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We are full again, but a couple on the bubble. Any messages will have first dibs when we remove the next player.

One spot open

Rank 38 now. One Spot filled, but two on bubble.

We have one opening. Had a few PM from guys below L500 which we are not considering atm. Guild has 36 players above L1000. Still looking for one.

One opening as of this morning.

One Spot open again

New opening for daily player.

One open spot

Hi, Iā€™m interested. My level is 986 and my code is KODIKEA_SGVG

I sent you a PM

Open spot for someone wanting in a good guild for GW. Apply quick for a spot.

Climbed two ranks to 34 this week.

Open spot, we are now bracket 2 in GW.

Bracket 1 :muscle:

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Rank 32 now mate :slight_smile:

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Rank 31 now
New guy is not close to reqs this week. May have an opening soon for daily player.

One opening for daily player
Now rank 30

One opening

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Excellent group, friendly bump.

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