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Don't Understand Guilds

I’m a level 200+ player, and have been invited to join a guild. I don’t understand them. Can someone give a simple answer to these questions:

  1. The invite only says do you want to join “Yes/ No”. . How do I find out about the particular guild I’ve been asked to join? All I know is the guild’s name.

  2. How do I find out what joining commits me to? I don’t want to be tied to GoW 24/7 like some people clearly are. I just want to have fun now and again.

  3. How do I leave a guild if I discover it’s not for me really?

  4. Do guilds have a chat channel where members can chat to each other?

  5. Is there a really simple guide to guilds somewhere? I’ve seen Tacet’s on YouTube, but that starts from the point where you are already in a guild. No mention of what’s involved in actually joining. He also seems to consider anyone under Level 1000 to be a beginner, so I’m wondering if I have ways to go before I even think about it.

Thanks for any help…

  1. You have to ask members aboit the guild. But you can join and see the info yourself. You can leave any time you want.

  2. Same as above kinda… Ask the guild wat their reqs are. It sounds like you want a more casual guild.

  3. Guild–>admin–>leave. Its really that easy

  4. Yes

  5. Not that i am aware of but never be afraid to ask questions here! There are many ppl willing to help😎


What platform are you on? Maybe i can help you find a suitable guild

Hi Vangor. Thanks for your help. I’m on PC.

Your answer to (1)…How do I ask members about the guild, before I join it? There’s no way I know of to directly contact anyone.

Also your answer to (3). I don’t want to say “yes”, take one look and then leave. That seems a bit unfair on other guild members to me, and a waste of their time.

I am assuming a bit but you are probably getting invites from being in global… ask them there

I would recommend gems of the ostfront since you are on pc. They are an excellent guild and @Flatulenzio has a recruitment thread here

Invites are coming from PvP. I get the invites in my GoW emails box. I don’t use global chat

Thanks for the pointer. I’ll check it out when I know a bit more about guilds…

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Thia is not something you should worry about. It is harmless really

Ahh… Hadn’t thought of that. In that case not really any way to get the info other than joining and looking around.

I strongly recommend making finding a good guild top priority since the benefits are crucial

Again i would be glad to help any way i can

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If you post your minimum level of weekly activity (number of trophies, gold that you are willing to donate) I’m sure forum members can help you. Vangor is correct - joining a guild is so very worth it, and getting the right one will mean you won’t need to alter your play but you’ll get a huge amount of benefits from all the extra resources that you earn.

Edit: for example, the guild I’m in has a sister guild, where the only requirements are 300 seals and 25k gold. You probably won’t be aware of seals but essentially they are extra tokens that can be spent like keys, and you earn them from explore/quest/PvP/ arena battles, trophy hunt, and levelling up. Let me know if you’re interested


You already have helped a great deal, Vangor. Thanks!. What a pleasure it is to in a forum where people really want to help newbies, instead of classifying them as low-life

  1. The game doesn’t really have a good guild browser, you’re going to have to find someone in the guild to get information about this one.
  2. See (1).
  3. There’s a button within the guild UI, under “admin”. There’s no fee/penalty/waiting period.
  4. Yes, my guild (and maybe more) don’t like it and prefer to communicate via other means.
  5. Well:

There are a lot of different “kinds” of guilds and they all have their own goals. Some are focused primarily on reaching the top of the GW charts. Others are more casual and are just about “let’s get bonuses together”. So there’s no one-size-fits-all guide. But there are some mechanics that are the same no matter what. In general, the more “let’s top the GW charts” a guild is the more likely they have requirements like “minimum donations” and such.

The first thing to think about is guild tasks. These are gigantic money sinks but pay off with various rewards like “a buttload of gems” or “a buttload of gold keys”, etc. Very high-end guilds want to fill all these tasks ASAP, which is why they have requirements like, “500k gold donated by end of day monday”. These tasks also help level up the “statues” for the guild, which confer mana surge rate bonuses and maybe some other things, I’m not 100% clear on them.

Next there are “seals”. You get them for doing random things like “winning a ranked battle” or “getting a perfect 8-0 in arena”. You are capped at 1,500 per week, and they are used exclusively to open “guild chests”. The more seals the guild has collected in a week, the better the chests get. The chests are also rigged: 50% of troop pulls will be the “Guardians” like Humility and Loyalty. Once you’ve ascended all of the guardians to Mythic, the guild chest stops using that rate. All in all, a relatively active guild tends to quickly make their chest “better than gold chests” and a decent guild will usually be “better than glory chests”, especially after you ascend your guardians.

Then there are “trophies”. You get these for winning ranked PVP battles, arena prizes, and maybe some other things. I’m not sure what all they do, but it seems like “number of trophies” confers some bonuses to the entire clan. I see it mentioned in my daily login bonuses. I’m not even sure how many I get per week, but I think you only tend to get 1-3 per ranked PVP battle so it’s the one most closely tied to “how much you play”.

Many guilds have minimum weekly gold/seal/trophy requirements. Be aware of that going in. It’s hard to know if you can meet them at the start, but once you’re in a guild you can see your weekly totals. So you might want to join a casual one, get a feel for your average totals, then start shopping around if you want a more competitive one.

Then there’s Guild Wars. This is guild-focused PvP. Every day but Monday, you can face off against 5 opponents of (usually) increasing difficulty from another competing guild. I find the gold/etc. rewards for these are better than PvP. You get “guild wars points” even if you lose. Those points determine if your guild “wins” the day, which confers prizes and bonuses to the entire guild. They also determine if your guild advances in the Guild Wars brackets. The higher you are in the brackets, the more weekly prizes the entire guild gets. You can use gold and some other in-game currencies to buy bonuses that apply to your entire guild for a particular week’s GW.

Obviously the most competitive guilds mandate that you participate in GW. Any member that ISN’T participating technically costs them points. Even losing 0-5 generates points for a guild, so most casual guilds are happy with “please attempt all 5 battles”.

There’s also some mechanism by which you get an XP bonus from guilds, but I’m not 100% sure if it comes from Guild Wars or something else.

I say look around for a guild that says it’s casual first. Mine’s super casual. We have weekly “goals”, but the only rule in the guild is “if you’re going to miss entire weeks due to vacation or something, let us know”. I haven’t seen anyone get kicked out for non-participation yet, but I imagine if someone’s all-zeroes for a couple of weeks I’ll see it. The only way to really be “dead weight” in a guild is “don’t play”.

You want to be in a guild. The rewards from even being in a half-committed guild are huge.


Whiskeyjack. Thanks. So here’s more of my problem - basic lack of understanding about what’s involved in a guild. “… and getting the right one will mean …” . That’s the point of my starting this thread. How would I know without joining it first? Seems like Catch 22 to me.

I don’t know what trophies are, so have no idea how many of them to donate. What use are they to me if I don’t donate them…?

I also don’t know how much gold to donate. Right now, gold is a precious commodity to me as I’m trying to level up my last few kingdoms (5 to go). That’s my priority right now. Once I’ve done that, I don’t see gold is much use to anyone. Am I missing something here?

Seals…new term to me. Thanks for the explanation.

I think I want to do this, but just don’t want to bite off more than I can chew. Pheewww . So little knowledge, and so much to learn


Hey, no problem at all. Honestly, you have no reason to feel bad with the “suck it and see” method - if you don’t like it or can’t meet requirements, you can just quit and people won’t be mad. Kingdoms should absolutely be your priority right now, but the guild will help you with souls, keys and crafting materials which will really help.

Trophies are earned in PvP - from left to right each match is worth 1, 2 or 3 trophies, with the hardest match being the 3 trophy option.

Edit: annoyingly, you can’t see how many trophies you have until you join a guild! But you will have at least 1 for every PvP victory.


Hi Slypenslide,

Wow! Thanks for taking the time to give me all that info.

New terms again…“Guardians” and “Guild Wars”. I can add those to “Trophies” and “Seals” in this one brief thread so far. What a pity it isn’t all explained in the Wiki…or somewhere.

Clearly for me getting into a competitive guild is not the place to start (I think). Seems to me that the best thing to do is to try to find a guild where I can build up my assets then - if I want to - move on to something more powerful. The more I understand this game, them more I realize I can quickly get out of my depth and make a fool of myself

I like those words…

You earn trophies by fighting PvP battles… They automatically get added to the guild you belong to. Most guilds require members to earn a set amount of trophies per week. For instance my guild Mean Machine requires 200 trophies per week which is easy for some but not for others.

You want to find a guild that is understanding of this fact. Also if you havent bought dragon armor for 500 gems yet doing so will greatly increase your gold.

Gold can be contributed to guild tasks each week. The tasks earn rewards for everyone in the guild. They are also done as a team. This means for example: the next blue task costs 500k gold to complete. Any gold you donate to it (say… 100k) gets added to it and that brings the required amount to 400k that other members can contribute to as well. So its a team effort.

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This is exactly right! Thats why i thought of Gems of the Ostfront for you. I was the GL there for a long time and they are great people and a great guild. They are also in need of a player right now

I think maybe you’ve given me a great clue here. I think I’ll focus on that for a couple of weeks, then come back to guilds.

Back to Catch 22! …Join first, and we’ll tell you what it involves! You just answered another question I had in my own mind. I had no idea what those trophies meant in PvP - so you’ve cleared up another mystery for me.

That’s so helpful! Thank you. I might just do that…


Yep…just try and join our team, we have a free seat and lot of helpful people here :smiley: send me your invite code here or via PM


I don’t agree with this assessment, but do what you want.

Every week I get at least 200 gold keys, 100 gems, and 50+ guild chests from being in a guild. I also make about 10k extra gold from the guild’s login bonus. I almost always have an XP bonus active, which means I’m gaining weapons/mana surges faster.

You want Dragon/Celestial armor. They each cost 500 gems. You’ll get there 10 weeks faster if you’re in a guild that can hit relatively low task goals. In that time, you’ll also have opened 2,000 more gold chests and opened 500 guild chests. You won’t have any of these if you wait to join a guild! Once you get those armors, you’ve got a permanent way to boost your gold/souls/XP by 50-100%. That helps you level your kingdoms faster.

Just find a guild that doesn’t have requirements. Heck, clicking the “join random guild” button will probably get you SOME bonuses. I was in a guild that had maybe 2 active members before moving on. I still got 50 gold keys or so and a handful of extra gems weekly. If they’re jerks and make a big deal about you not doing enough, leave. You don’t have time for those fools.

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