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Delves: Strategies, tactics and tips

I did Sunken Fleet potionless with hoard 134 on the last week of first campaign. It took me about 8 tries I think. I used Maraji Queen, Drowned Sailor, 2x Water Elementals. I would only use Maraji Queen to finish the match or when there was only one alignment for doomskuls and only a few remaining green and skulls really far from each other. I don’t remember if I got any lucky kills with deathmark.

Warrens I tried for like 3 weeks, raising the hoard to 171 and the closest I got was killing Trickster and Bunnicorn on boss room. I don’t know if I was using 2x Bunnicorns, Luna, Bunnicorn or Bunnicorn, Lapina, Luna, Bunnicorn as I was always trying with one of these. Eventually I gave up and did with potions.


That’s Sea of Sorrow, not Sunken Fleet, mate.

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You’re totally right, my bad :sweat_smile:

But if you see @TheFarmer , my Hoard Stats were at least (about) right! Just forgot that the “luck” portion of my post should have said “hope for a free deathmark kill, hope for the board to be in your favor for initial mana and skull match-ups, hope the enemy doesn’t get the same” :joy:


Anyone have a good dark pits pure faction team? I’ll be doing it next Tuesday.

If with Potions then it won’f matter too much, but I got it done with the legendary up front for skull reduction, Rattigar, and then two Hex rats.

I tried it with rattigar and a hex rat up top, for the cursing on skulls, but it was too fragile, I found.

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Good tip. I did a few runs today potionless to get the feel. I need something better lol

I can’t speak for anybody else. But for me?

When I’m working on a delve with a faction team at Level 500, I pump a handful of treasures into the hoard every day. Usually the low-end stuff, but I try and grow the hoard by a level a day, maybe a few levels with the higher-rarity treasures once a week or so. I know it’s not the “optimal” way to do things, nor is it particularly cost effective, but it works for me and feeding a hoard is part of my morning routine.

And I don’t stop growing the hoard until one of two things happens. Either I defeat the delve with the faction team and no longer have a reason to pump stuff into it. Or I reach that subjective point where I make the determination that my failures aren’t a stat-based thing but a “luck” thing – i.e., losing to sky-falling skulls – or a “strategy” thing. And if it’s the latter, I pause adding to the hoard until I determine if my new approach is viable.

My hoard in The Warrens is at 297 because that’s where it was when I finally beat the blasted thing. I had a small number of previous attempts at lower numbers make it to the boss room and two of them even get to a “next skull hit wins” situation before failing, but never regularly enough for me to stop feeding it.

My hoard in City of Thieves is at 295 for the similar reasons. I kept feeding it because it was too necessary (in my opinion) to have raw stats on my side even if I got a room configuration I could work with.

My hoard in Werewoods is at 265, again for similar reasons.

In the delves I’ve completed with a faction team, most of them are in the 150-200 range.


Hell Gate saga continues. I don’t know if I’m quite ready to call Hell Gate the worst delve, but it’s definitely in the running.

Bonestorm in first and last room with zero skull damage mitigation or healing is brutal. Currently at 331 True Hoard and it’s by no means a guarantee that I’m going to make it out of the first room with all 4 troops. Easy access to Death Mark should put this delve in the category of Silver Metropolis, where all you need is that one lucky run, but with so many potential lucky runs are cut short by skulls, it could take forever for the planets to align. No, I haven’t forgotten that half of the boss room is immune to Death Mark, I just haven’t gotten to the point where that’s the thing stopping me.

My best guess is that this one’s going to need bumped to 265 (397 TH) but that could still be overly optimistic.


Does anyone have a good were woods pure faction team?

Werebird / Werebird / Werecat / Torbern

It’s a pain in the rear, though — definitely one of the hardest, and even with this team’s basic strategy being “only cast really opportunistically, and try to win by skull-bashing instead” you’ll still likely be screwed over by RNG.

Lycanthropy might actually be your friend for this one, though, because you can (perhaps) get the opponent into forms that can’t transform, cleanse, and heal as often :man_shrugging:

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Thank you my friend

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Conjecture confirmed!

(With the caveat being that this person, it being a Tuesday, was likely using potions anyway…)

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Anyone have a mirror halls pure faction team?

You only need to have a good troop in the middle room to copy with Doppelganger. It’s easy to do without potions with a good copied troop.

Easy… but time-consuming. Or so says the guy who beat the thing potion-less thanks to the Dwarven Gate. (1 hour, 15 minutes or so in the Boss room with the darned thing and a Mirror Queen as his primary damage dealer.)

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Most people seem to like using Doppelgänger, but on two separate accounts without Kingdom Level boosts or a Hoard leveled past 100 (so True Hoard of 100, right?) I beat it just by spamming Copycats and Mirrored Queens.

I like it because this way you can avoid having your badass copied troop be copied and make the enemy harder, and/or avoid killing yourself on their reflects if your strategy involves an attack booster like Fenrir.

The trick is just attrition, and smart replacing of yourself, and patience.

If you lose your queens just quit — you need the reflect. If you lose copycats, you can get them back, so don’t despair.

Eliminate their sources of reflect first, and as soon as you’ve done that, you’ve won. Because all that’s left is to slog your way through ever-weakening copycats :joy:


I went with Doppelganger strat and 1st thing i’ve got in middle was Gluttony room… rest was just “munch munch munch”

Epic win for me copying venoxia. Pulled it off potionless hoard 140 and kingdom 15. It was crazy. I was able to cast venoxia enough to get them all dead but venoxia. He cast once and got everyone but copy cat and mirror queen. He only had 180 health. I knocked him down with mirror queen to 20 health. He cast and killed my last 2 troops. He died from reflect. And the verdict was?


I have never won with no troops on the board. Insane.


I had it happen once in Warrens. In the penultimate room their last troop died from reflect while skull-killing my last troop and it counted as victory; couldn’t enter boss room, though, because the game kept insisting I must select at least one troop to take into battle or something along those lines.