Dragons Event - Dragon Eggs not counting as Dragons

Just took out three dragon eggs and 1 dragon baby and didn’t get any event gems for it (PVP)

Is there something specific we’re looking for for the Dragons?

I also just looked at this team to start and no event gem markers are on the dragons

You have to SUMMON dragons, not kill them.

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You have to summon dragons, not kill them. So you may want to create a team using one or more of the following:

  • Krystenax summons Silver Drakon
  • Dragon Egg summons any Dragon
  • Dragotaur has a chance to summon a Dragonette on Death.

Please remember that you need to create a team of 4 troops or the summoning will not work correctly. (We have a fix hopefully coming in the next update).

Thank you. Didn’t get that from the Event.

Oh well.

Why is TDS recurection not counting as a dragon summon???

Probably a bug.

Because resurrection and summoning are not the same thing.

It’s not? I think I had the animation.

Also note that the baby dragon transformation does not count as a summon.

In fact, there are not so much possibilities : dragon egg and Kristenax. Elspeth can summon only 1 dragon-knight (Visk)

A traited Dragotaur can summon a Dragonette when it dies.

For all the people putting dragon eggs on your defend team, I hope you stub your toe. Slowest pvp matches possibly to date. :laughing::rage:

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Ive put dragon cruncher. Double skull damage and nomnom, should make a spot fairly fast :smiley:

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It’s to give you a chance to summon dragons! I’m trying to be helpful :cry:


I’m going to have to actually field a defend team this week. I’m going to need to face Bone Dragon in order to have space to summon more dragons. LOL


I don’t see how Dragon defense teams are making any sense this week? I see more and more Dragon teams on the defense side.

I was under the impression that PVP Weekly events unless specified only apply to the offensive team. Having Dragon eggs on the Defense team should not produce any weekly event gems.

Can someone clarify???

People just not understanding evidently. Dragons on defense do absolutely nothing.

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People like to use the buffed troops for tougher defenses it seems, also some people definitely don’t understand how it works as well.


That is what I thought after @Nimhain corrected me on the event gems.

Mystics are buffed too but not seeing any of them.

Well while i’d never go by just what you’re seeing, mystics are a harder team to make besides DS. Dragons have better synergy. But I am seeing the new troop quite a bit.

Don’t second-guess my guess, and I won’t third-guess your guess.