made was that endgamer would craft duskbringer, even if it wasn’t useful, to gain power levels. My point was that wouldn’t be needed for those power levels of the affected kingdoms in question.

Which then brought us to the choice of upgrading a weapon or not. The usefulness of a weapon needed for power level upgrading is mostly subjective(outside of the doom weapons I mentioned). Just because a small portion find them useful, or have issue with the affixes, doesn’t mean that’s the case for most players, or is a big enough issue to intentionally block yourself from a power level. These are different points to debate though.

You also brought up something I’m curious if there is a case for. Is there a kingdom where a weapon that wasn’t Paywalled wasn’t also available in the soulforge? My argument relies on the fact that all non faction/class/mastery weapons are available during the kingdom weeks except for Paywalled weapons, so if this actually isn’t the case, I’d love to know which kingdom that happened to you cause that’s def a game problem if that happened.

There’s currently only 34 money-only weapons – one for each kingdom.

Of course, the number of Diamonds you now need for everything, for a new player, there might as well be 134!

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lol, truth!

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Probably poor wording. Endgamers will craft Duskbringer because it’s something they haven’t done yet. If they can come up with some extra reasons, all the better. :smile:

None that I know of. However, most weapons that are currently paywalled didn’t start out being paywalled, they were available several times during events. They were even supposed to show up in the soulforge, when players found them missing the devs eventually came up with a list of excluded weapons that had to be extended a few times.

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My F2P FOMO gets triggered by those 34 paywalled weapons believe lol. It’s just something I’ve had to accept at this point otherwise it would drive me bonkers.

Honestly, we are on the same page here. We both want more(all) weapons available to craft, we want duskbringer weapons available right now regardless of the reasons we want it, and there are many issues with weapon affixes that need to be addressed.


Yeah, since they said it would be just like dawnbringer. Except it’s not. You could have crafted dawnbringer day one, if you were one the few that had all the resources. Guess we players were silly to think we could craft it after the campaign, if we had the resources.
Free to play also means waiting a year to complete it. Not because you have to grind for it. Because that’s how long it’ll take for the individual pieces to show up. And that’s the message sent to free players. Fork over 10 bucks or get bent over.


And how many of these 5 do you REALY use? Because most of them aren’t used by me at any time… so it doesn’t matter if they are +0 or maxed, as their utility is still @ 0…

They are not used because they are broken and would turn on you or not worth to use them cause they are too weak without the upgrades, but you can’t upgrade them cause you brake them

I completely disagree that these weapons would be useful if not for the affixes. The reason the doomed affixes are so bad is because they have the potential to ruin your board control. What you and Four are implying is that the affixes that destroy gems is affecting your board control in the same way. This is not true. Would you rather have a weapon that did something and got no extra mana or turn, or something that did something, and then had a chance to get an extra turn and guaranteed more mana?

So really it’s two points here in my opinion.

  1. The weapons that are claimed to be useless because of bad affixes, are still not much use after those affixes are fixed.
  2. The weapons aren’t bad right now even with the affixes. They give you more than what you would get without them. They aren’t trying to control the board.

If you are relying heavily on the use of those weapons mentioned above for success in gems, you really need to take a look at your theory crafting skills because there are dozens of better weapons.

Of course there are better weapons since you can’t trust a doomed club for example.
You cast it so it will give you an extra turn and you can use the doom skull, instead it fucks up your board control and gives a bunch of doomed skulls to the enemy. Plain suicide.
Only 2 of the 6 doomed converters do this, so they are useless and bugged.

For me, it’s rather pointless to use them. I see no reason to use 99% of weapons below legendary rarity… usualy there is a better version of such weapon in legendary/mythic tier…
As for legendaries, only situation where I would use Vile Flask over: Rope Dart/Earth Fury/Mang/Trickster Shot/Fleshripper is case of event, where I would be restricted to not use any of the alternatives…

Most of them, are just bad design. Or I dont like spell effect itself. Upgrades don’t change a thing for them (they are bad because i see them as bad, not because their affixes make them bad).

On the other hand, Rope Dart without extra turn would be a mediocre weapon, probably not worth my time either… So good affixes can change average weapon into brilliant one…

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When is the first part out of this kick in the belly patience pure frustration eggface weapon? Hopefully a kingdom which owns one of the weapon parts will have an event before next Halloween. Nice going. GoW is currently set up to 2055 with those realistic time frames.

lol Gems will always move the goal posts. Assuming it’s still a thing in a few years that is. If it is, I predict they will just raise the kingdom level/power caps again and create other ridiculous long terms goals. By the time you actually catch up, you’ll still be behind. Put it too you this way, if all the end gamers got everything in the game at a reasonable rate and timeframe, they would move on to other games since there is nothing left to chase or obtain. Sure there would be a lot who would stay, but none of those players would pay a dime. The campaign was kind of great in this way from a developer standpoint, because it put the cost of a mythic as a super reasonable rate and got extreme endgamers sitting on their hoards to shell out a few bucks to avoid FOMO and to keep their maxed accounts maxed.

I feel no sympathy for extreme endgame players as I don’t have all the mythics and at this rate I probably will never own all mythics in the game at one time. This is my own choice because of the decisions I’ve made. I’ve come to accept this, but I know many who are used to having it all, have not (not saying you are one of those players). In my mind, as long these items are not permanently pay walled and can be obtained later for free, I have no problem. It may take a year sure, but the weapon isn’t OP and none of the kingdoms require the weapon for kingdom star maxing that you wouldn’t already get when those kingdoms come around again naturally.

Of course and I wholeheartedly agree with the club/blade being busted at +7 or higher. But your point was the weapons Four pointed out as being unable to upgrade because they are broken, were not related to the club/blade. The affixes on those weapons do not have the same effect. It’s comparing Apples to Oranges in my opinion.

I know it was addressed in another thread, but Salty(or kafka, can’t remember) said it was harder to do weapon affix changes. Hopefully it’s something they do address in an upcoming update sooner rather than later.


I’m sure plenty of end gamers have no sympathy for you either; someone who has stated only care about himself and not about any other player, whether they are newer players struggling or more experienced players that are more well off that’s concerned by the direction of the game.

And don’t worry, the devs won’t make any special exception for you either. They’ll gladly create a situation to paywall you in the future as things like Campaigns become more normalized to draw income for Gems of War as they’re not considered paywalled by some of the player base.

You’ll just have to make your own choice and move your goalpost again.

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I am one of those players that used to have everything. Unlike you there is some days where I am not able to accept everything with the turns the game had, eventho it is out of my hands and I would be better with accepting it. However it is not as bad as I do want to leave the game, I barely play the game now compared to before - so it is not swallowing a lot of my valuable time anymore.

A few years? Try thirty.

Nice assumption on your part. Or is this what YOU would do if you got everything. Speaking as a person who had all the mythics, kingdoms maxed as possible, all the non-pay for weapons…I had no problem logging in and playing.
And it’s Put it *to you this way…

Considering it’s a single affix, I find that very hard to believe.