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Dreams do come true boys and girls

Thanks to this…

I can finally see how many legendary tasks other guilds are doing outside of my own. Consider that completely useless (outside of nerd light saber size comparison) scratch itched.

For that gift…I offer you this.

tenor - 2020-05-25T214935.993

And as always… My thanks and appreciation. You’re the best @Taransworld. :grinning:

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Careful what you wish for, you might not like what you see.

Anonymous at 6506…

Ah, Brave little Thieves on top with an Impressive 5834. Would put us second right behind anonymous in cross platform totals. @Truxton @Fleg @TheIdleOne
@rojo has some catching up to do


PS4 has an impressive leader with Risin’Phreeks. Close to our Xbox total and they’d be 3rd overall.


I’m aware…
Still liking the new feature nonetheless. :man_shrugging:

The weekly change …


Weekly change you say? Why yes I can sort the list by that!


Don’t worry. thieves is an older guild than Unforgiven — we’ll catch up, given time :wink:

That’s not quit the case. Unforgiven is older than Thieves. About 3 years ago if I remember it correctly Birch changed it’s name to Unforgiven. I should know, I used to run the guild :smiley:

When Thieves was created in January 2016, Birch was already around…or maybe it was the Birch Bis Team. Either way both guild are old guilds.


You have no clue. Birch and Thieves are old guilds. Birch Bis was a feeder guild for Birch which is now the alliance. Dark heaven Thieves and Birch were the top guilds at the beginning. Bis came a year later. Some think they know more than they actually know. I like it at The Unforgiven especially in the last 60 days give or take :sunglasses:

Birch Bis is now U1, and Birch became the alliance? Was Birch Bis created from scratch or was it another guild name before that.

It was a guild from scratch which would feed the alliance. Pretty wild how things ended up. Lots of changes.

can someone remind me how guild levels are calculated again?

it’s different pre maxed statues and post right?

50 xp for every level… except when you first start a guild. No one has been able to tell me at what level 50 xp becomes the standard for all levels.

It has nothing to do with guild statues though.
Xp from tasks go into guild statues for their specific color. But all xp goes towards levels.
Even LT xp doesn’t go towards statues which made guild statues a ridiculous time block. A time block now removed thanks to epic tasks though.