Dragon's Peak is Recruiting (Tacet the Terror's Guild) - TOP 20 Guild - 1.5k Seal, 300 Trophy, and 1M Gold Minimum Per Week - 40k Seals and Multiple Legendary Tasks Per Week [29/30]


Two spots are again open!
PM Tacet!


I`m interested. lvl 1385 and can meet req. looking for active guild where everyone participates.


Sounds good. Give me your invite code and leave your old guild, and ill get you in right away.


level 1200 have 6 leachers from current guild that never help and never get removed so 24 man i want out you have any room?


We Need a new member. 1 spot open. Come join us without complaining.:grin: And you get all the resources you ever need. Lvl1000 or higher its a must.


level 1200 im interested


Send patman



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Need to leave your guild so we can invite you Patmam.


…ok done


:dragon: DP :dragon: Needs a new player. Come and join us. Great team with greate players. Get all the resources you need.


Would love to join if you still have a slot open… Level 1,104

invite code: J3DIMASTA_3Y5Y


We have two spots available for anyone interested.

Leave invite code, hero level, and any other information you wish to mention on this post.

Minimum Requirements Per Week:

  • 1M+ Gold Per Week
  • Level 3 / Tier 3 minimum upgrades for Guild Wars, Raids, Invasions, and Tower of Doom
  • Participation in all weekly guild events (GW/raids/invasion/ToD)
  • Level 1,000+