Dragonator 800000 OPrd Nerf it now please :p


Dragonator 800000 OPrd Nerf it now please :stuck_out_tongue:

Before we get to likin it

burn , freeze, silence and 9 damage lol

edit LOL…
and only 11 mana


There are plenty of better weapon out there. It is nice though to see a good mythic weapon. I thought mythic weapons were the tier below legendary for a while now. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think they should add hunter’s mark to the weapon too. It would be the “lock on” mechanism. xD


Where did this weapon come from, I didnt see in the shop?


Class Weapon for the Mechanist


That makes sesnse, I thought they were class specific though and I see a priest using it, so I guess when unlocked you can keep with any class.


You get the item in the mail and then you can use it as you see fit.


You ever see a priest using a necromicon before?


Nope, was that you?


Yes that is me and let me tell you it is the weirdest thing cause i count as divine.


Agreed! Keyword “AOE”