Delves: Strategies, tactics, tips and more!


Yeah, I just did it myself, 1st try on 200

Rosethorn casted 6 times, which was not reassuring for Delve 500 faction…


Here is my first attempt at level 100.
Next time I’ll probably read what troops actually do :upside_down_face:


Primal Rift, delve level 300, hoard at level 166, won at the first attempt.
Started with the team: Dark Dryad + Green Golem + Dark Dryad + Alderfather, Riven Banner. Lost the first Dryad at the first battle, Alderfather summoned Treant.
Then it was all about buffing Treant and killing enemies with skulls.
At the last room the battle was drawn out, the trick was to increase Treant’s attack, use Golem to entangle enemies and try to leave the board without purple matches to prevent enemy’s Alderfather from entangling your Treant.
So I ended the delve with the team Treant + Green Golem + Dark Dryad + Alderfather, and it counted as winning with the Faction’s team.


Managed to do Delve 300 with the faction team on my 2nd try at Hoard level 100.

(The first one ended with all of the cascades favoring the AI + getting Magic on the enemy Green Golem. Enemy Redthorn hit everything to life support range.)

Running Green Golem/ Dark Dryad/ Rosethorn / Alderfather (Primal Rift banner)

Entangling on demand has been handy. May swap DD and GG at 500. Tough to tell, If DD dies in 1st slot, I may as well stick with GG in 1st slot.

The Rare/Ultra Rare rooms aren’t too bad…

The question is how much life (Dark Dryad won’t let you keep armor) is needed to make it through 500 sanely…


I like this faction team because it seems that it can really benefit from experience in using it, and thinking about strategy. At least that’s the impression I got from one battle, so far just did level 100.

Also it’s neat that people are using different combinations and orders.


Confirming that the highest level chest is 10. Got a level 7 before the boss, defeated the boss with hoard quality 10, chest was only level 10.


I used Dark Dryad/Dark Dryad/Redthorn/Alderfather at Level 240. Took me 2 tried as well.

It was getting quite hard now even just at this level, but Treant saved me. Surprisingly, turned out he is the strongest Faction troop here, as he can reliablely give himself attack and heal. Only downside is his lack of Entangle immunity.

I managed to get him to 300 attack easily, and spam 2 top troops to dead. Too bad he was dead from infernal armor.


So what regular team are people using to tackle the higher level PR Delves? This build has been working great clearing every room thru lvl 120 but some recent battles have been scary. Might need to switch to something safer.


I’m using Hellcat and Suna. It’s handy how Suna gets stronger the longer battles go, and as long as the top troop doesn’t use red mana I can refill her easily between casts.


I’m running with…

Forest Guardian
@ All-Seeing Eye Banner (+2 green +1 blue -1 brown)

Sylvanimora can be Willow or Aurora also - or maybe Earth’s Fury. Wulfgarok for Impervious and Fenrir for basically the strongest scaling stats I can find. Mang can be Entangled! And Forest Guardian obviously has the 50% start and the skulls and the barriers …


Took me 36 minutes to beat level 200 with pure faction, and I barely won the last fight with a summoned Trent.
I started with this

but I got trolled

And to not upload the whole thing, here is the only interesting part - last move


I’m using this team and it’s working well so far (currently at level 220) :
Titan class


Divine Protector (Priest)

Dragon’s Claw Banner

Works a lot better than my old team and does decently so far but I might regret saying that when I go beyond 100

The power creep is too much

Thank you @Macawi


I should probably swap back to that, forgot Apothecary cleansed…


yasmine’s pride / green seer / yao / tp king B:bright forest

By 400 I might switch yao/tpk to mab/yao. By then I’ll be skipping Insulated room anyway.


Testing Dark Dryad upfront for Delve 400 faction.

It killed itself trying to punch through both Rosethorns in Room 1.


Any replacement for TPK?


Aurora would be good also.


There’s a couple of replacement troops that I can think of off-hand. One would be Sylvanimora to protect the hero. The other would be Queen Aurora for the mana gains.