Delves: Strategies, tactics, tips and more!


Huh, good to see some of the lower-end chests can have the prizes I thought they couldn’t. I think the three-bullet casual minmax strategy should be:

  • Raise Delve level? Doesn’t matter long-term so long as you don’t move to a level you can’t beat.
  • Raise quality? No question, do it.
  • Raise hoard level? Yes, sort of. At some point the gold costs get super high.

I’m not super concerned about the gold costs or Delve’s status as a gold sink because we sort of needed a gold sink. LTs were a neat idea but if the devs had said all this time “the high-end guilds get too many Legendary Tasks” I can say I don’t like that but can’t disagree.

From their end, they cause less drama if they make “an interesting new way to spend gold” rather than “nerfing LTs”. I mean, players will complain about making the choice, but not as loudly as if some other nerf happened.


This is also good to know and I would like to add it in with this thread as well.

Thanks everyone for the help so far. :+1: Very useful.


I’m not sure if this has been covered yet.

I didn’t have time to finish all 3 sigils yesterday for the daily delve and so I did 2 and I left the last one as is in the screen shot.

I should still get 3 new today and get to finish this one. Right?

If so, then if you don’t have time for 3 in one day you can do one and then start one at each place then, after reset you will get 3 new and get to finish the 2 delves you started the day before.

This is the only way to save daily delve playthrough until tomorrow correct?


My understanding is this is correct, I think I’ve seen both Kafka and Ozball say this is how it is expected to work.

You can technically save more. I think you can have 1 Delve active per faction. So you could start a Delve in Hall of Guardians, then start one in All-Seeing-Eye, then you’ll have two partially completed tomorrow and reset to 3 sigils.


Yes. This is how it should work as previewed in the stream.


Day 2


Thank you so much for this! I learned firsthand today how horrible the upgrade costs get. I could actually upgrade again, but don’t have the funds to do so… haha…:sweat:
Also I wonder if we will get a Gnoll rework or a bunny Faction first…


Chances are… They could certainly come up with a Bunny Faction at least.

For the Gnolls and Wild Plains can only expect the usual: Bad troops/designs.


If the bunny faction doesn’t include at least two summoners, I will be very disappointed.


Once again pvp giving the worst reward, you need to spend all week to play 20h+ to stay at the top. And all this for what? 3 miserable mythic ingot and 100 gems.

Yesterday i earned 50+ mythic and probably 90+ legendary for less than 1 day of work.



But you still keep up the hope! That’s good! No giving up! Bunnies never give up, either - keep hop§ing!:hugs:

I approve of bunnies summoning more bunnies summoning more bunnies summoning more bunnies! Eternal bunny hoard will win!


So I have a question for people who are good at math here:

Currently my quality is 4 for my farming delve (I made bad decisions and had terrible luck) Give this fact…

Is it better for me to run delves at the current level and get the +2 bonus chest from the last boss…

… or is it better for me to run delves at the next level, but run away before doing the boss. This gives me a 2X multiplier but i lose out on the +2 chest bonus.

Which should I do for maximum profit?



Keep playing at normal level, you are losing some rewards by now as you try to get more shards for a chance to obtain treasures, but once you can upgrade your Hoard Quality you can play a few levels at higher dificulties because you’ll have better bonuses since you Hoard Level gives you stats.

In the end you might earn more or less the same amounts in the same period of time, it’s down to how lucky you are regarding Shards and Portal drops, but once your H. Quality is at max you’ll get Delve Chests Level 7+ with a good frequency and even at the normal Delve Level (1.0 Loot) this brings more rewards.


I’m kinda keeping the delves somewhat low level (130) so that I can still make it through the delve with faction troops and get as many faction troops renown as I can. But this is kinda slow so is it a better idea to go up as far as possible straight away with normal troops?


So I can confirm the progress of the delve stays and you get the 3 new sigils for the day. :+1:.

I’m at 190 @stahp, I can beat it with 4 normal troops but dies take some time. I’m stopping here for now and will do my low faction on days I have little time.

Depending on what you have you might just want to stay put for now, fight the middle fight and save up for the hoard.


Can I ask what level your faction troops are able to beat? I’m thinking that 190 will probably be the very max that my faction troops can have a chance, at least not without substantially upgrading hoard level.


I quit using faction troops at 80. It was too slow and tedious for me.

That is why I kept the other low, if I do try it there I will start early with troops so I can get used to them.


I think i am a masochist lol i did lv 220 without increasing my hoard it wasn’t too hard untill i reach the boss, he is very strong.

The problem is he got an exploder who double his attack and also reduce yours, this is very painfull


So you did it at the eye with buffed troops as well?

I was doing the hall.

Ase troops ran pretty well for the few I did at low level. I’m still at lvl 50 there…