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Duskbringer parts

I would like to know when we can craft the weapons for duskbringer to eventually craft it?
A new campaign has been started already but no signs of the weapons for duskbringer.


From an official news post, emphasis added,


The presumption is that they will show up in the Soulforge during the week of their respective Kingdoms. That said, I have no idea which Kingdoms those are.

The next five weeks are Stormheim, Bright Forest, Merlantis, Adana and Pan’s Vale.

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:relaxed: :vulcan_salute:


I’ve just looked further forward: we won’t be able to craft any of those before March, at the earliest.


With stupid time perspectives as these GoW looks like its up running for 50 years.


So by next christmass I may can have it. At least no need to farm souls.

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Poor souls that forget crafting a part while its up. Possible 1 year penalty. This is cheeky as hell if you ask most.


It might even take up to Christmas the year after. You need three kingdom events for kingdoms that just had their event, going by Pridelands some don’t show for two years in a row.


And by the time most endgame players will craft it, Devs might decide that all parts are avaible for crafting anytime (same as Dawnbringer parts). :wink:

Simple time-gating.

I wish I could muster such an amazing amount of optimism, mine got drained after two years of waiting for them to decide on how to replace a certain Watery and Carved “upgrade”.

Most endgame players would craft Duskbringer right now, the only resources they are missing are the weapon parts. Going by your measurement bar, aren’t the devs already late adding the parts to the forge?

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Nope, i’m not talking about players being able to craft something, but players actualy doing it.
When a fixed percentage of playerbase will have it crafted, DEVs might consider to make it’s parts craftable anytime.

They dont want to make Dawnbringer mistake again (and make it viable for everyone asap). Its intended as “long grind” by deisgn. It might stay this way and never get changed, or it might get changed when another “such recepie” will show up in soulforge. I’m pretty sure there might be such things in future -> we have “ZG like” Kurandara, we got “DB like” Duskbringer, what next?

“Xathenos like” Quetzalma maybe?

That’s the whole thing with campaign passesed. They provide things that are for “exclusive use” by pass buyers for some time…

No, you were talking about endgame players that will craft it. There’s zero reason for them to not actually do it, even if they never use Dawnbringer it helps them to get past the next kingdom power related weapon bottleneck. They won’t even notice the drain on their other resources.

Checking the Soulforge once each week for the next two years doesn’t really qualify as “long grind”. That term usually means spending a huge amount of time by repeating the same activity over and over again.


I guess you know better than me, what I was trying to write?

Sorry, my english is such trash that you complately missed my point and focused on linguistic parts of my post.

EOT from my part. Happy Christmas :wink:

Unfortunately I don’t, I can only go by the things you actually write and respond to them.

I focused on the semantic parts of your post, because they don’t make sense to me. If you feel I missed your point, go ahead and clear it up, that’s a perfectly normal part of communicating.

This right here is a flawed argument to begin with. I’ll start by saying I agree with anybody who says these weapons should already be in the soulforge. They should be. That’s the way it was with Dawnbringer, and that’s the way I think it should have been for Duskbringer. Ok, now to get back to my “dev reply guy” rebuttal.

Let’s break down each kingdom that is affected by these weapons. I will also list my current total as someone who crafted all craftable weapons from these kingdoms(least I think i got them all lol). For this I’m going to assume a player has the resources to fully max the weapon(except Doom weapons)

Kingdom Power 5 - Upgrade 1 weapon
Kingdom Power 8 - Upgrade 2 weapons
Kingdom Power 14 - Upgrade 3 weapons
Kingdom Power 16 - Upgrade 4 weapons
Kingdom Power 18 - Upgrade 6 weapons
Kingdom Power 20 - Upgrade 8 weapons
Kingdom Power 24 - Upgrade 10 weapons
Kingdom Power 26 - Upgrade 12 weapons
Kingdom Power 28 - Upgrade 14 weapons

Khetar(Weapon Total/Doom Weapons/My Current total)
Max Kingdom Power possible - 19

Dhrak-Zum(Weapon Total/Doom Weapons/My Current total)
Max Kingdom Power possible - 14

Swords Edge(Weapon Total/Doom Weapons/My Current total)
Max Kingdom Power possible - 19

Drifting Sands(Weapon Total/Doom Weapons/My Current total)
Max Kingdom Power possible - 19

Using these stats you can clearly see that each kingdom has enough weapons for endgamers to upgrade to the next power level. But considering most can’t get to the next power level until that kingdom comes back around anyway, it makes the whole “but players need these for power level” argument a moot point. As you can also see any player who is endgame like myself will already have enough weapons upgraded to reach the next power level even without the new weapons. Just pick these and all the others up when the kingdom comes back around.

Unfortunately it’s not quite as simple.

1.) Some of those weapons are old event weapons that used to sell for glory. They now sell for $5, as Flash Offer, with no other ways to get them.

2.) Some of those weapons have an upgrade path that players want to avoid at all cost. This was promised to get reviewed two years ago, got delayed over and over again and has now reached a state of permanent torpor.

From personal experience, I’ve been playing for well above five years and collected every weapon possible. The game has pressured me to upgrade a few weapons I deeply regret for the sake of kingdom power, I’ve still got kingdoms left where I can’t get past the weapon upgrade bottleneck without further sacrifices.

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I’m F2P for two years and have zero issue with this bottlneck. Your argument still does not stand up when considering these weapons are available in the forge the next time the kingdom comes back around. I’ve never bought a single weapon. Of course I have had to use diamonds, but that’s part of the cost for getting all the weapons and upgrading kingdoms. I missed out on a few years of event weapons, that was my penalty, but I was still able to collect more than I needed. The soul forge cycle for kingdoms is give or take 34 weeks. By the time a player needs that kingdom upgraded, they will have the ability to craft those weapons. It’s up to them whether they decide to save those diamonds for that or not.

I choose to collect all weapons for a year and it’s paid off. I can’t tell others to do the same as I did, but as you can see, I’m not bottlenecked.

Sounds like you might not have progressed far enough yet, are your kingdoms all close to power level 20?

Doesn’t work for me, and I’ve crafted every weapon possible. Not all kingdom weapons show up in the soul forge, only the newer ones.

Not sure what kingdoms you are referring to. The Max kingdom power I listed was what is currently possible for those kingdoms based on tarans. Not my current kingdom power. Not sure why that would matter anyway cause I wouldn’t be blocked.