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Dev Tracker Tab

I must not pay attention to the top shortcut bar on the home screen of the forums. When did they add a “Dev Tracker” tab? That’s an awesome way to highlight Dev responses to various threads across the forums.


Oh nice, I can stop stalking each of the dev accounts now. :smiley:


It must be relatively new. Did anyone notice it before now?

Yes, it was added almost two weeks ago.

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Thanks for the timeline! I mostly jump from thread to thread via the suggestions at the bottom. I don’t spend much time on the homepage.

@Tacet I haven’t seen you mention the Kraken nerf haven’t you heard about it yet?

I have not, but I believe it isn’t in effect yet.

I generally only go over rebalance once it actually happens as multiple things are often changed at once.

It should be here in a few days

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Number of devs in the Dev Tracker went from 10 to 9.


The one that’s gone missing must have been responsible for the UI :rofl:

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