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Do you like the new Weekend Invasion? Poll

  • Yes.
  • No.
  • Meh, it’s ok I guess. I don’t really like it or dislike it.

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With the overwhelming majority of players disliking the new world events I thought it would be interesting to see how players feel about the new weekend invasion.

My first poll lol, hope I did it right.


Yes: way more enjoyable than the CoC fiasco, primarily because no weapon restriction.
:relaxed: :vulcan_salute:

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This thread probably should be in the Feedback category:

Note “other players”.

On topic, more access to orbs is good. Requiring 1700 gems for a major orb from each guild member when there’s a real event simultaneously that also costs 1700 gems for a major is bad.

Hang on a minute, CoC requires Tier 6-7 (1350-1850 gems) from everybody. Weekend Invasion only requires Tier 3-4 (250-500 gems) from everybody. Big difference.

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See below.

He is correct t3-4 is required for the event.

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I did not know that. Post amended. In this case, I am very, very happy to be wrong.


I thought about “meh”, but I actually enjoyed running through this (unlike basically everything else this week), so I put a tentative “yes”. Its way more expensive to reach the final reward tier compared to the week long version, but also significantly faster for what I was going to buy in anyway, and you still get the same rewards for unlocking each battle stage up to the citadel. The weekend invasion, at least this one, is quick enough paced to run through the first set of sigils with a t3 purchase in about 30-40 minutes, probably less than an hour overall with all sigils, so it doesn’t overstay its welcome like many live events. But also I’m buying in to two events for weapons in the same week, which is going to be untenable for lower accounts if it becomes the norm, so it means I’m going to have to cut something. I don’t mind this when its my personal choice, but I don’t like it when its another guild event.

Given the choice of what we are presented at this moment, the obvious answer is “buy in to the weekend event, only get the weapon on the new world event” or “forge the weapon in the world event and pretend it doesn’t exist”. As an aside, for previous week long invasions all rewards were technically possible with just t2 purchases from everyone, there was just very little reason to not buy t3, even if you weren’t playing, making reward 12 possible with basic buy-in and some non-participants (and still others did t4 or t5 at the time to ascend the troop). However, using this comparison, we are basically playing a significantly shorter (~32 battles worth of free sigils shorter) event for significantly less rewards (not reaching major orb, possibly missing 2 minors as well with some non-participants) or a slightly shorter event (~14 battles shorter per person expectation to reach final reward) at a significantly increased gem cost (500, up from the baseline 250 most would spend anyways).

It works as a supplemental event, especially if there comes a point where it is “voluntary” (ie., when theres no “can’t miss” thing that forces a shop interaction, ie., after they finish releasing all the racial gem creator weapons they might not put new ones in these events anymore) but it sucks if this is going to be the main source of orbs in the future. At the same time, as a supplemental weekend event, 250-500 gems for what could end up being 3 weeks out of a month is way too much to expect out of some people.

This same event scaled down into a single player event would have been wonderful, and is far more in line with what I’d expect as a weekend diversion and let me set my own goals and not pressure others to reach a given goal, since the weekend time is where playtime differentials within a guild (at least my guild) diverge the most (with me usually only having a couple hours to play for the entire weekend, so I’d normally be the slacker with no rewards in this instance, and I’m fine with that). This obviously wouldn’t work for Tower of Doom, which has some actual coordination necessary to optimize, but I’m still holding out hope that they won’t “retire” this event into the far, far future, if ever. If the metrics are telling them people are losing interesting in ToD and buying in less, I’d recommend putting in more weapons that are not terrible (you know, on par in terms of power with something like the set of doomskull converter weapons) rather than just killing it off. If the weapons that we have didn’t suck, this would be a good way to catch up on forge scrolls, but weekend ToD does not sound like fun.


I have a lot of reservations about weekend ToD as well tbh. Its the 1 that requires the most team work for a guild, and as such will need a fairly high overhaul to work in 3 days instead of a week.

We will also have the other weekend events, Bounty, New Faction, Gnomes, Class (1 left though after that no idea but I assume retired) and an empty weekend.

If we keep them all in as well, and then add in the 3 new 1s as they come, it means it wont always be World Event and Invasion. But on the downside it also means it could be GW and ToD in 1 week.

I think, personally, that it needs to be made that GW week will not have 1 of these events on the weekend. People already hate having events GW weeks, top guilds at least. I would suggest having GW week a free weekend every GW run. This way it is an entire week off for those that hate GW, and for those that love GW its only GW and no other distractions.


You are technically correct (the best kind of correct) Tier 2 could get you 175 tower kills in old invasion BUT pretty sure most people would buy up to the weapon anyway yeah? In fact I would say for a lot of players (endgamers) the weekend invasion is actually LESS gems spent because no need to mythic the new troop with Tier 6. Personally I would always buy Tier 4 and use a minor blue orb, so I’m saving an orb.

I think the best way for endgamers to approach this weekend invasion would be to buy Tier 3 and be happy with stage 11 rewards. Just not sure a random major orb is worth 250 gems.

See @Saltypatra y’all can make changes and have it be a positive thing for the most part. It is possible and should always be the goal to keep the majority of the player base happy.

another poll with simple answers that require much more complex responses…

Invasion itself is fine, everything about how the event is structured if fine. now… pair it up vs CoC event that and it’s negatives that are listed in other threads… makes invasion look like the best thing ever!!

overall i voted no because i am strongly opposed to forced guild participation that can only be done on a weekend.

I had seriously 150+ towers destroyed in 40 minutes. Used all tier 6 Sigils in a hour.
I don’t think it’s unreasonable to have a hour long weekend guild event.

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Voted for meh. I am not able to do a single match anymore of Invasion. But it’s neither in my way as I just skip it.

My problem is that it is a second guild event in the same week as CoC. People have already dropped a bunch of gems on a guild event. I think it would be better to have weekend guild events fall on week’s where the regular weekly event is an individual event (they have said that some of the new weekly events would be individual, rather than guild events).

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Great way of still keeping an old element and implementing a new.

I remember when playing Gems mostly was: Logging in, doing daily tasks, doing Guild Wars, log out.

Now we got stuff to do and I like it :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: