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Delves: Strategies, tactics and tips

has anyone cleared the new delve with pure faction?

3x T7 with hoard 200 + 50% - failure;
Additional T7 lead to success (with a team of four Judges).
Tomorrow I’ll try potionless, but it feels like certain pain in certain bodily region waiting to strike.

Skull reduction - none. Stat gain - none. Backup summon - none. Board control - errm…I’d also settle on a verdict of - none (too unpredictable and unreliable to be considered otherwise).


Done it with 3 × Judge of the Dead and Charonas. Hoard level 133 with Maugrim Woods at 14. Bought tier 7 around 8 times. I failed 5 or 6 times before I done it you really just need to pray to avoid skulls.


First go with potions, 155 Hoard, (actually that’s wrong, I had a go with 111 hoard first) 5 x 7 (as the first room I could try faction was Bulettes and Goblins, so did another with normal team).
3 Judges and a Lemure, but still had to beat the Goblins.

As for trying potionless, I think we are going to need 200+ hoard and no exploders, lame, brittle troops designed to be skybashed…Restricts your choices, anything that explodes or changes the board = a win for the designers (note how they are all veering towards this).

Oh and those new doomskulls = potionless PF needs to be done before they arrive… imho ofc :slight_smile:


I’d agree with you. With those new doomskullls, the days of clearing moat, if not all, PF runs with hoard 100 are going to be pretty much effectively over.

If the increased damage isn’t enough, the mana fills off the larger explosions for the AI side will be the nails in the coffin on those runs.

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Hell Gate was a painful delve.

10 purchases of Tier 7, hoard 111, 50% faction bonus. Judge, Fury, Judge, Charonas. 3x nysha medals.

I don’t see many teams with Fury, but I prefer her over a third Judge. Gaining mana is slow, so I didn’t find having a third one helpful. If I couldn’t match for Judge or cast him, Id fill or cast Fury and hopefully death mark works. Also match all skulls. If souls are maxed, don’t bother casting Charonas unless there is no other move, his explosion doesn’t help much and can backfire with skulls.

Legendary room was brutal. If it’s Glaycion, focus Fury on him and take him down asap. Submerge room… may as well restart.


6x Potions of Power, Hoard 180, 50% Faction bonus.

I used 3x Nysha and a full team of Judges. Took me many tries, but eventually got it. Judges are great for the damage, I feel like the other troops are risky, but can of course help if the RNG gods seem it appropriate.

Glad to have this one done with potions.

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i finished mine with 9 t7 pots… very luck based… im glad i reached the boss with 3 troops and the enemies didnt get skull cascade

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Tried different setups:
1x charonas 3x judge
1x chaornas 1x fury 2x judge

wasn’t able to brake it in 5 tries on 6xT7/7xT7

Ended up beating it with:
2x fury 2x judge

As for hoard → i always push my hoard to quality 10 and it pushes hoard level above 100. This time ended up with hoard 109. But, also used some deeds to make maugrim woods lvl 15, before going for it.

also 2x Nysha+ 1x Anu for boss room? (not sure)

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Still working on it. Ran for a week or so at 166 hoard to see if there was any chance, but will be bumping it up to 199 soon - haven’t made it to final room with more than 2 survivors.

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a guildmate completed non event, she got her hoard level to 430 tho…

I won a pure faction run at 500 in Stonesong Eyrie! Hoard level 111, kingdom 15, team was Harpy Mage, Xochi, Harpy, Xochi. Is there an existing current strat written up for this delve, or should I tell my story here? Happy to share if it’s helpful to anybody.

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I did it in the event, but have had a few goes potionless. I fear it will need more hoard than we want to spend. I think what I will do with this one is leave it and restock treasures, do the next one as it looks a bit easier, then do this after.

I can’t see it being done without potions sub 200. Just had 3 goes at 199 and literally no chance with the middle rooms, skull generators and you can’t survive 2 skull hits sometimes, even at hoard 199 vs undead, who have a bonus this week.

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I’d be interested in hearing it. Only just started attempting pure faction with no potions. I’ve done all seeing eye and crypt keepers so far.


I did it at 250 with basic potions. Not going any further than that I’m afraid.

I tried different team setups (with aforementioned 199 hoard + 50%):

4x Judge
Charonas/3x Judge
double Charonas/double Judge
one of each
Charonas/double Judge/Fury
Charonas/double Judge/Lemure

I bet you can guess the result.

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Damn! Is that 430 base hoard or with kingdom bonus? Either way, that’s a lot of heffalumps.

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Yes please : ). This is my last one and frustrating as hell. I am at 267 True hoard and not even close to victory.

Today RNG was on my side with insta-kills, but they always summoned another Harpy NEXT turn. They did it like 6+ times. Then I rage-quitted. LOL :angry:

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Stonesong was my last faction done at the time, back in November. I did in my second try with hoard 100 and only 25% bonus from the kingdom (only realized it after I finished it, lol). The boss room took me 2 hours and 5 minutes. It was the most stressful thing I’ve done in this game.

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Gratz. Persistence and patience paid off for you.