Does using the faction troops benefit anything in the delves?

I was just uncertain if taking a team of faction troops in does anything extra towards the delves or if they are the same as the rest of the troops?

Like in bounty we can use what we want but we get more points with bounty troops.

Does the faction troops work the same way?

Thanks. Sorry if I missed this already.

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You get renown for beating a delve using 4 faction troops based on the delve level, but at a 1pt per delve level, there’s kind of no point to do it unless you’re really close to an important breakpoint or you’re certain you’re going to survive the run. (personal opinion)

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And I only have 3 troops from the guardian hall. Do I need a team of 4 to count or can I just use however many I feel safe?

haven’t actually used them myself, but heard it has to be 4, but apparently can be duplicated troops.


Good to know. Thank you for the help @TheIdleOne. I hope this helps someone besides just me. :+1:

The faction troops do have a trait which gives them some extra bonus stats if they have the trait unlocked and are used in delves.

It needs to be 4 faction troops. But, you can have a duplicate faction troop.


Yes I was wondering this too, and evidently you can earn renown from both using your own normal troops and separately for using faction troops. If you look at the renown tab on a faction I believe it breaks down your renown earned for both scenarios.

Here is the case example. Defeating boss room in level 30 with this team without dying earn you renown points for 3 challenges at once.

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