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New Invasion Troop: Vor’Karn

Orcs will try riding anything that moves - it speaks to their animalstic instincts to dominate the world around them. They’ll also try stealing anything, eating anything, and in some cases mating with anything… And if none of the above seem viable, it’s likely they’ll just paint war-symbols on it.

The Orc Lord Vor’Karn decided, one day, to ride the biggest, meanest wolf he could find. Just tracking the wolf took him 2 months, but the moment he laid eyes on it, he simply raced forward and leaped upon its back. The way Vor’Karn tells the story, they struggled for 3 days and nights, fording 4 rivers, crashing through 3 villages, demolishing one castle rampart, and breaking the leg of a young adult dragon who flew down to see what all the ruckus was about.

Some time on that third day, it seems Vor’Karn, and Big Wolf, as he imaginatively named his new acquaintance, aligned their goals, spurred on by a shared love of breaking things.

They’ve been a happy couple ever since.

Vor’Karn will be available in the Invasion Shop, and will appear in Glory, Gem, Guild, and VIP chests in 3-4 weeks’ time.

New Rare Troop: Dire Boar

Orcs can’t do anything the easy way.

Like you and I, Orcs have a passion for bacon, but rather than domesticating pigs, they did the opposite. Orcish Boar-Herds (an honored occupation among the clans) spend their time finding the nastiest, most deranged wild boars, breeding them, then mistreating their young. They’ve done this for so many generations, that these Dire Boars (as they’ve become known) are so ferocious, that it’s unusual when one is captured and Boar-Herd DOESN’T lose a body part. In short, they’ve weaponized pork.

In Orcish culture, this is a fine thing though… they believe the Bacon tastes better when the Boar’s been blooded!

Dire Boar will be available for 300 Glory in the Rewards tab of the Shop, and will appear in Glory, Gem, and Guild chests in 3-4 weeks’ time.

New Weapon: Earth's Fury

If there’s one thing Orcs know how to do it’s to make a weapon that wrecks your enemy’s armor, and makes a horrendous noise while doing so, making its wielder more and more ferocious with each strike (in fact that’s exactly where the name ‘Mang’ comes from… it doesn’t actually mean anything in Orcish, it’s just the sound the weapon makes when it rips a Knight’s armor apart like a giant rusty can-opener).
So it was little surprise when Gar’Nok’s smiths forged the weapon Earth’s Fury. It still does all of the above, but it makes SUCH an unholy racket that your friends get angry too! (Earth’s Fury is a rough translation from the Orcish ‘Arghak-Rok Graaar Gr-bluk’ or ‘Sound that would makes rocks cry in anger’)

This week it will be available in both the Invasion shop, and in the Soulforge.

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First? 10char


Mang Upgraded? Lol
Wait… Lesser Mang (I wish boost ratios were posted)


That’s interesting! But then you don’t get the bonus. More like MangLite™


Lol… Took me a second. But clearly

I feel like they are being forced to release a new weapon each week. When maybe there’s just not that many weapons out there to create?


Pretty much.

They need multiple weapons per kingdom to support their new kingdom leveling system. I suspect we are going to see many weapon mashups as the idea pool gets thinner and thinner.


I’m more inclined to think these weapons are useful for players who don’t own Mang yet. I guess we can agree they are way better than the ridiculous ones we had in the early events right?

Earth Fury is a great tool if you prefer to boost your entire team attack. How else do you think the enemy’s Ubastest will one shot two of your troops? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I think I’d be more okay with clones if they at least had different Mana colors.
Like if you’re going to blatantly mesh the 2. How about yellow/brown for BabyMang™?


Agreed. That would be more useful to me. At least you could avoid the “boss-/tower slayer” being mana blocked by Mang most of the time.


That weapon will be nice in a Ubastet team when the Pridelands hero is released. Be good now anyways. :wink:

Different mana colours would have been nice though.

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So many hero weapons and so little of them focus on competitive utility or board manipulation. Hundreds of ways to dish out damage, not a single gem transformation yet. i know some are coming up in the future, but damn that took a looong time.

Also 4 attack gain on the siegebreaker spell, take it easy!
Boar looks cool and strong for a rare, then again i don’t really have a concept anymore for what is supposed to be strong or weak in each rarity class… But it sure looks cool!


I thought that today would pass without having learned anything, and once again, I was wrong, as I now know that Orcs are ardent 'bout their bacon.

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Yeah, now i get that old saying “Curiosity broke the dragon’s leg.” and how the “Cat Dragon” pet makes more and more sense…


It was a love story for the ages. XD


We need a troop similar as Leshie but instead of entangle allie and enemy it will give attack to allie and enemy, cause uba need some love

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Ooh, why stop there?

We should turn all towers into Ubastet and Zuul’Goth into a 6 color Ubastet! that’ll show those people.

The 6 color Ubastet can wear a different color hat during each Raid.


Make it a hat and you’ll have 125% of my support!

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So the Black Beast from Zeajin is a wolf? Or is Big Wolf, Vor’Korn’s mount a different creature?

For the Earth’s Fury weapon, I think it could be a superior Mang in some cases.

For Raid it’s debatable. It could be useful when the enemies’ stats are not too big, so when front-hero is unfortunately gone, the remaining 3 with buffed damage could do a reliable job. If the enemies’ stat is too big again, you’re back to rely to super-buff Mang hero.

For Invasion, it’s pretty great if you want to do a quick fight. Mang is not that useful anyway stage 8 onward, as we got a better troop every week. So Earth’s fury is awesome just for the fact that it can seriously buff Siegebreaker. Don’t underestimate the power of attack-buffed siegebreaker on front, as it could one-shot anything on any levels of stage 8.

For other battle, same as Mang, it won’t have much use, as most of enemies’ armor are not big enough for transfer to attack to be game-changing. Could still work in niche team with spell that boosted by damage, like Cyclops or War.

P.S. This obsession with Ubastet is getting out of control…


Did we know conversion rate of Earth’s Fury? Sure I guess maybe Mang getting hero to 500 atk is overkill… but since it can get there on one or two casts I think Mang is still superior.


3:1 (this weapon is already in-game if you use the “Unowned” filter).