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Does AI Behave Differently Depending on Your Level?

As the title says, dos the AI behave differently depending on your level? When I play with a low level profile I find the AI misses a lot of 4 matches and is quite forgiving; whereas when I play with a high level profile very rarely does the AI miss a 4 match and is less forgiving.

It might just be that at low level the troops are all a lot weaker and therefore less likely to loop, and I am more likely to get my turn again quicker. The AI does seem different though IMO.

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I’m not 100% shure but I think I’ve read something in the past that AI is giving newer players some advantage.
It was in one of the “The AI is cheating”-threads where players think that AI can “see” which colors are dropping next from above.

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The AI is ridiculously dumb and I’m level 1400 or something


I forget where I read it. But the “luck” decreases over time and by the time a player is level 1k they are getting almost zero assistance.

The AI is told not to be predictable. So once in a while (for end gamers) it’s going to be told to do a “dumb” move that the player wasn’t expecting. That of course is scaled to whatever mode you’re playing in.

To the answer the OP though. Yes the difficulty in the game scales. Which is common for most video games.


I suppose the main difference here is that most video games have a difficulty selector whereby you can physically choose the difficulty of the AI you are facing. As this game doesn’t have a difficulty selector, the game has to scale in a slightly different manner.

I have been playing my new low level profile for just 2 weeks and have lost count of the wtf moments when the AI misses a match. Oh well, it won’t last forever lol!


You’re right in that most video games give us that illusion. Yes. :wink:

But even when a game is selected to be on easy. The difficulty is still going to scale between say the first boss of the game and the end boss.
The developers of a video game usually have an idea of what level they want you to be by the time you get to the last boss to speak. And will adjust their difficulty to meet that expectation. Hell a lot of them will even straight up tell you “recommended level” for a quest that usually doesn’t get altered by selecting different difficulty.
Not to get off topic. But that’s what makes the Delves all Faction teams so frustrating. The end gamers don’t know what metaphorical “level” they are supposed to be on to have success in the Delves. And to be honest, neither do the devs it appears.
Back to what you were saying though.
To a certain degree a player does choose the difficulty by selecting what team scores to face.
A defense that’s two times the score of what your score is will be much more difficult than a team score that matches yours. Of course it’s not that black and white in GoW. What troops or hero weapons/classes are on the team matters a lot as well.

It’s not a miss if they meant to “miss it”. :wink:


Now that is a completely different angle to look at it, and could create a whole new topic (back to the ‘does the AI cheat’ thread lol)!


I’ve come to see it as if they couldn’t make the A.I. smart, they decided to give it dumb luck.

Ai feels like it gets more from the brink luck streaks than the average yugioh protagonist.


Some dumb things the AI does, stolen from a previous post of mine:

  • The AI has an Empowered troop, and if it casts right now, it will get at least if not more 4+ matches, but first, it makes all the unnecessary 4+ matches it can make, THEN it uses its conversion ability, in some cases giving the enemy a 4+ match.
  • The AI can target your weakest troop and kill it: so naturally it completely ignores it and hits the strongest one instead. Better spread out the damage and try to kill them all at once instead of one at a time…
  • Oh no, we missed a skull match, now the AI can take advantage of it and it’ll even kill our first troop! Oh, whew, the AI missed it too… This has got to be intentional, because obviously the AI should know if the skull match on the board is going to be lethal, but sometimes it just straight up ignores it.
  • The AI will pick the same target over and over for things, like when using Essence of Evil. Sometimes the targets are random, other times it just repeats itself.
  • The AI will try to devour troops that are immune (barrier or trait).