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Delves: Strategies, tactics and tips

9 power potions later…I might try again someday if the Bunny isn’t random. Nah, I’m done with Warrens. They just made the list. I should’ve sat this one out.

Edit: I just realized reknown is still at 2120…I didn’t have enough pet food anyway, and thought 9 potions would be enough. 8 failed runs later…Nasty Lupinases, we hates 'em all. And Elvses…


Yup. An exercise in pain. No 24 hour faction event is worth the time or gem investment (cash either). This mode is obscene from every angle.


Werewood worst delve ever?

4 rooms delve until you reach the end room thats already a challenge in faction only games. But this combiend with the impossibility of deck building because of the wild transforming of units make it in my eyes to the biggest lottery delveuntil now.

I started at 100 without Beastmaster and begin of the 3rd delve I had 4 torbens as deck:(

With this faction only team nearly doesn t matter but how you start the faction only?

BTW if I get the 500 I will play lottery and expect I have a nice chance to th jackpot :=)


Im still thinking of what I want to use for 500, but early teambuilding suggests never casting the first troop


yes sounds a good idea i think i will test this at 200
would be happy if u share your experience

Non faction i use

Mountain crusher, gob truffle * 2, Yasmines Pride

Well… I beat 100 and 200 without potions first try, but I have 199 Hoard, 50% faction bonus, all troops medaled, Snowball and Owlbunny maxed. Not really relatable to most…

On 100, I tried Werebear in the first slot. Wasn’t very happy with it as even with Enrage, it eventually transformed and kinda got stuck as Torbern for awhile. At some point top slot transformed again (I think back into Werebear), but then died to Death Mark anyways. Werebird was in second slot and helped lead to the idea of the 200 team…

On 200, I used:

Beastmaster Torbern
Beastly Banner (+2R, Gr, -Bl)

Having all 4 troops gives a huge amount of stat bonus, but its not like the game is going to let you keep it lol.

4 Werewoods troops: 4 Life, 3 Attack (no pet)
4 Urskaya troops: 18 Life, 6 Attack (max pet)
4 Beast troops: 12 Life, 6 Attack (max pet)
Kingdom Team Bonus 4: 21 Life, 9 Armor, 3 Attack (max pet)

Its a bit insane.

My 3x Medaled Werebird has 67 Attack before Delve bonuses (or potions). Hunter’s Mark lets it do 2x skull damage on hit.

So yeah, if you’re a sucker like me who gets skyfall skulls up the wazoo, it’ll do its job.

Only problem is that it has no skull protection, so potions will at least give you 25% skull reduction.

The only interesting observation I can give:

Werecat does 3x damage when there’s 13 or more Red Gems (duh). If you’re in a lucky universe where a Torbern cast can set you up with 13+ Red Gems without getting you killed AND Werecat is full, you can pretty much do some big damage AND loop until it transforms itself. Good for situational emergencies, I guess.

The least needed troop is probably Torbern, but its also nice to have at least one available. Werebear has the least amount of synergy with the team, but sometimes its nice to be able to reset a board. (think skulltrapped)

I’m not overly in love with the banner, but outside of +2 Red, I really don’t know what I want. I’ve considered Meteor Banner too due to how often I need to deal with Torbern, but then I have to test if -Purple is worth it.

Edit: I’m also contemplating if its possible to bruteforce the delve with 3x Werebirds + 1 Torbern.


Beat 300 with no potions. That was some scary stuff.

Werecat transformed in room 1 as I used it to pick off room 1’s last troop. Never got it back lol.

At one point I had Werebird, Werebird, Werebear, Werebird. … 15% transformation is surprisingly hard to transform sometimes.

Room 3 was Morterra, Necrezza, Grave Seer, Medea. Yikes. Skull storm can be scary.

Lost slot 1 to the 4th room vs Hellhound, Warg, Hellcat, Barghast due to targeted damage and a few too many skull hits. Luckily, my unlucky 2nd slot never transformed, and I had a bird ready to continue brute forcing.

Went into the last room with Werebird, Torbern, Torbern.

Killed off Werebear before it could explode. It then dawned on me that I don’t want to be hit by their Werebird’s skull attack at all. Thankfully, their Werebird transformed into Torbern. Unlucky for me, it managed to get a sky skull cascade and killed my 2nd bird as Torbern. Better than a sky skull cascade as the bird and wiping out 2 troops.

Lucky for me, my 3rd slot was also a bird at this point (and 4th slot was Torbern) and I carefully made quick work of the rest of their team.

Re: Meteor vs Faction banner. Well, I never had Werecat, so the green would have been a waste. The extra brown was… ok, but the purple loss was annoying too. I think Meteor is still slightly better, but has downsides, so I can understand if people dont run it. Gave Dragon Banner a 10 second thought just to get rid of extra Werebirds faster, but -Brown is a very bad idea.

The team I’ll be using at 500:

Beastmaster Torbern
Meteor Banner


300 Pure Faction Werewoods attempt. Hoard 100 and Urskaya Power Level 15. I purchased Tier7 five times

Similar to @TheIdleOne’s team, putting Werebird upfront and trying to take advantage of Hunter’s Mark with skulls as much as possible.

I’m impressed that you pulled off 300 without Potions.


I cleared level 500 with @TheIdleOne’s team. Hoard level 200, 8 Tier 7 purchases gave me just enough sigils to get there speedrunning every delve. It’s worth noting that I wasn’t using optimal medals because of GW defense.

I won on my third try. Sometimes your conversion alignment works out and you win a match very convincingly; other times you can’t really do anything for 5-10 turns. I definitely think I could have lost many more runs before getting lucky enough.

I spent a lot of time hanging out with a team of full mana Torberns.

Werecat was completely useless in every fight but one, where it randomly soloed the entire enemy team. In my experience, there were almost never 13+ red gems on the board.

This is the worst designed faction yet, but next month’s is even worse, so I’ll save the grumbling for that one.


LVL500 pure faction is a RNG nightmare.

Beat Werewoods Pure Faction 500 with Hoard 199, Faction 50%, 5 Tier 7 (the minimum I needed to reach 500 on Friday), Max Snowball, Max Owlbunny, Legendary Sir Teddy on my first try

3rd room was Wraith, Dark Troll, Spectral Knight. The other route was Skeleton, Grave Seer, Spectral Knight, Xathenos lol. Death Mark during a faction run always makes me nervous. No problem this time.

Not much happened in the first 4 rooms; I ended up transforming my Torbern into a 2nd Bird (in the 3rd slot) and couldn’t get rid of it for a long time.

Entered the boss room with: Werebird, Werebear, Werebird, Werecat

At the boss room, I poked their bird with my second bird and my bird finally transformed back into Torbern. Their bird casted and transformed as well. Their bear got to cast before I could finish it (hard to without a Torbern from the get go) and transformed. I had to deal with 3 Torbern in total lol.

At one point, my 1st slot Bird was Hunter Marked and got stuck in a skull trade, so it died. Between my 2nd slot bear and frequent casting of Torberns, I got a good amount of skull hits while their troops had Hunter Marks on them, limiiting the loss of my Werebird.

Ended the battle with Torbern, Werecat, Werecat.

I thought 500 with potions was slightly easier than the 300 with no potions. Something about doing 150ish attack before the Hunter’s Mark makes it go rather fast.

Still used this team:

Beastmaster Torbern
Meteor Banner

Werecat didn’t get a chance to do magic, just one cast with an extra turn but no loop. Oh well. (I think the team was Torbern, Torbern, Werecat at that point).

Intermediate tip: Just like Xerodar, look carefully on the board for decent Torbern casts. It doesn’t need to be an extra turn as long as it doesnt leave skulls available for the AI to take (think multiple 3 matches of skulls). I wouldn’t cast Torbern without an extra turn for only red mana and no skull hits though.

Edit: I never did explain why I have the team this way…

Werebird: Hunter’s Mark gets applied before the skull hit, meaning its always doing double skull damage unless the enemy has Impervious which is rather rare in the routes you’d normally take.

Werebear: Reset bad boards, no color conflict with Torbern or Werebird

Beastmaster Torbern: Skull spam enabler, placed in the first possible spot without color conflict that isn’t front line so its available to cast as soon as possible. You never know when a good cast shows up.

Werecast: Even though its colorblocked, it’ll fill from enchant or overspill from Torbern conversions. It doesn’t cast very often, but its good to have one so you’ll have it ready if the stars ever align.

Meteor Banner: +2 Red because it matters, +1 Brown because in theory you fill Torbern the most on the team.


I went back to a half finished level 500 pure faction run of Wild Court with no potion after finishing Werewoods for funsies. Funny how a little bit of extra magic in delves goes a long way.

Started the 3rd room with 1 Wild Knight, 1 Wendigo (Rat Banner). Finished with just 1 Wild Knight casting for 45 stat gain at a time.

Hoard 100, no faction stat bonus, Wild Knight not medaled, 2 Nysha Medal, 1 Anu Medal for room 3 and 4, nothing before then

Feels weird getting 0 renown for that.


That about says it all. You spent 1000 gems for +49 to all stats (right now I have +21), 99 extra stats distributed from Hoard level 199 (vs most people’s 100), and medaling up the troops…

That’s what’s needed to beat the pure faction. Ridiculous.

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For what its worth, 5 Tier 7s is only +35 to all stats, not +49. I probably could have done it with 3 Tier 7s had I waited a bit longer to get free sigils.

The medal stats don’t really add much for this delve. Stats on Torbern that I didn’t need, Attack and Magic on Werecat that didn’t get used much. Werebird’s medal bonus was 2 attack, 2 life, 2 armor, 4 magic, magic which it didn’t need and some very minor stat amounts. Werebear gained a good amount of stats, but it transformed before it ever became relevant. Many people should be able to medal Werebear and Werebird if they wanted to.

Stopping at Hoard 100 is a choice, stopping at Hoard 199 was my choice. My “lucky” number.

If anything, its that 50% faction stats that makes a big difference… except for magic.


hahaha, epic all faction team battle level 300.


Well I am trying faction 500 with horde 100 and I am getting nowhere. Some troops need to transform when health starts to dwindle but they just won’t do it lol. 4 torbern ? Pfft. Is this meant to be faction progress? More games to fight, appalling troops that have a built in mechanic to block each other as soon as potions wear off and you cast them. Its high time that a senior dev came in here and started to justify this kind of “design”. And where is the gold? Less than ever from chests. Another not so secret nerf. If I was a dev I would be ashamed.


Which is basically what the devs intended with delves. They want you to spend your gold on your hoard so that you have less gold for guild tasks. Which is exactly what they want, especially since they nerfed gold earnings in recent updates. They hope this will increase purchases in the shop (with real money of course, 'cause that is what every update since 3.1 or so have been about)…

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I see that but it is a complete u turn regarding their original plan to make delves more manageable. Delves aren’t that important to me as far as temptation to throw massive gold at my hoard or to farm a faction to boost treasure troops etc which are needed to do so. How much delve do they expect us to play? Its probably the most disliked mode in the game and with good reason. I can’t wait until there are no more delves to infuriate us with. That will be a happy day for me and my solitary maxed pet. Today’s attempt is looking futile with my stats particularly when I have no idea what troops I will actually end up with if I am lucky enough to get even close to victory. So far I’ve made boss fight once with 2 torberns lol. Horrendous


Werecat can be useful, but usually once in a run :). Of course Torben transformed to cat :roll_eyes:.
5x Tier VII and 196 true hoard. :dizzy_face:


Well done to all who Max this. A moment ago it was looking good in fight 2. Safe torben quad cast for B/R then bang. Extra turn ignored, game over.