Devoured by Gluttony or Glutmaw in Arena

I am wondering, if the devour rates of Gluttony and Glutmaw in Arena are working correctly. I just had my complete team devoured by Gluttony, it casted 5 times and devoured 4 times out of these 5 times. The fifth time both of my remaining troops had barrier, so maybe I would already have been completely devoured after 4 casts. Gluttony has a devour chance of 20% and can´t boost this chance. If my math is right, the chance for 4 succesful devours out of 5 tries is 0.64% :flushed:

I understand, that this might be just a unlucky streak. However, I faced Gluttony several times in Arena and today was not the first time it devoured like crazy. It feels like whenever I can´t kill Gluttony before its first cast, one of my troops is gone. I would like to get feedback of other players. Am I overreacting or do you have similar experiences with Gluttony in Arena?

I included Glutmaw in the title, because I had similar things happen with it, too. It starts with a slightly higher rate of 25% and boosts this by 5% with every killed enemy. While its chances for devouring are higher, it should not happen regularly, that it devours each and everything. Yet, I also had it devour whole teams and not only once, so this also seems to happen more often than it should.

Infernal King has %25 resurrect. I had 5 fights in different times with him resurrect 4 times in a row.

Infernal King aka “WHY won’t you just DIE and STAY DEAD, you ba$$$$d!!!” :rage:

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Sounds like you simply came up on the “wrong end” of RNG and probability theory. 0.64% doesn’t mean it can’t happen, it just means that it shouldn’t happen very often. If it never happened at all, that would be a bug; that it happened to you is simply unfortunate. (From your point of view)

If you took every time anybody ever cast Gluttony in the history of this game and made one long string of “Y” or “N” for when it devoured, you’d probably find many, many such streaks where it devours a bunch of times in a row. And even more streaks where it fails to devour umpteen consecutive times.

Personally? I target those “% chance to devour” troops with extreme prejudice when I see them in the Arena just out of fear that your experience might happen to me. I’ve had one of those troops eat its’ way through my team once or twice and that was enough for me. But there are probably far more occurrences where I’ve made it through multiple castings completely intact; I just don’t remember them the same way I do the ones that hurt.


I am aware of how probabilities work and that streaks of bad luck not only can, but must happen :slightly_smiling_face: I just have the feeling, that something could be wrong with devour in Arena, because it seems to trigger way too often. I don´t have a study of thousands of tries, it is just my personal feeling and that is why I am asking other players experiences. That seemed to be the easier way for me than playing 1000 Arena battles against Gluttony and let it cast 3-4 times each.

@ALP I also doubt the 25% of Infernal King :grin: If 4 resurrections in a row are the worst you have seen, you are on the lucky side. I remember various pet rescues, where I had to kill him at least 6 times in a single battle. But I don´t care about Infernal King, I never lost a battle due to excesive resurrections and if I really just don´t want to see him resurrect, I simply stun him. And he will never appear in Arena :wink:


Unpopular opinion:

During GW week, the RNGsus gets amped up by about 100%. This is why suddenly AI gets all the needed Skyfall gems during GW week.