Doom storm needs a buff

It is completely abysmal now. To the point where I want King bloodhammer refunded. I’ll explode the entire board while having a doom storm and only maybe three or four total come down.
Doom storm plays are high-risk high-reward, yet you slash that and keep Divine protector/Infernus play untouched.


Infernus has been nerfed two weeks in a row.


More of the divine protector/infermus combo. It is unreasonably powerful. One use of divine protector get most of the mana for mythics.

And I was gonna mess around with Doom storms tomorrow… You know what Goodwill, I think I will just skip that part…

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Definitely do. My main team was built around that storm. But now it is nearly void. It makes me sad.

That was basically everything what that Kingdom was about too. The Legendary duo. This is just sad, pure sadness…

I really don’t think it needs a buff, just saying …

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Have you used it post patch? There will be multiple rows where non appear. It is bad.

Good riddance. Doomskulls was wrecking the meta. Why, I’d estimate roughly 2 of my last 500 battles were vs. Doomskulls, and in my entire GoW career I’ve lost 4 matches to Doomskulls. It was a menace and I’m glad it was nerfed.

No seriously. For a competent mid-game or end-game player, I can’t fathom how you lose to Doomskulls outside of plain bad luck. That it was broken is a myth propagated by end-gamers who were upset there was a challenge to Divines, which honestly was the hardest matchup for Doomskulls in my memory. Doomskulls was so bad against Divines it was when I started using Divines.

So… why did we nerf it?

It was a good team that mid-game players could assemble. In order for a team to avoid nerfing, it must require at least 2 mythics and 2 legendaries. GoW mechanics are very often designed to protect the ego of endgame players. It’s not The Path to let mid-gamers progress too quickly. So a myth as created that it was too strong even though handsome, intelligent individuals like me pointed out “it loses almost 100% to Divines, why don’t we nerf Divines?”


Beautifully said.
I am SO glad Doom skulls are getting nerfed… it makes underpowered niche teams like Divines stand out more lol.

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What’s with this odd bias against end-game players that you have. I’ve rarely heard a word from anyone about nerfing doomskulls lately. The board was on fire with thread after endless thread about nerfing some element of the Divine meta. Don’t blame this silly nerf on end-gamers. This was pure dev insanity.


Maybe the devs opted to revise Doomstorms as a form to prevent the next best possible meta, they couldn’t exactly tone down the doomskulls more than what they already did when changing the mana gathering from explosions… So maybe they considered a preventive measure: reduce the chances of doomskulls in Doomstorms.

Doomskulls as gems are very strong when compared to normal gems. Even if we had colored explosive gems the doomskulls would still be better because of the five extra damage and it’s a skull that generates mana and enables an attack and since we don’t have colored explosive gems (a shame i think), we can also list that doomskulls also modifies the board.

I’m not claiming it’s a solid plan or change, but it seems like the most logic reasoning behind it.


Yes, I have. Seems perfectly lethal to me lol.

Put simply: I like to work to maintain “position”, however you define that.

Philosophically speaking, GoW’s “power structure” makes it so hard to get to the top, it’s more likely a “clever young upstart” gets there by joining an old guild instead of making a new one. I don’t like that.

It’s a bit of a fantasy because really the top brackets are a bunch of people throwing the same teams at each other and upsets require luck. But I don’t like that the structure of the game ensures that if we had rotating content that could reward clever team building, a new player’s best bet at toppling a giant is “join a giant’s guild”.

A lot of people don’t like it. I don’t care. Imagine if the winner of the World Cup only had to play vs. the teams it beat for the next year. That’s not exciting.

Having struggled to win my guild wars matches against crazy team combinations, I can tell you there is a lot of variety in clever teams people come up with in bracket One.

So, @Slypenslyde, you are against guilds that work their butts off farming trophies, recruiting, and staying solid in bracket one being rewarded for their time and effort…

I have no problem giving everyone a fair shake, but hard work, dedication, and time should not be ignored in favor of giving an upstart a better chance to reach the top.

Top guilds don’t exist in games because they are a bunch of slackers, and staying on top requires a lot of work. You don’t like there being top guilds, lol, well, no one can help you with that. It sounds like you just hate people who play harder, and put more effort into the game than you do.

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I mean, doomstorm is kind of deadly before this nerf and even before that, it got nerfed again so it’s been double nerfed. I liked using the team itself with the high risk and high reward but I think they did it because Wrath utter destroys everything with Glaycion and King Bloodhammer.

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That would only be true if it wasn’t for some high ascension guilds like Intrim 1, 2, 3, (have they reached/created 4 or 5?)

This is a guild from a time you wasn’t in the game/forums, but to sum it up they managed to reach the top in a pretty impressive manner and things weren’t exactly easy in the past.

As @Zeddicus2017 said there is a lot of work involved in maintaining the status quo of some guilds, it’s not something to be taken as granted at all.

It takes years to reach a significant position even if you work hard yes, but every now and then the devs make things that are very meaningful for new or mid-players. We didn’t had calendar rewards for years, and while you could argue that veterans and endgamers are earning the same rewards of such things we didn’t had these in the past.

Progression in general was much slower for lack of resources, speed of battles, lack of strong mechanics regarding mana generation… When i started playing the only converters we had were Valkyrie, Alchemist and Giant Spider and at speedx 1. From back then if i was playing for three hours i would barely make as much progress as i do in half an hour today.

Yes, there are still things needing to be revised, and it’s hard to address such things because the new player experience from today is very different from the new player experience we had. Even if i create a new account right now i would start with years of experince at managing my resources in a better way down to the very single coin of gold.

Yes, there is a timely/legacy advantage, but for some things it doesn’t matter in a general sense. I’ve been playing the game for more than two years, someone won’t be able to achieve the exact same things in a shorter time, (i think…) but he/she can get really damn close and maybe even surpass me after some months. But it won’t be easy and quick because it never was.


Not only do Doomskulls NOT need a buff, then need to be removed from the game. Big swing RNG is the opposite of strategic gameplay.


How nerfs start :joy:


Interestingly, I agree with this. I’ve never liked that the guild trophy leaderboard wasn’t weekly or monthly instead of lifetime of the game. It isn’t a true indicator of which guilds are working the hardest right now in trophy gains. The user created lists by @Macawi and @madking do a much better job of that. Similarly, older guilds have an advantage in GW bracket placement which also makes no sense and is a serious disadvantage to new guilds that have great players.

However, none of what you said explains why you make untrue, generalized and biased statements about players that happen to be in the end-game phase. Yes, the game has some areas that basically penalize you for not being in a guild that has been around for years. However, that isn’t the fault of the player.