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Delves: Strategies, tactics and tips

Well done to all who Max this. A moment ago it was looking good in fight 2. Safe torben quad cast for B/R then bang. Extra turn ignored, game over.

Bought 6 tier VII, Urskaya kingdom level maxed.

Took 5 runs at lvl 500 with pure faction team. 3 out of the 5 runs I didnt make it to the last room.

As you all know already, its pure luck when and what your troops turn into. On my completed run I went into the final room with 3x Torben (Started first room with Torben, 2 werecat, Torben) and somehow didn’t get screwed over by random skull sky cascades. I was ready to throw my controller through the screen at one point. Good luck everyone, glad I don’t have to touch this one again


Yh grt job. Getting closer…final room with 4 troops and took out their P1. Sky skulls showed me the door.
At this stage I have nothing but contempt for the devs. The game still ignores quads that keep you in the game. How can the code not distinguish between a 3 match and a 4 match? Ie the most fundamental aspect of the game? Unbelievable. Not worthy of any investment whatsoever.

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Faction runs are so nerve-racking, ahhhhhhhhhhh.

I used the same team as TheIdleOne to beat level 500. I won on my first try but RNG played a big part. I had level 155 hoard, 6x Tier VII, level 14 Urskaya, and used 3x Yasmine for all my battles. I forgot to swap them out for 3x Cedric for the room with Forest Troll but he didn’t get any skull matches.

I had the Bulette room and it screwed up my troop order, but managed to beat it without losing any troops. In the end, it really didn’t matter order they were in, because I had 4x Torberns when I reached the boss room. :roll_eyes:

The last room went relatively smoothly. By the time I got them down to 1 Torbern, I expected that RNG would screw me over and give him a skull cascade and wipe all out my troops. Fortunately, that didn’t happen.



lol, i spent 1.5k ish gems trying to win the pure faction (i won at the end tho) but it was so tiring… i felt like RNG gave me the win rather than my effort.

hoard 100 btw

There’s an entire thread where they’re auctioning gear to donate money to the fire relief teams :man_shrugging:

The more we complain about things that aren’t legitimate, the less seriously the devs will take us when our complaints are valid.


Seriously? This sort of comment isn’t even necessary. People can criticize delves without getting personal.

They have been holding an auction to help the tragedy in their country for a few days by the way.


Our complaints have been overlooked in a long long time…valid or otherwise. 4.7 made that blatantly cleat. The devs want to exhaust the endgame player hby draining all the resources we have battled to attain. If you ain’t giving cash they don’t care.

As for saltys pitch, yeah right. Don’t believe it without seeing a PIC of the handover with the big cheque. I am not getting personal cos I ain’t naming anyone. Just telling it how it is.

That was my first time i went full on to complete a delve (with the help of potions of course) and did it with 6 potions and my 3rd try. Funnily enough the first and final rooms were the easiest…I lost a troop on the way as well but it has to be said a triple damage werecat (270+ dmg) and extra turn is very gratifying… :laughing:

If they were serious about helping lifesavers they would’ve made this faction easy to allow players to donate to the deserved cause. Did they do so? No they swamped us in so much time , gem (potentially cash) investment that we couldn’t help a noble cause because of their greed. What part of this shows any interest to help the heroes?

There is no redeeming argument to a game that cannot distinguish between 3 and 4 of a kind. How has this NEVER BEEN FIXED?

OK. Nonsense it may be for you. Explain how what I spout is wrong.

Since the extra turn bug happens to you so often, can you post a few videos showing it? The more proofs the devs have, the faster they can pinpoint the issue. Console has an option to easily record the last 30 seconds or so

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Many many players have videos posted to the devs over a significant timeframe. Nothing has changed. How much proof of a known and fundamental bug does it take before they take reparatory measures?

As much as possible until they can consistently reproduce the bug. Can you please link me those videos? Id like to join the bug hunt too but havent seen any proof of it for quite a while

Its not a regular bug. Its an anomaly created by inexact coding. All the videos in the world won’t pin point this problem. Only decent coding that recognises the clear distinction between a 3 match and a 4 match will solve this. But its elementary coding.

Apparently the devs coding isnt decent enough. Providing videos that show the actual bug (and a proper bug report) is the first step to make them acknowledge the bug before they start looking into it. atm its not even in the known issue list. You can complain a thousands times, but without actual proof it will get you nowhere.

Anyway im done with this topic. You can help speed up the bug fix process, or you can keep repeating yourself to no avail. Your choice.


The next time I am bored, I will create a new thread with links to the appropriate Delve Strategies in this thread. This one has become a bit cluttered with irrelevant posts (like this one). Just saying.

Any thoughts on what I should call it? I’m thinking Delve Strategies, Tactics and Tips Only.

Gotta run, I’ll start working on it tomorrow. Maybe.


The ignored quad extra turn has always been an issue since I began playing. That’s 2 years of failure to solve the issue. They know its a problem but don’t know why. You can’t hide behind the “video evidence reqd” argument indefinitely to try and disguise the truth that you have lost control of the code. This happens because of the pressure to provide new content (and thus keep endgamers at bay) without bothering to test any of it.

That’s it =)

Never gonna do it again XC