Design-a-Troop (WEEK TWO: Theme & Visual Style)

I’m not really pleased with the opaque rules for the 8-choices selection (in fact, I don’t like the competition aspect)…
I think devs are also taking into account if you belong to one of the possible countries for this competition. If not, they could ignore your ideas…

If it’s a not-merfolk who win the poll, I don’t see the meaning of the 1st week…

And Mech also includes devices/machines, such as canon, rocket, etc. so a chariot should be a Mech :wink: .


Honored to be one of the ones chosen! #SHOCKTOPUS


Congratulations to those whose ideas were chosen!

Wouldn’t a new topic with some direct links to the different concepts be of more use?
Looks more like a user popularity contest to me, with so litle information presented.

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I agree that the options would be far more useful with a link to the idea. Here’s a link to mine:

I would suggest the other finalists also post theirs so people can have easier access to information to forumulate their choice(s).

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Sounds like a good idea. Right now I am losing to Shocktopus on name alone!

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I am disappointed that we can’t have sharks with friggin’ lasers. Mr. Bigglesworth is getting upset.


Since the update I no longer care enough to vote. However I will have a quick browse because if community members have taken time to come up with ideas then I should extend my courtesy and at least read them.

Will spoil the full troop idea when the voting is over.

TL;DR robot seahorse chariot

I’m not sure if I agree. An animate being created from inanimate component materials is a construct if it is powered by magic (e.g. golems), or a mech if it is powered by machinery (e.g. tankbot). If a troop is assembled from inanimate materials and requires a living operator, the line is less clear. Dwarven Gate, Fortress Gate, and Ship Cannon are all typed as constructs. Blast Cannon, Flame Cannon, Goblin Rocket, Steam Turret, and Drill Borer are all typed as mechs. Dwarven Gate may well be powered by magic, with the “speak friend and enter” flavor text referencing a magic door in the Lord of the Rings. If Fortress Gate and Ship Cannon are non-magical, though, then I don’t think a chariot could be classed as a mech.

Unless, of course, the chariot is pulled by ROBOT SEAHORSES

Or robot sharks, I suppose, but seahorse chariots are kind of a thing in real-world mythology.

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I’m coming for you fellow Oregonian! @VegaDark541 GO DUCKS :duck::smirk:

War/Mech Turtle :turtle:


The fact that Ship Canon is a construct when other canons are Mech, makes me believe that there is no strict rule (I don’t think SC is operated through magic).
Whatever, this idea is not going to win…

I’m more concerned about the Merfolk type not being respected (ie beast or monster but not merfolk)…

Well, the Ship Cannon fires three times in rapid succession when it casts its spell, and real-world cannons could take a while to reload. Perhaps it’s a magically self-loading cannon? That’ll at least be my head-canon (head-cannon?).

I feel the same way. “Merfolk” needs to be more specific than “can survive underwater”. Sea-dwelling creatures in general should be monsters or beasts, like Dragon Turtle, Lamprey, or Giant Enemy Crab. Perhaps merfolk in particular are creatures with a vaguely magical connection to the ocean, like how dwarves are connected to the earth and elves have an affinity for forests.

But no, people gotta vote for “shocktopus” because it’s a doofy name…

I totally agree - The fact that several of the options are not MERFOLK but sea creatures to start with made this a bit too open ended.

Merfolk are a race of humanoids that live underwater.

But I can hear the ‘you’re just jealous you didn’t get selected’. No actually I am frustrated that the Dev opened up the definition so far out of the standard def by selecting ideas that clearly are not humoid that it didn’t matter what was the original winning concept.

Yeah… A Mecha-Kaken… With Kraken being a Monster… :roll_eyes:

Yes but the ones who follow the 1st poll result, proposed less cool ideas because of that…


Shocktopus exists already in a card game

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How do i vote…

The Shoctopus is the clear winner! Now it’s time for round three! Design-A-Troop Competition! (WEEK 3: Spell and Colour)


Congrats @VegaDark541 :+1: