Design-a-Troop VOTING TIME (Spell and Colour!)

I agree but might need to raise mana cost, if it destroy his color it could loop over and over and also got true damage to everyone. Look OP for epic troop

Edit: nevermind i missed the part it only true damage the selected color

That went to the way side when the majority of the troops that was in round 2 were not even merfolk. I still don’t get why - I still don’t see the humanoid out of this…but whatever.

It should be a two weeks contest:
Week 1: Kingdom/Type/Theme (Visual is more or less alreday include in the theme…)/Name
Week 2: Spell/Color/Traits

Or the devs choose the kingdom so:
Week 1: Type/Theme/Name
Week 2: Spell/Color/Traits

There is no meaning to give a kingdom/type without giving a theme…

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I only picked two options and managed to get the ones currently in first and last. Not sure what to make of that…

I’ll end up using this troop regardless of whichever ability wins. I like them all. The fact that it’s a community-made troop is just icing on the cake, for me. Plus the creator-community interaction/cooperation.

i think its fine if you win → your suggestion will be implemented → second place will get the rewards?

The visibility of this thread is not very good.

It’s better since you just bumped it :slight_smile:

@Saltypatra you should probably pin these to thet top…

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I definitely agree that these should be pinned. I completely missed the third week (style/theme).

Congrats @Jainus!


Congratulations Jainus! :slight_smile: