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Do you like the Arena Revamp?

from what was said in patch annoucement- there might be special weekend events where one of the troops will be preset and all player teams will include it,
Troop might brake the standard rules and be something special.

final note: might = it’s not guaranteed

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Still waiting for that preset troop to be Dullahan. Because it’s Halloween themed and guaranteed to provoke the most negative feedback.


Since the Arena Event is from Oct 30th to Nov 1st…

The troop to be featured might be:


The Ghost Queen.


Its currently scheduled to release October 31st/Saturday… which is quite an unusual date for a new troop, let alone a legendary.

Not confirmed to be attached to Arena, but what else is on Saturday of that week?

or Dullahan, because why not


Which means it is a day earlier than the spoiler troop…

There’s already a troop slated for Halloween themed Arena of Valor (Spooky Imp for single-day Arena of Valor on Monday Oct 26).

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I tried the arena after the revamp. Its terrible. Having a campaign task arena centred; even four matches was excruciating game play. I wanted to avoided the arena. Now I detest the arena . I think its nearly worth a ban to spit out how bad the arena is now. Its not fun. So it fails.


Based on historical patterns, there seems to be a correlation between how bad a feature is upon release/‘revamp’, and how long the devs go MIA from the forums immediately after the customers express their levels of satisfaction: whether they knew before release, or were truly oblivious about it, evidence suggests that they do know by now that they have once again reduced customer satisfaction (even if their ‘internal numbers’ show more activity or $$ wherever intended).

They also know that most of it will be forgotten/tolerated within a few weeks by most players (e.g. Epic Tasks, Kurandara in chests and dev response, Explore GUI…), so the cycle can continue uninterrupted.

It says a lot about the people working for a company with such a philosophy, and continues to be something that new(er) customers will hopefully be aware of before deciding on their level of inve$tment in this product.
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Personally, apart from the Arena of Valor** rewards being not worth the time to chase, I like everything else about the revamp. Honest opinion. As a mid-level player, I can choose to keep grinding in PvP, Casual or Explore, or divert (like I do now) my time between Treasure Hunts to get gems, to then spend them on the pet offers from the Arena. It’s a game, how about some personal responsibility and making mature choices.

** The single day events are bonus chances for 1 more Orb (won’t go further than that), better than zero chance. The 3 day event I’m undecided on, since the bad payout is actually taking a slot away from weekend events all worth equivalent of 10-12 minor orbs.

All the obsessive compulsive “I’m forced to play because others can, can’t fall behind” players - here’s an IRL advice for you. Other people take 2 jobs to make ends meet. Why don’t you optimize your RL and find a night or weekend job to fill the time “because others can” so you don’t lose out huh. No pity here.

tl;dr “newer customer” here. I enjoy what I like about the game. I’ll play it until I don’t like it, then I’ll drop it and walk away instead of griefing myself and everyone else moaning every day.


The new Arena is slow, the chance of winning is completely random, and the rewards are paltrey, compared with other game modes.


1 thing I realy love about this Arena Revamp is that Treasure Hunt stopped being the most hated game mode (at least until TH revamp goes live :roll_eyes: ) .

Have a good day everyone !


Can you simply believe that someone disagrees with you? :slight_smile:

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I think the Arena is starting to ramp up in difficulty, being re-seeded with successful teams.

Either that, or I just had a run of bad luck this morning (or I suck :laughing:) — I played over an hour of the Arena (I know, I’m sick, but I wanted to test others’ claims of trophies being really high per-unit-time. For the record, I only got 248, so I think not, but maybe others play faster than I do :man_shrugging:), as I never really got a “good” draft, and I actually lost a couple runs due to being half-teamed on Turn 2 on more than one occassion.


Not. One. Bit. RNG and usually dull comp with tissue paper weak troops on both sides. A dull mode got duller. Congrats.


Here is a question we will never get an answer for.

Campaign stats work in all modes, except arena. Why then is playing the arena a task? They apply in all other tasks.

[Not enough info]? [Visual bug]?

How about [Investigating because we understand it is dumb] followed by [Fixed and removed]


You are making a fair point here. The official game guide for artifact stats reads as follows:

“Each level gained on the Artifact also provides temporary skill point bonuses which will last for the duration of the Campaign and be applied in every game mode except when testing your defense team or selecting “fight” on a player’s profile.”

No mention of Arena being exempt also. I think @Kafka may want to make an edit to this :wink:


Absolutely no. May change my mind if it’s revamped again.


After being enticed to win just 4 battles in Arena today for a Campaign task, I am now eagerly looking forward to my next dentist visit.


I can. Not sure what you’re referring to. Maybe I need to add IMO to everything I write. :laughing:

@rbchaffe - LMAO!

Almost forgot to complain that arena was forced on us in the campaign. Even if it was only 4 battles and not an entire run, that’s four sad faces.

:grimacing: :expressionless: :unamused: :worried:

I did get a deed offer for my suffering today at least.


Im reffering to people that dont care for the rewards, but truly loves the mode. They exist and its charming at it finest.