Do you like the Arena Revamp?

They are being massive trolls. Im just returning the serve. You can hate a game and hate the developers, but finding ridiculous things to complain about that doesn’t move the needle is not constructive and they deserve all the responses they get. About time common sense hits the forums.

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When you go into an event, explore, gw, do you auto start? Or do you need to acknowledge in some way that you want to in fact play?

Ridiculous to expect that in arena we know.


It is a legitimate request for improvement that entry to arena battles require confirmation, or for example that you can scout arena opponents before a battle. Calling people trolls for voicing their displeasure is really not helping. The constructive way for YOU to criticise others would be to suggest that they make this/add this to a feedback thread in a non-sarcastic manner. But you also cannot dismiss the general feedback that our feedback too often is not even acknowledged.


Did you really read the criticized post? Do it sound that it is coming from someone who wants to provide a constructive feedback to the devs?

It sounds to me he is making fun of devs. Like usual. Like almost every time he post on this forum…
So yeah for me too, he is quite a troll. Not an insult, just the reality.

There are some people that complain about pretty much everything. I’ve seen it, for sure. And, yes, complaining about everything is super annoying after awhile. About the only thing more annoying than constantly complaining, is constantly complaining about people who complain. :eyes::woman_shrugging:

However, in game development, nothing gets fixed or balanced without community input. If they patched and the game no longer loaded for anybody, and we all just sang kumbaya we love this game…instead of pointing it out, then what?

That was obviously an extreme example. And again, you aren’t wrong that there are compulsive complainers. Spoiler alert… TPTB already know who they are. But something like a back button for Arena is something people were pleading for, for a long time. Nobody was pleading for weird events and campaign requirements. Nobody was asking for offers. Some people might have been asking for removing weapons. (I kinda hate those people lol :joy:). But pretty much the big thing I saw asked for was a get me outta here, button.

So complaining that a revamp, lacks that, seems legit.


I might regret this decision to post but why not.

TLDR: Missclicks are on you.

Currently, treasure hunts and arena are the only auto-spend modes. For the 8 months that I’ve been playing, they have always been that way, so I got used to it. For a long time, I even checked my inventory to know how many vault keys I had, thinking that the Vault button would behave the same way, auto-spending my hard-earned vault keys.

Now, let’s think of what happens if you start a treasure hunt and arena without meaning to. With treasure hunt, only those recently starting out or those who play this mode over any other (there was a post a while back about someone who plays treasure hunts exclusively) will ever be truly inconvenienced by starting a hunt when they didn’t want to. Their choice is to either lose as quickly as possible, or retreat and lose that map. So no real harm done there.

As for arena, it costs 1000 gold. Again, this means nothing unless you are starting out, or have made a very specific calculation of how you’re going to spend all your gold and that missing 1k throws it out of whack. Assuming that’s not the case, you can either pick your team carefully, leaving it picked for the next time a campaign asks you to play arena, or pick 4 random cards and retire, forfeiting the 1k gold.

Do either of these really hinder you? No, not even with the few seconds you’ll spend losing the treasure hunt or picking the 4 troops for your team before you have access to leave that mode. For the great majority of the people who play this game, they will not be clicking on things they don’t want to do (except for entering a fight with the wrong team, but there’s no helping you there).

But for a moment, let’s think what would happen if they did add a confirmation button, to the tune of “Are you sure you want to spend 1000 gold to play arena?” Most people who ignore arena would not see this and this not be affected by it. A small minority that hates arena but missclicks often enough on arena, would now save 1000 gold per missclick. I can’t assume that this would make a serious impact in their lives.

But where it would make a considerable impact is for people who like arena and enjoy playing it (even those who play 3 times a day). You’ve just added an extra click for every run they decide to do. So if someone retires bad teams 50% of the time, they just got 6 more clicks added to their day to finish their 3 runs. So it’ll be explore all over again, except that it’ll be making it more annoying for however many people enjoy arena because a few people don’t pay enough attention to where they’re putting their fingers.



So I think this is a good point, definitely worth considering when looking at any request (how it affects different people and to what degree), and I’d probably agree with your analysis here, tbh, even as a non-Arena player.

I think the desired functionality, though, was an unobtrusive “Back” (:arrow_left:) button available even during the Troop selection process (i.e. where I assume the next time you enter Arena after exiting, the fee would have already been paid, any Troops selected would remain so, and you could continue selecting from where you left off). This wouldn’t negatively affect any enthusiastic Arena player, I don’t think (and occasionally even help).

I agree that it’s a small thing in the grand scale, but I also agree that it would save that small frustration of having to try pick four troops for your next run when you just want to do something else. I have no idea how much effort the request would require on the devs side, so can’t really make a comment there.

Another add-on to complement this could be a quick “Refresh choices” button (:arrows_counterclockwise:) that lets you repay 1000 Gold and get another four choices without additional prompts, unlike:

Another option as an alternative to the much requested ability to see all four selections at once (12 Troops) could be to have a “Re-select Troops” button (:twisted_rightwards_arrows:) (I’m obvs just making these up, could definitely be better image options – I was imagining a single counter-clockwise arrow, but w/e). 250 Gold ¯_(ツ)_/¯.


I would agree that a confirmation would add annoyance. It has not been my impression (I could be wrong as I’m going on only what I have personally seen people say) that people want that. The impression I get is they just want to be able to quickly close it without restarting the game. It has always seemed to me that people weren’t worried about the gold. They just want a close button, even putting the retire button on the draft screen would be a fix.

I’ve played a ton of Arena over the years. I loved it the most when I was new, because I didn’t have good cards, leveled classes, or stats, anyway. Haha! It also, in a way, taught me the game. I really do not like the new version. At all. I’m sad that my old friend, Arena is no more. However, most people hated it, so what could they do but try to change it?

I don’t see anything in the new arena that is an improvement over the old arena. I do not consider three extra chances to spend gems an improvement on the game mode. It’s ok, but it’s not an improvement. It’s neutral.

The fact that more people were annoyed that they couldn’t get out of Arena fast enough, than anything else, shows that they had good reason to try to change it up and try to make it better. To me this change was a fail because it didn’t change anything that people hated about arena. And… it removed the one thing that made it bearable for Arena haters. It’s also lowered the gold and soul rewards. I’m just going to be optimistic that they will take another swing at it, down the road. I’ve got plenty to do in the game (hah! I’m actually getting more done in game now that I’m not playing Arena so much.). But I get why people would question why they couldn’t work the coveted close button into the update.

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Arena went from a awful horrible no good experience. To a god awful horrible no good experience. Then you jam it down our throats with campaign. It is slow, tedious, and un-fun. There is RNG chance for synergy, the entire point of deck building games, against an RNG opponent, with tissue paper protected troops. Go up against a barrier enemy? MORE tedious. It has zero redeeming qualities. None.

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@TooMad why don’t you skip it???

Yes, I get what you’re saying. Going back to the original topic of this forum, and what you said, I agree that the arena revamp most likely did not make people who didn’t play arena start playing it. Or, if it did, an equal or greater measure of people might’ve stopped. But this is just assumptions based on forum feedback since I don’t have any hard data to back up either view.

@Jonathan had some interesting suggestions. It would be nice to have a back button, like one that exists in all modes (other than arena and treasure hunt) available as soon as you click. It would also be nice to have a refresh button that auto-pays the 1000 gold again, since that would speed it up for those who like playing arena and want fewer clicks.

Of course, the ideal thing would be the full revamp where you can pick the 12, or 9 troops when one is locked in, all at once. Another great thing would be to play with fully traited. @Tresk mentioned they played a lot to learn the ways of the game. Might as well learn the full impact of that troop, like whether picking an empowered is always the go to or not.

Point is, if the devs want to make this mode more enjoyable overall (because we have to admit there are people who (now) like the new arena mode, there are several things they could implement, both big and small, that would improve it. Until then, watch where you put your fingers and vote with your data.

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@Eika 50 gems for literal pay to win? Not for 5.

Yes, 50 gems is not much if you collect tributes a lot during the week and is a midgame-endgame player with a good amount of PL kingdoms. Lets not forget that you also have the option to fully ignore the Campaign. Nobody told you to play it, but yourself.

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Pay to skip, not win. The only advantage you get from skipping tasks is that you might finish the weekly tasks earlier than someone doing them. None of the tasks are impossible, although some can be annoying; everyone plays the game differently, after all.

It comes down to this: would you rather play 4 arena battles (which should take you around 10-15 minutes), or pay 50 gems and save yourself the 10-15 minutes? That’s how F2P should work: you get the choice of “slogging through” something the old fashioned way, or you can pay (real world or in-game currency) to accelerate that process.

Sure, you could argue that buying the Elite+ pass will give you the stats earlier and that could be the leg up you need to win against someone else in GW, but that’s not what we’re talking about here, and also not something that affects the majority of the people in this game.

So take a step back and figure out which you value more: your time/well-being/hate for arena or 50 gems.


You don’t need synergy to win arena. Idk how you play but its easy as picking 4 damage dealing troops and trying not to pick ones that mana block each other. Sure you can get some unlucky enemies but its far from difficult. I’m no expert in arena but of my timed runs it takes less than 8 minutes to win 6 battles. If you are VIP its only 5 and hell the campaign is only 4! So I fail to see this as anything other than a personal hatred(perfectly fine stance, no disagreement from me either) rather than the game being pay to win or forcing it down your throat. If you can’t afford to play for 6 or 7 minutes in arena to win 4 battles than cough up the 50 gems, its not an issue.

Arena sucks for a lot of people, I def get it and im in the group that completly ignores it, even on events. But some of the complaints are so anger filled and emotional for such a tiny effect on their gameplay.

As a lot of great commenters here have already stated, you don’t have to play arena or the campaign.


I think its more of an entirety thing. For years the arena was going to be “revamped.” For years they had an opportunity to make it better and for all intents and purposes its just another nerf.

Remove weps, cut rewards and boost useless trophies by 20.

Since 4.7 that is all things have become, one way or another to get players to spend gems.

On its own it is one mode, but wrapped up with everything else its more lazy, boring, and frustrating content.

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You say tomato, I say one less thing to worry about. When/if they do actually revamp arena to where the vocal minority of the forum likes it, there will still be those who don’t like it. But I agree that the rewards could use some boosting, especially if they want to keep doing the arena events.

Having to finish 4 arena fights this week was 4 too many.


The revamped arena is garbage gaming and including it in campaigns is a perverse decision which is infuriating any loyalty [ not much left ] from your player base. Woeful revamp but at least let players avoid it , like we avoid oh um so much else these days too.


It’s worth repeating, that you can easily skip the arena task for a trivial amount of gems. You can avoid it, the game allows you to do it.

I guess the biggest question I have is what is keeping you playing gems? I’m not asking to be antagonizing, I’m actually curious, because it seems like the whole game is causing soo much anger and hatred for mobile game lol. I’ve quit many games that I became frustrated with, but never felt the need to post daily or weekly about how disgruntled I was. It’s a curious stance to take to be this infuriated by 4 battles.

Arena sucks for a large percentage of people, including myself. Yup, having it in the campaign isn’t ideal. But the overly dramatic responses are odd. All i can hope is that you see some resolution to the problem. But i wouldn’t bank on it.