Dungeon Level 1 only getting Descending Stairs

Platform Steam/PC

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
When you stay on Level 1 in the Dungeon (so you get it done as fast as possible), you ONLY get Descending Stairs in the non-trap/non-bosses doors. No Jewels or anything else. Means you’re missing out.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Happens every day. Been like this for over a week now.

Steps to make it happen again
Open dungeon door, get Descending Stairs unless its a boss or a trap.

Maybe it’s just bad luck?

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Well then I’m super unlucky, cause I’m getting nothing else.

why haven’t you descended?

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That’s beside the point. But I had descended and went back up after seeing that the rewards aren’t worth my time.

If you want to get all 6 egg dragons, all 3 ring weapons and Diamantina, then descending is absolutely worth it IMHO for the extra dragonite if you manage to get a perfect run.

But once you craft all those things then I’d agree with you that it’s better to stay at level 1, as the amount of extra diamonds, jewels and shards you get at higher levels isn’t worth the increased difficulty and time needed to do those battles.

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I’m still staying on the low levels (or high, I’m on level 20) - you’ll never know if they won’t add more things to do with dragonite/troops to get (they hinted at it).

It takes a bit longer but I don’t want to have to descend all over again I’d that should actually happen.

You should descend to a level that you can comfortably clear, the increased rewards get better as you go deeper.

Is there a limit to how low you can descend? Just wondering where players will be a year from now and how good will the rewards be… So far I’ve only seen the lowest levels being somewhere around 20.

EDIT: Sorry, a bit out of topic.

I am pretty sure the max is 20.

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Yes, it is 20.

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20 might be tricky sometimes, on other occasions it’s a single loop for your team. Depending on your on stats but also on luck.

Usually 20 is not that difficult anymore, but every now and then I still lose on bad luck. Today the middle boss team instantly devoured my main attack troop and killed my top troop with skulls with afterwards on the first move. That match was done pretty soon. But the main boss team didn’t even get a move on 20. It’s still worth to go as high/low as possible for better rewards imho.

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I’ve gone to battle with the wrong team a few times and that has got me sweating, so yes, losing is an option😬