Delves: Strategies, tactics, tips and more!


Is there coming a new Faction every month? Wow! :open_mouth:


I wonder if the shop tiers is equal as the 1 day event. Do anyone knows this?


In least than 2 hours, we will learn about that.

In my opinion, it should be the same as Tuesday’s one. Thursday and Weekend Class Events are exactly the same, so Faction Event shouldn’t be any different.

One thing important to note though, if it’s exactly the same, then it’s possible to finish all reward stages without spending a single gem.


I’d imagine it would function the same like class events when it comes to shops, only one way to find out though.


It could be possible for a faction with few rooms but mostly legendary rooms to have a better upgrade chance than another faction with more rooms but mostly common.

But between Hall and Eye, I think you’re right. Here’s my attempt to calculate the chances:

Do those numbers feel right? At quality 0 that would be 4.2 and 3.6 after defeating the boss, or 7.2 and 6.6 at quality 10.


So every month we will have 2 Faction Events? Or it would be like Class Event and no Tuesday Event when a new Faction is released?

6077 Faction Friday, Oct 19, 2018 Sunday, Oct 21, 2018 Sea Witch ID:6626 Merfolk, Mystic Sea of Sorrow
6076 Faction Tuesday, Oct 16, 2018 Tuesday, Oct 16, 2018 Ocularen ID:6608 Monster All-Seeing Eye

So far the 1st one, but that’s ok since you can just take the free sigils and get free shards/ingots on Delve 20 if you think its getting too pricey to play it.


Because I like my maths accurate, I’ll just add that any Mythic Troop will be usable in 80% of factions. Any two-colour Troop will be usable in 60% of factions. Any single-colour Troop willl be usable in 33% of factions.


Assuming colors are distributed evenly. How’s that working out for banners again?


I just don’t like incoherence:

  • why Faction Events can be twice by week, but not the Class Events?
  • why Faction Event Delve battles don’t have blocks and give 2 Champion XP?


Every month we have 4 one day events and 1 three day event.
When a new faction is released we have 2 events in 1 week, just like this week

Oh i didnt see the above posts


Hmm i need a bit of help here lol i dont get where the 0.41 or 0.28 comes from


Even if colours aren’t distributed evenly, it’s not like banners where you want three colours in a certain alignment. You only need to match one colour to use a Troop, so I think even with uneven distributions you’re still going to be able to use most Mythics most of the time. There will obviously be a few troops that are unluckily excluded from more than a fair share of delves.


Your team minus Sylvanimora might work better in Crypt Keepers. Turn 1 Grave Seer turning Green into Purple is a bad day for Yasmine.


Thanks for the correction! That statement is 0% math and 100% feeling. lol

So… I was like… laying the groundwork for 80% of Factions now? :sunglasses:



Take a look at the post in the other thread: Faction Event: All-Seeing Eye

Just averaging the chances for each epic room, as given in ashasekayi’s spreadsheet.


Finally able to do it today! Using 2 more tries, wasting one because I forget to check for Guarded Chamber in the middle of the room, making the fight with boss much harder, as I can’t use stun.

The strategy is the same as above. Here is the screenshot before winning the fight, and the renown update! :grinning:


Chest level 7 pre-boss room. (Quality level 10 as well)

I want that mythical Chest Level 11 :joy:

For my Chest 10, I got 140 Chaos Shards (nothing else). Was excited, but then was kind of expecting a higher number. I love Shards, so not the worst thing ever.


Day 4


Yeah shard is the only thing i want to see, the shop give enough ingots and im not upgradding every weapon, only the one i need to upgrade kingdom