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Devs, this may be a “tattle tell” post but

A few guilds have pulled xanathos from LT’s and as happy as I am for them it really just drives another nail into the coffin of this game for me. He was supposed to be crafting exclusive, or at least that’s what you led us to believe. It’s insulting to those who dump a ton of resources that are not easy to come by into getting him when others just get a lucky pull on a random task.

Call me sour grapes, hate me if you got him this way, but if you’re honest with yourselves even you know it’s horseshit.

To the devs…either put him in the general pool and allow everyone the chance to pull him at random or pull him and replace him with another random mythic to those guilds. But whatever you choose please communicate that decision so we as players can decide to craft him or not.


Where did the Devs confirm that Xanathos was only craftable, and not in the Legendary tasks? I might have missed it.

It has been known for a while that all Legendary and Mythic troops is in the drop pool of Legendary Tasks. So when someone got Xanthos from a Legendary Task the other day, it made sense for me right away. The troop is probably not available in the normal chest pool for opening chests, therefor it is on a single player view only craftable.

I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to be craftable only. I think the best solution is to let them keep it – they earned it fair and square – and fix this bug ASAP. Otherwise you’re punishing those guilds for completing LTs and clearly no other Mythic would be as desirable to an entire guild with varying degrees of completed collections.

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Well, it does clearly not look like it was meant to be craftable only, but also to be found in the Legendary task pool. So with other words, then you are pretty sure that this is a bug?

This was in @ozball’s crafting guide.

I do not think it is the player’s fault that they got him from an LT, but he absolutely MUST be removed from LTs. If Xathenos is NOT crafting exclusive, he looses ALOT of his edge…


There is also a chance that Oz missed the part that the troop actually was in the Legendary tasks pool as well? I mean it can be easy to miss out on. All troops is to be found in the Legendary tasks, it has always been like this. (For example all the imps is always available there as well)

You are 100% correct, could be a mistake on his part, but the fact remains that by placing Xathenos in LTs, the devs diminish the uniqueness of the Soulforge, which, I think we can all agree, is in need of something “special” to keep people interested as it is.

The unique weapons and troops were the BIG draw for Soulforge, take those away and the “coolness” of it starts to fade… :frowning:


Keep in mind that when @Ozball wrote that preview, he was still a community member, not a dev; so his words came from the perspective of a beta tester and presumably without insider knowledge as to the intended distribution vectors of this troop.

I do agree with the OP, though, that Xathenos loses a lot of the appeal as a “perseverence badge” if you can get lucky with a LT or Path of Glory and obtain him.


I think the ability to craft mythics, arcanes, and target specific less-rare troops are the big draws, personally. I don’t think anyone was asking for exclusives before it was released.


I must also add that for a guild to get Xathenos from a LT is close to zero. So well deserved to them! I mean when a specific Mythic troop is nearly impossible to get from a Legendary task that the crafting still has its superior value, it might lose a minor value, but not much. As it guarantee you to get a selective Mythic.


@Lyya I wasn’t trying to call @Ozball out or imply he lied, if that was how it read, my apologies. I was just pointing out that there WAS some expectation amongst forum users that Xathenos would be crafting exclusive.

@Delinquent I 100% agree, the value of Soulforge is in other things, and yet… the introduction of EXCLUSIVES provides ADDITIONAL value, which I think is foolish to DEVALUE by having Xathenos available for RNG drop. Just my opinion though. :wink:

@Eika I agree, the chance is miniscule, and I in no way think they should lose the card, but I would still push for Xathenos to be pulled from the available pool IF the devs made that choice to include him. If however, it is a BUG which unfortunately given the current state of the game, I am leaning towards, then it needs to be fixed post haste to keep Xathenos from loosing his prestige as an EXCLUSIVE troop.


No worries, I didn’t read what you wrote that way! Just clarifying, is all.

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I think that it was intentional to have him in the LT drop pool as well as crafting, that makes the most sense to me. Because the chance is so tiny of getting it in a LT in first place, so the crafting has still a superior value. If I am wrong and it was a bug, oh well…

A clarification from one of the Devs would be nice tho.

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Here’s the thing…I’m not saying it’s the guilds fault that they got him. I’m not even saying they should lose him. My point was, and still is that it was implied from an official community post that it was crafting only. If that’s not the case then so be it. All I want is the devs to tell us what is official so we as players can decide if he’s worth crafting or waiting and hoping for acquiring him by another means.

To me he’s not that great of a mythic and my only reason to want him is completeness. If he’s only crafting than I may go ahead and do it, if not then I may wait a while and see before I do it. It’s my situation and every players is different. We deal with RNG enough in the game, I don’t think it’s fair that we should have to deal with it in updates and announcements (yes, a little sarcasm there).

I just want accurate and official info so I can decide the best approach for my playstyle, that’s all and I don’t think it’s asking a lot.


you kinda going that way.

Um, the fact that they pulled him is rare, and I am happy for them. But to say it’s “deserved” any more than any other guild that completes LT’s every week is a bit insulting. Sorry. Just like it’s not “deserved” that I have to deal with Famine and being handicapped in a huge way not having him because someone else “deserved” to get him more than I did. It’s RNG that determines it and no one deserves any card anymore than anyone else.

Um…no, I’m going the way of pick one and make it the same for everyone. If he’s supposed to be in the LT pool then fine. Just tell us and we can move on. However, if it was a mistake and now you are going to fix that mistake by removing him from the pool, then you absolutely need to remove him from those that got him. Sorry…no player should be given that kind of boost because they were lucky enough to pull him during a bug or mistake.

Equality in the decision, that’s it.

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I never said it was more deserved to them than any other guilds to get him from a LT. lol

But you did say they deserved it. Lol

Does my contempt for you show through? I really hope it does. Lol

Sorry lil’brudda. I aint got time for this.