Did I screw myself?

I am still pretty new to this game and trying to learn from my mistakes. I was told to pick a class that supported my main mana needs for my cards. So far my deck is like this and i rarely ever lose although i am only level 60

Purple/Yellow Shadow Dragon
Blue/Purple Shadow-Hunter
Red/Brown Gorgon

The main problem I am facing is what to do with my hero. I took the Sorcery class because it supplements purple mana a lot. I level it to 15 and now I have an ability to add 4 magic to my hero when using Purple Weapon.

I feel like I wasted all those souls and screwed myself because i want my Hero in the top slot due to his large amount of Armor and Health. If i use a Purple Weapon on my Hero i now have 3 cards that need Purple Mana. I tried putting my hero in the last slot so My Shadow Dragon and Hunter can get first dibs on Purple mana. But now I have cards tanking skulls that don’t have nearly the Health that my Hero does. Should I pick a new Class and suck up the 3k souls I wasted? Any thoughts or tips would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks for your time and reading this :smiley:

You should switch to a new class, and suck up the wasted souls. But not yet! First fight in arena while you have a high-level class! It’s a great place to get souls, and a great place to practice with lots of different troop combinations.

Right now your class mana bonus still counts in arena! So stick with Sorcery while you fight in Arena, and use purple weapons. After you’ve got a bunch of souls, do the class switch.


the hero makes a good first position in these lower levels. So even though he sucks up the purple first, doesn’t mean you have to cast as soon as it is full. you might want to find a purple maker like green slime or great spider. those will help the purple heavy group. or a yellow maker like alchemist for your dragon.

as you get a bit higher, you will unlock more purple weapons some that are mixed colors. just remember that if you keep the masteries fairly even, you will have more options later on (more weapons, different allowances for weapons)

as for the arena, the hero is almost always first. arena costs 1000 gold. you will pick a common (white card) from three, a green card from three, and a blue card from three. When you do these, you want to keep in mind the previous colors of the cards you have picked. Also these cards will not necessarily be ones you have yet and they will all be playing at level 15. so its fun to figure out if you like a card or not. :slight_smile:

Fist, I love Magic Link on the Sorcerer. I combine it with a Giant Spider, and Shadow Dragon, all with Magic Link. I normally even run a Thrall in the first slot, with Magic Link too, then with the Old Gods banner, I get rolling pretty quickly.

Now, I don’t run my Hero in the first slot. What purple weapons do you have? Burning Scythe is just grave, but there are quite a few good ones. Turn on the tips, and take a look at some of the mana costs for the purple weapons, some charge very fast, some much too slow for what they do.

If you need Souls, Use the Valkyrie - > Giant Spider -> purple generation to grab souls and power up.

It’s mentioned here that the new Hero classes can unlock class-specific weapons, for example the Sorceror has a unique purple mana weapon. You say he gets a +4 magic boost when he uses any purple weapon. What’s the penalty if he uses another colour instead?

What I’d like to know is whether the weapons are class locked. Can the Priest use the Sorceror weapon once it’s unlocked? Can the Archer wield a staff instead of his default bow?

Considering you need 250 victories to win any of these weapons, it might be good to know beforehand how we can use these items.

Souls, while hard to come by early, are farmable. If you do not have kingdoms unlocked make sure you prioritize going up and right to get stormhelm so you can have Valkyrie.

My advice, don’t be afraid to take a risk with souls on a lineup. Experimenting in this game is part of the fun and once traits are factored in the choices get even harder. Just don’t worrying about resources stop you from enjoying the game.

No colour penalties, you can use any weapon it seems,when you get the weapon you can choose it like any other weapon.

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Thank you killer. The info that “unlocked Hero Class weapons are interchangeable like any other weapon” wasn’t obvious at first glance. The descriptions said they were “class-specific” which sort of suggested, indirectly, that there might be a penalty for using a Hero weapon outside of its target class. Glad to know that that isn’t the case.

Consoles did not receive the Hero Class part of the update, so I will trust you’ll all work out the bugs for us, heh.

Just to clarify. This is another thing I’ve never figured out. You’re saying that unlocking more Kingdoms is vital to getting more new troops from those kingdoms? Has that always been the case.

I can confirm that you can get troops from any kingdom regardless of whether they are locked or not. Also Leveling a kingdom and powering a kingdom are diffrent and only imact troops after a certain amount of leveling.


By unlocking a kingdom and completing the quest line you get one of its Epic troops wanting to join you, so you get it (or a copy if you already have it).

Ah! That part of the game we did get on Console. We can level up cities with gold now, obviously, but is there any advantage to prioritizing the Powering of specific cities? Powering is going to take longer.

I was barely able to trait Valkyrie with her first trait. I’ve completed the main quest line and was only able to obtain trait stones from chests, not gameplay, so this is going to be rather a long haul.

Yes - if you’re hoping for a particular type of tribute. For example, given many people try to buy the weekly bundles with glory, it makes sense to level to 10, then PL3 cities high in glory tribute (whitehelm, wild plains etc).

If you fancy gold or souls, then choose cities that award higher values of those tributes.

You can double the tribute of one city by making it your home kingdom.

Eg if you have Whitehelm levelled to 10 and raised to PL3 and make it your home kingdom --> the tribute, when it gives it, is 40 glory.

Interesting. Whitehelm was the 4th city I maxed to Level 10. My PL is still PL1 though. I have Paladin, Archon, Templar all at level 15, and Celestasia is most of the way there. I would have to max out all Whitehelm troops and trait out the troops too to increase PL? But how am I supposed to farm Arcanes in sufficient numbers, I haven’t received anything like that from chests. Gem keys do not give me troops, only Runic trait stones so far.

If you have the map update then you can use maps to farm traitstones. you will know if you have the update if maps only let you make 8 moves instead of 15. If you do not have the update then save those maps. Also tyri can be used to farm maps but i don’t know when she started doing that.

I’ll have to check Tyri to see if she now drops Maps. Many of the existing troops I played against now have changed stats (as well as all being traited up!) so most likely she has been updated, too.

Treasure Hunt itself still runs at 15 moves for us.

I played against the new troops like Swamplash, Drake Rider, Green Slime, but none of them popped out of chests, only the old troops from before were there. sadness

The new chest system makes it easier to “target” certain rarity of troop. Hope tyri has the map drop spell.

Focus more on getting kingdoms to level 10 before worrying about PL’s. Then focus on PL1 which doubles tribute amount. PL3 will come well after these earlier goals (and only increases chance of tribute).

Sorry if that wasn’t clear in my previous message.

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i do not know what pl stands for

PL = Power Level (gold stars on kingdoms)