Dungeon: Don't say "Blessed" under the boon room

…unless the room is ACTUALLY a “Blessed Altar”, because “Blessed” is an Official Term that should NOT be used outside of that official meaning.

For example, the other day I had opened (in total) a boon room and two traps before fighting the bosses, and because of the “Blessed” under the bonus room icon I initially thought my team would enter battle with “Blessed” status (negating the effect of the traps), but after 2 battles I had to read the room again because it was actually a “Mirror Altar” and I was starting battles with REFLECT status, not Blessed.

Screenshots: This is so easy to spot, I’ll just link in a few previous ones (posted in this thread) for reference:

Screenshot: actual Blessed Altar

It is okay to say “Blessed” here.

Screenshot: not Blessed Altar

Please DO NOT say “Blessed”, either state the status buff in question (e.g. “Submerged”) or use a generic term like “Activated” (“Received”, “Granted”, etc) instead.


or Granted (shortened version of bonus granted )


Agree that this is a bit confusing, shared this to the team with the suggestion to look at changing the activated descriptor from “Blessed” to “Granted” or just “Activated”.

Jeto - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:


How about fix the need for a perfect run quickly. 1 perfect for I lost count on attempts. It’s now a hated daily task. Really thinking about quitting the game. Not worth the frustration. Did devs really design it to make people mad?

I’ve deleted the off topic posts this time to keep this thread on track and as they were just short posts about some forum admin settings and not an actual discussion about the game so I don’t think anyone will miss the posts.
I’ll go double check the forum settings - I already had but I must have missed an extra setting for this somewhere :frowning:

I’ll also move this thread to the feedback section just for housekeeping and so it doesn’t get lost.

I can see Jeto already passed this onto the team though thanks Stratelier!