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Delves: Strategies, tactics and tips

I’m all for making it something of use.

I know it’s part of the common/rare/ultra rare/epic/legendary/mythic system throughout the game, but 5% is useless to hoard level because of the additional attachment of XP and failure rates.

You can use a common troop in T3 pvp -Thrall/Bogstrider/Guardians etc.

You can use common ingots to make rare ingots to make other ingots etc.

Coin purse - maybe convert to something usable.

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That’s why its worth having more than one Chief Dargon on the team. You’re almost expected to lose at least 1 in the boss room.

I absolutely despise Setauri since I get enough sky skulls in a delve run, but some people swear by it.


It comes down to the bonuses for me. With 4 unique troops I get 23 Attack, 3 Magic, 6 Life, and 52 Armor. If I drop down to 3 unique troops, I get 11 Attack, 3 Magic, 6 Life, and 29 Armor. That’s a loss of 12 Attack and 23 Armor just to have an extra Chief Dargon. I don’t consider it worth the loss, considering that if I play it right, I won’t lose Chief Dargon at all, or at the very least, I’ll have him going into the Boss room, and I’ll have enough Attack boosted that it won’t matter to have a second one.

(I also never cast Setauri though – unless I can create the max 14 skulls and there’s already 12+ on the board and I’m desperate.)

So early notes:

  1. Tinker Town pure faction is stupid. lol (attempted and beat 100 + cleared all rooms, no potions)
  2. The game loves to get me stuck with Detect-o-Bots that refuse to self-destruct.
  3. 15% feels like 80% or 5% (arbitrary numbers). doesn’t feel like 15%

I’m very likely going with

Tink Steamwhistle
Tinker Banner

You just get stuck with Detect-o-bots, so there’s no point in running one.

You just get stuck with useless troops, so having 2 Tinks will leave you less slots to work with.

I doubt I’ll change my mind later, but we’ll see.


I was thinking initially that running two Tinks might be best for security, depends on the room layout and whether the AI focuses a single Tink I guess. Problem is if we lose Tink we’re absolutely screwed.

(Over 2.5h and no official thread for this faction? … )

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Update data with Tinker Town.

Don’t have to play it first to put it in Medium, as stats don’t matter much here, just make sure your Tink survived while thiers didn’t.

Kinda suck that Tink also heal himself, so battle will take forever, but your risk of losing is low, especially with 2 Tink on your side.


I’ve done Silver Necropolis at Hoard 100, no potion, no faction upgrades. Min hoard 150 isn’t necessary, just helpful


I used 10k shards today.

The first 1k shards got me 0 ST and 1 Lamp, I think…no screen shot to prove it.

The next 9k: 9 ST, but only 6 more Lamps. I’m not complaing, Fortune favored me today (not in GW tho).

+9 Legendary, +9 Epic, +22 Ultra, +26 Rare Tinker Town Troops.

This art reminds me of the WoW Dungeon, with the parachutes that never opened for me. I fell many times to my death. (They worked, I was too heavy). Healz be praised for all the revives.

Edit: iirc, I used 1 Cup, 40 Crowns and 4 Lamps to get hoard to 100. That leaves me with 10 ST, 27 Lamps, and a bunch of Crowns to upgrade other delve hoards that I have remaining: Werewoods, Fang Moor, Lyrasza’s Lair, Sunken Fleet, and Stonesong Eyrie…but I hates them all. Any gold made this delve weekend will go into guild.

Screw the hoards, I prefer this Horde of ours.

Wouldn’t the best strategy be to kill their top troop first to allow low lv summon take its place?

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True Hoard question

  • Does that include Kingdom bonuses? So Level 14 with Hoard 100 is true hoard 150?
  • How many levels of hoard does a potion of power equal to, roughly? +7/+7/+7/+7
    I guess you’ll have to speak separately to that, since real hoard levels don’t increase all stats equally

they’ll blow themselves up… hopefully.

Did 300 with no potions Hoard 199, 50% faction bonus…

it wasn’t too bad with 3 Smash-o-bots. Tink was never in danger since its really easy to fill Tink to keep buffing itself with the Smash-o-bot exploder.

started with 3 Smash-o-bots, Tink Steamwhistle

entered the 3rd room with Detect-o-bot, Smash-o-bot, Destruct-o-bot, Tink Steamwhistle

entered boss room with Destruct-o-bot, Smash-o-bot, Smash-o-bot, Tink Steamwhistle

Enemy Tink resummons weaker summons. I’m rather interested in trying 500 with no potions. I don’t think I’ll struggle…

Edit: beat it at 500 with potions. absolute joke.

Almost had it in my 1 attempt with no potions, but the AI’s Detect-o-bot loop fed Destruct-o-bot twice in the boss room, casting triple damage back to back, killing my Tink before it could cast (Destruct casted, I filled Tink, Destruct casted again. Destruct does 405 damage, and my Tink had 401 hp after the first cast.)

Middle rooms are a joke as long as you have Smash-o-bots to spare.


Oh no… The * part accidentally got cut off from last time. Sorry.
But yes, all bonus was included. For Hoard 100 with Kingdom level 14, It’s True Hoard 150.

As magic is the most important one, One Power Potion is around +77 True Hoard Level. It’s very powerful, that’s why potion-less run is very different. Most of the time, with lots of potions, skull-spamming become an option, when it won’t be otherwise.

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I’m sure this is doable on hoard 100. I will find out in a couple weeks I guess.

So what’s the verdict on this delves’ all faction team? Is this a “Doable without potions save yourself ~2000 gems delve” or is it a “Just save yourself the frustration and do it with potions delve”?

So to even reach level 500 during a faction event, one would need 5 or 6 buys of T7, which is by that metric, at least 385 more hoard levels, for a total approaching 500 or more! Thanks for the clarification.

EDIT: Just to clarify that it’s been pointed out that only 2x T7 buys are required most times at 11 Valravens, sometimes it may take a 3rd T7 buy

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Remember harpy faction?
I’m currently at level 300…and somehow feel that this might be even worse than those cursed hags - painful summons galore and not even a chance a lucky of insta-kill.

Definitely doable without potions

I’ll have 5 sigils going into level 350 – 3 more Sat and Sun, so 11 sigils left. That would put me at level 470 with zero sigils. If I encounter two ravens in the next 11 sigils (or actually 2 ravens in the next 13, since the first raven will give me 2)… then that’s 4 more sigils, which would easily allow me to finish level 500. I’ve purchased Tier 7 only 3 times. I always clear every room, every floor. Also I missed a raven, so it’s possible you could get away with only 2 Tier 7 purchases, but I doubt it.

If you power through straight to the boss though every floor, you’ll need to spend a TON of gems on Tier 7. I did that a bit ago for Lyrasza’s Lair and I ended up buying Tier 7 like 8 times just for the sigils to reach 500.

After two hours at level 300 potionless I give up.
I’m not usually one to use harsh words, but, @Saltypatra and @Kafka, have you even played this delve?
If anybody thought Harpies were pain in the backside - that was nothing compared to this. Tinker Town is absolutely the stupidest thing I have ever seen in this game.