Diffrent Troop stats in gw on Pc an Mobile

Whyare enemy stats so much higher on Pc than mobile when playing Gw ?
@Sirrian @NIMHAIN @Saltypatra

Here is mobile


Here is pc…
Sorry for the call out @TootFart :stuck_out_tongue:

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It is so that PC players have longer battles to make up for the missing x4 speed on mobile.


And different team scores too, I notice.

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I’m going to guess that Tootfart has exactly nine kingdoms with five or more stars of kingdom power.

In addition to the anti-streak chance having a rogue minus sign, it looks like PC’s 3.0.5 gave an additional 40 points per 5* kingdom – but is subtracting instead of adding. :astonished:


I play PvP on Pc and GW on mobile :stuck_out_tongue:


Damn, I wish I took the same route earlier. :stuck_out_tongue: already messed up this week…

doesnt it go to normal stats if you play at normal difficulty?

I always play at normal difficulty, Demon just showed the difference on the boards, PC vs. Mobile, both on normal difficulty.


ah well, im still playing the gw on pc rofl :joy:
maybe ill go and compare the stats for me …

@Annaerith Yes both were at normal diff.

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You have time to check on your opponent stats? :open_mouth:

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@ZooKeeper on tacets vids i could see how much higher pc was than mobile.

I have not checked to see if PvP is the same.

I wasnt saying anything guild or player specific its just a bug :stuck_out_tongue:

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I was just being sarcastic, man. Considering you’ve been busy kicking ass on the leaderboard lately I’m quite amazed that you still have time to compare troop stats on both platform. I wish I could afford such luxury. :wink:

On topic: but your own troops stats also higher on PC, right?


@ZooKeeper no bro. my troops had the same stats on pc and mobile. i didnt get screen shots though :frowning:

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Here is pvp enemy troop on mobile

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Here ios same enemy troop on PC


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My GW stats on PC (normal difficulty)

PC screen shots

My GW stats on Android:

Android screen shots

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This is a known issue reported 3.0.5 Known Issues (PC/Mobile) Support report 35767 - No resolution yet