Delve chest pulls archive


Hoard Quality: 10
Multiplier: 3.65
Delve: 30
Chest Level: 4


wow, congrats! :open_mouth: You got the jackpot!


@Ashasekayi that is awesome and will certainly help with levelling those legendary weapons :+1:



Level 10 chest

8 mythic
8 legendary
117 shards
30k gold


Forgot what my multiplier was, but I got 168 Chaos Shards from a level 10 chest.



Hoard level 10



Hoard Quality: 10
Multiplier: 2.8
Delve: 20
Chest Level: 9

Hoard Quality: 10
Multiplier: 2.75
Delve: 20
Chest Level: 9


Some of my best work - Hoard Level 9! :rofl::bomb:


Hoard level doesnt help anything if you dont beat the boss room :stuck_out_tongue:


Why Runeforger can I just ask?


It might be different after the explosion change, as I haven’t used it since then.

But, I prefer(ed) it to Mountain Crusher because of the extra damage and barrier busting potential. I found mana and cascade generation wise it performed on par with MC in mostly brown teams.


Ah okay, thank you :slight_smile:

I think the first mythic I’m going to upgrade will be dragon’s eye as I don’t have DB yet. Although I’m holding back for now to see if any other weapons might be worth it. I want to build something interesting and viable thats non-meta.


I meant Quality level 9 - shouldn’t that still apply when opening the chest?


It only applies when you beat the final roomimage

In your pic your chest level is 1


Chest level is different from Hoard Quality.

Hoard Quality will (should) still give better rewards when comparing chests of the same level, should it not? Or does it just give better rewards (souls, gold, glory) from beating rooms?

Regardless, I posted only because I found receiving only 5 shards hilarious. :wink:


say if your hoard quality is 10, it gives +3 to your chest level after you win the boss battle.
your chest level is 1 before entering the boss room. if you win the final battle, your chest level is boosted to 4. if you run away or lose the final battle, you dont get any bonus from the hoard and your chest level remains 1 and doesnt give better rewards.

not sure if hoard quality gives better rewards per room. but even if it does, it doesnt affect your number of chaos shards


Yes, it is. Hoard Quality multiply 4 of your drop items (Ingot/Soul/Gold/Glory). Shards remain static, as it doesn’t have any multiplier.

Delve Chest Level increase the number of drop items you will get; Delve Chest Level 1 got a single roll, Level 3 got 3 rolls, and Level 10 got maximum 10 items rolls. So increasing your Delve Chest level is the best way to farm Chaos Shards.