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Delves: Strategies, tactics and tips

First attempt with hoard 111+50%; the same team and medal setup as @TheIdleOne mentions, but with Abyssal (+2 purple/+1 red/-1 yellow) banner instead.
In the boss room, I mostly focused on Nyar’Mel just for safety’s sake.

Originally planned to go with Deep Smith but, after more thinking, chose double legend. Smith is really the odd man out. Him doing ordinary damage while Nyar’Mel goes true damage does not seem like a good synergy; add to it that - either damage, or buff armor, with your damage being less than enemy armor gain and your armor gain not being that significant because you rely on barriers from Golem whenever possible…he’d be just holding everybody back.

I guess hoard level 100 is entirely doable, no need to go further for those who prefer as low hoard as possible.


100 + 50% hoard - Anu, 2x Nysha


Imagine if every faction could had at least 1-2 usefull troops to use. This one had 3.


Duergaroth Pure Faction 500 with No Potions
Hoard 100 with 50% bonus
2 Nysha & 1 Anu (would probably just go 3 Nysha if I had a 3rd)
Pet at Legendary

I went with 1 of each

I failed at attempt #1 running into 2nd room with Respawning Dragons. This was my 2nd attempt.


Yep, not a bad faction at all. Troops are reasonable, there’s a strategy, it’s not stupid…

100 hoard, 50% Karakoth, 1 Nysha/Mos/Anu, Abyssal Banner
Deep Golem
Deep Dwarf
Nyar 'Mel x2
No Potions (Gold Deep Dwarf for my twice weekly gold elite and a bronze Deep Golem)

(no real issue if you use Deep Smith, except if you lose a Nyar 'Mel, you probably will struggle with killing their Deep Golem without true damage).

The real key imho for me is when you cast Mel, make sure Deep Golem has a barrier. I lost my first go to having a stunned deep golem and a double sky fall hit it. If you lose Deep Golem, the task is much harder.

Congrats to the Devs for providing workable troops this time. :slight_smile:

So back to all -1 potionless. I am not doing the Labyrinth because it’s a stupid waste of time and resources. If I get 20 Sacred Treasures, 1 day I may try it. :slight_smile:


Am I just really unlucky, or stupid? I did every single room on every level, except for one pure faction run on 300, and yet I had to buy the last tier 3x just to have enough sigils to get to 500. Never missed a raven or lost a battle. :man_shrugging:

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I think the general rule of thumb is 3 x potions of power, 100% win rate and no missed Valravens = will always complete. I do every room, all the way, except following a Valraven on that run, and the next run after getting one, when past about 420.

I might have been able to finish today with 2 potions of power, I think you generally end at 490 with 2, but I lost 1 battle in my runs, and did the faction via a daily at 310. So, it might have been possible to do it with 2. I have 2 left having finished it.


So then how is it possible for people to have done this with no potions? Therein lies my confusion.

I did 500 in the event and then did a daily sigil without potions at 500 (you don’t get potion stats there of course). Only second time I’ve completed it with potions to then do another run as a daily without (although I didn’t do the Labyrinth without potions). That’s how people will do it without potions, and why I post an image with no stat boosts as proof. :slight_smile:

For the other 25, I stopped at between 200 and 470 and did all of them potionless eventually on my dailies, days, weeks later etc. For 95% of the factions, I never bought more than T5/6. You can’t finish the event without buying at least 2 potions of power, 3 normally. You can use 2 potions of power, use 3 dailies, 2 to complete 480 and 490 normal potionless and then a 3rd daily pure potionless. I think that’s the minimum possible expenditure.


This round I actually purchased Tier7 x6 for the weekend event.
I knew I wouldn’t have much free time to play with work on Friday, lot’s of time training for a half ironman coming up, & the Super Bowl. I played the event through 490. Along the way I did Pure Faction outside the event, with my daily sigils for 100 & 200 on Friday & 300 on Saturday. Then I did 400 in the event to see how much easier it would be with Potions. Also when I reached full rewards from the event, that is the point where I stopped doing all battles and just rushed the 3 battle route the rest of the way to save time.

Then I wanted to try and tackle 500 Pure Faction outside the event, with out potions because it seemed doable.


Ok, managed to clear it at the hoard level I gave earlier - 243 + Kindgom 15. Duergarath was a slam dunk, so I’m back to all delves cleared without potions.

It really is all about the Horned Guardian in the last room. I had made it to the final room a few times before, but it always became an HG vs HG stalemate. The time that I cleared it, I focused all damage on their HG and held off on casting King Minos so HG would stay in the first spot for skulls. Rest of my team got thrashed on as a result - ended up with only my HG alive against all 4 of theirs, but their HG was only a couple of hits from death. After I got those in, it was just a slow relentless slog to keep barrier up and skull bash the rest of the team. That’s how nasty HG is - can eventually take down 3 L500 direct damage troops by itself.

Team was Mechataur, Horned Guardian, Mechataur, King Minos (Labyrinth banner, 3x Cedrics) at the start, since 3 seemed to be the optimal number of casts to expect from Rhinotaur in the first room in order to rotate HG back to the front. Starting with HG in the lead usually led to longer periods of stalling and eating skulls so as not to kill Rhino too quickly. Middle rooms were Glaycion and Bulettes - not optimal, but there aren’t really any great room sets in Labyrinth, so you just get used to them.

In the final room, I would rather have had HG and 3x Mechataur, since I didn’t want to cast Minos unless my HG had already moved their HG out of the lead. I don’t think I would have made it through the middle rooms without Minos, though.


For context, what are your base stats? i.e. the value shown when you tap the portrait at the top left of the screen.

e.g. mine’s showing
43 Attack / 32 Magic / 81 Life / 68 Armor


I once tried to slam dunk on an 8 ft rim. I’m 6 ft on a good day, with a 2 in vertical…almost broke my wrist, those rims are hard…

Anyway, maybe not the best idea to attack The Iron Gate on Dwarf Week:

Undaunted, I press the attack…

Victory appears to be a “slam dunk” when “oh no”, chat server failure is often followed by a swift kick back to the loading screen…

Muahaha, I have you now:

A few tips which may have been hit on by others:

 Sky Fall skulls are almost assured, so I tried to always have Golem barriered
 And Luck (or a bad ai) helps...ai passed on 4 skull matches for some reason
 First attempt had Wraith in middle room.  Golem died from Deathmark

Active Guild bonus from GW week were +2 Magic, +4 Life, and +8 Armor.
Campaign Artifact at Lvl 8 (and I said I wasn’t going to do those anymore).
Pet at Lvl 5 due to lack of food.
Hoard at 111 to compensate for lack of food and medals (Cedric and two seasonal).

Boss room took about 28 minutes. I imagine Full team would have been quicker.


For context, what are your base stats?

Base stats are end game - 52 attack, 37 magic, 92 life, 80 armor. The next major hoard jump to 265 would get you pretty close to the same. To be clear, though, I beat it after many failed attempts at that hoard level, so matching numbers is no guarantee.

For future reference, this was during week 9 of a campaign, so artifact gave an additional 6 attack, 4 magic, 15 life, 10 armor. No stats from medals - used 3x Cedric in order to clear Silence as quickly as possible.


After some days of stressful runs, its finally done.
231 hoard + 50%, 3x nysha and artefact lvl 9

Btw, one question that i cannot answer is “why the leafstorm didn’t happened on final battle?”


Endorsing Gluttony strategy in Mirrored Halls PF 500.
Started with Golem, Dopple, Copycat, Mirror Queen. Occularen banner (in prep for Gluttony)
Middle room Dark Cabal (Gluttony · Sacrificial Priest · Dokkalfar · Medea)
Exited 2nd room** with Spider Swarm, Gluttony, Giant Spider, (none)
Boss room is pretty much hope for the best devours, and keep summoning troops to block. 3rd devour worked on enemy Mirror queen, after which Gluttony is buffy enough to carry the battle.
Hoard 127, Kingdom 14, Skills showing 33 Magic on hero page (Campaign week 10).

** I tried at times to keep Mirror Queen (slot 4) or Dokkalfar (slots 1, 3) alive, but they wouldn’t survive.

Also managed Amanithrax today, something like try #35. Hoard 146, Kingdom14. 4x Gobtruffle, lucky spawns with the 3 middle rooms.


Love the strategy and congrats. I have done maybe 50 tries at Mirrored Halls, but I have never seen Gluttony in the middle room. Recently I seem to see Dragonsoul with Baby Dragons a lot.

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The one time I cleared it, I ended up copying Lamia which with the low mana cost helped shred the enemy with very frequent charm. And later on when no one was adjacent to each other, if the computer did summon someone, she was live again to keep up the strong damage.

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i also agree, i’ve been on it for a month and i havent seen gluttony,
it’s either RNG hates us or it’s been removed?

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Given I just encountered it 24 hours ago, “removed” doesn’t seem to be the case

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