Does the Doomed Dagger ever kill anybody?

Has anybody ever got that % to kill to work? I have casted it many times at +5 (supposedly 15%) but it has not worked even once.

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I don’t have this weapon myself, so all I can give is stock answers…

  • If you are trying to use this on a Doom directly, remember they are Invulnerable to the instant kill.
    (This is from someone who just today hit a Doom 3 times with P4-NTH4, each time a ~40% chance to kill, then wondered why it was still alive. Lol )
  • RNG is (by its nature) gonna RNG. If you think you’re hitting a streak of bad luck, you might want to start actually logging your spellcasts (i.e. whether or not it instant kills) to check whether the gameplay actually lines up with the expected value…

Don’t bother casting it. Just equip for the double doom score.

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This. Most of my casts were against the Doom.

After seeing this reply, I did get a coupe of kills against non-Doom troops.

On another note, the Doom weapon feels very underwhelming. For the high cost of 18 mana mono color:

  • it does not do quite enough damage against Dooms. It’s only x2, compared to Godslayers and Siege troops. It can’t kill mid-level Dooms in one hit, and its high cost makes it difficult to charge up a second time or beyond (assuming that the first charge is facilitated by the Potion of Enchantment). Doom tower limits troops by color, so a mono-color high cost troop tends to be unwieldy.

  • it doss not give a decent kill rate against vulnerable troops, at 3% per tempering level (which requires Forge Scrolls). It’s hardly worth the effort. It takes much less effort, both build-wise and mana-wise, to get a comparable kill/devour rate with something else.

So it is good for nothing, except for the mandatory double score during the event.