Delves: Strategies, tactics, tips and more!


Yes! I’ve done this for Crypt Keepers.


In daily delves for HoG at level 300, I started to look at the center room as soon as the delve starts, and if it’s too hard a room I don’t use the faction team. That way at least I get to do every room, defeat the boss room, and open a high level chest at the end.

I suppose if you did this in the event (but without defeating the boss) you would still “waste” the sigil in that you aren’t leveling the delve, but at least you wouldn’t miss as many valravens and you get a somewhat better chest.


Same here… I gave up after 22 tries and seriously regret wasting so many gems on attempting this, it’s by far the most frustrating faction team of the four.


I’d still say Morana wins that or Sentient. Although in both of those cases, they don’t have to go through 4 rooms so I suppose it makes sense.


Delve 500 faction team: I gave up after 2 tries. Lost in the 1st room due to skull cascades for the AI, then lost in the 2nd room. When they’re hitting for about 1/2 - 1/3 of your life and you hit for 1/10 of their life, its a hopeless endeavor with spells.

You don’t gain enough magic from Treasure Hoards to keep up unless you’re in the Treasure Hoard 900-1000 range, which I don’t have 2 billion gold to upgrade for it. (Is +90 magic enough?, I don’t know?)

Do I think I’d be able to do it with Treasure Hoard level 300? Probably not.


Yes, the first win counts as beating level 20. I’ll beat the boss once if it’ll get me a level 10 chest. The next round will be level 30, bust as long as you don’t beat the boss there your highest win is still level 20.


Add me to the chorus of players who find faction run a bad idea.
I tried lvl 300 on all 4 factions, and I get pummeled. I’m am not even close to think I may have a chance unless I get my hoard to 250+.

But for a slight improvement to a pet? Definitly not worth it.

We are used to restrictive teams, from Class event or Invasion.
But restricting a 4 troops team to, well, 4 troops, excluding the hero, actually removes any sense of strategy.
There is very very little skill involved with an imposed team, and the only real control we have is how much we increase the hoard.

At least open the full kingdom, or lower the goal 50% (best needed 250)


To all the people who attempt to progress as much they’re able - at what point do you stop beating all the rooms to increase your delve chest/rewards and just go straight for the boss?


It varies from person to person. For me at least, I started booking it towards the boss around level 150 but others say you can go up to 250 before it isn’t worth it and just rush to the boss.


I cleared every room till 500 this time around. Depends on the team you use and the faction.

Hall of Guardians, I did to about 450, but got bored and went straight to 500 despite being able to clear every room to 500.

All Seeing Eye, I think I stopped clearing from 350 onwards.

Crypt Keepers, I went to about 400. Once I leveled up my hoard to 193, I was able to farm 500 consistently.


Just finished the event at Level 250 like last time, almost wish I don’t have to touch this Faction ever again…

As I lost a lot past Level 150 using my Tesla team (even one match with Valravan in it) as it’s not quick enough, I have to buy another Tier to finish the event. Using my old trusty team of “Wrath of the Alche-Maw Bringer” is a lot quicker and easier. It also can clear all rooms just fine at this level.

I also foolishly try Faction team in the event despite that, as 3 more tries in the Underworld today are still not enough to win with Faction team at Level 200.

Yesterday I was using The Deep King x3 + Sea Witch, and fail all of it. Today I was changing to Hammerclaw/TDK/SW/TDK instead, get pretty close in the last fight, with my full team at Boss room and all their troop at 50+ life. Although, I have learned now that TheIdleOne’s build (with SW on 2nd slot) is a lot better. I’m confused at first why fully-mana-blocked TDK, now I know Sea Witch’s endless looping is the key to win this Faction.

Just SW+TDK is enough to win everything if the board is great. I even once beat The Guarded Chamber with only two of them left, and got 120+ attack stats at the end of it. Kinda give me a flashback of Lady Anariel + Plague in GW.

Also, as TheIdleOne mentioned, Dragon Hatchery might be the easiest Epic room for Faction team fight, the same as Hall of Guardian. But… beware that Baby Dragon might turned to Divinia, and that will make the fight quite impossible to win. Already happened to me twice for some reason… T^T

So, do I still think it is possible to max this Faction with just Hoard Level 100? Lol, no. This might be the hardest Faction right now (even including the 2 upcoming ones). Relying on Sea Witch to loop untill you can take them down in half-an-hour fight is too much wishful thinking.


All-Seeing Eye is the only faction I’ve taken to 500 so far. For very high levels I used a team from jzg:
dragon’s eye / apo / weaver / sylvanimora B:blackhawk brown blue -prp

At around 400, I began to skip wind tunnels and bullette rooms. For example, 490 had neither and I did all rooms easily. (500 had one of those rooms so I skipped it)

Just started Crypt Keepers this weekend and since I don’t have Ubastet my team isn’t very strong:
Dragon’s Eye / Deep Borer / Weaver / Terraxis B:Sin Red3 Brown1 Blue1 -purple (including traits)

Did 90 today and unless I improve the team I’ll be skipping rooms much sooner.


For me, it depended on the Factions and their two limited colors.

All Factions should be managable to beat all rooms pre-Level 200. After that, Yao Guai + Yasmine’s Pride make it possible to clear anything in Red/Green Faction. Maw team is great and quick, but quite risky past level 400.

300 should be a lowest limit to 3-4 rooms quick clear. Lower than that is a waste of extra multipliers, if you Hoard level is already at 100.


I use cheesy teams, so it depends on faction, but, so far for SoS i’m at 320 and still do all rooms including Bullette because the cheese team works so well. Same for ASE and Hall. Crypt Keeper my team is slower so I skip rooms that can affect my team order.


You mention that Epic Bulette is an ok room to beat. I can’t imagine taking them down fast enough to keep either from casting, especially while summoning browns. Are you just leaving them alive long enough to loop your team back to its original order?


Bulette Lair sucks in general because with a bad board (or bad luck), they will be guaranteed a devour and on the higher levels, it’s just not worth doing the room since waiting to get back to normal is more trouble than it’s worth (Even if it’s mandatory, it might be better to try again with a different middle room).


Bullettes can ba killed fast enough, specially 2 at a times.
My cheese is
Titan Dragon Eye

Everything dies fast enough.


It’s not that bad, if you could control the brown gem on board. Gorbil and Mimic room are a lot worse.

My enraged looping Maw team can even take them all down before they all get to cast once… at Level 500.


That question was specifically about the faction team. In the post I replied to, @TheIdleOne has a list of Ultra-Rare and Epic teams rhat can show up in the 2nd/3rd delve rooms and whether they manageable with the faction team. Bulette is on the “ok” list.

Edit: Thanks for the detailed notes, Idle, TK, and others. I was able to clear 200 after a few more tries. Wasn’t able to get 300, but got down to one enemy remaining a couple of times, so it feels at least possible. I’ll park the event at 310 and come back to try a daily every so often.


Sorry, was out for most of the day. Its kinda like this:

The team flipping is bad, but since the Bulette is unlikely to one shot kill you, Sea Witch can buffer the HP of the troop that’s about to be hit to survive the Bullette cast. You just have to be careful not to let 13+ browns be on the board as it casts. Its not fun, but its not a guaranteed game over.