Defying Gravity

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New Epic Troop: Gravitas Gravitas will be available this week for 400 Glory in the shop as well as in Event Chests, and will appear in Glory, Gem, and Guild chests in 3-4 weeks’ time. New Doomed Weapon: Doomed Scripture This week it will be available in both the Tower of Doom shop, and in…

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I love the art for Gravitas!

So what is epic about it?


Given that it inflicts curse after draining mana with a poor damage to boot, not much, but is the par to expect unless it converts gems from one color to the next.

It could have at least been given the paladin boost, but then it’d be good, and we can’t have that.


It’s artwork! :grin:

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Finally, a knight with a normal head…

Champion of Gaard will get jelly for sure.

I know, right? That sword would be at least a +3 in a typical D&D campaign, and that shield is nothing to sneeze at either.

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Why is the “Divine Protector” in the Soulforge in craft?

Cuz the NON craftable weapon of whitehelm is another one (celestial staff), and to reply to your question in another thread still about this, strongly doubt seen who brought it paid 5 dollars/whatevermoneytheyuse to get it like 1 year and half before the ones who are gonna craft it.

Clarification Regarding Craftable Weapons (including a list of those excluded from the forge):

Game developers contradict themselves:
Please be aware that we never intended to make weapons that were purchasable in the 4.99 packs available for free, or with crafting resources. These weapons were all once available for glory, and after that week were not offered for glory again.

Think the DP sale was different from the other weapons on the list, it was the golden era of Ubby and divines (and pretty sure YOU enjoyed use the Ubby meta too thx to it seen you MISSED it the first time it came out) and devs saw a chance to get some coins, it wasnt a whitehelm week when they sold it (no whitehelm event at all on august 2018 according to Taran).

But sure they could refund the sale, remove the weapon from the account so you can craft it and charge for a 1 year and half rent of the one you used all this time at 1 cent a day i guess if that make YOU more happy :3.

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TBH I don’t care, if I paid money for something six+ months ago I’m not upset if suddenly it’s free/easier to get. This happens to me all the time. Nintendo dropped the 3DS price 2 weeks after I bought it. My toaster oven costs about 65% less than it did the day I got it. Sometimes the same model dryer as mine goes on sale for as much as 30% less than what I paid. The stores don’t owe me anything, I’m used to the concept that prices change over time.

In fact I’d like cash-only items to come back as craftable, because then instead of seeing the purchase as, “If I don’t pay $4.99 I will miss some game content” but instead, “If I am willing to wait long enough I can get it for free in a pinch.”

What I wanted out of the concept of a weapon store is something with rotation like Soulforge for crafting and a more vending-machine interface for paid. I honestly don’t give a snot if the game sold every weapon > 12 months old on-demand for $4.99.

I get that it violates the “purity” of the F2P experience but that boat’s left the harbor, so I’d rather talk about friendly ways to monetize the game.


It’s not even for free, it costs a ton of resources. I really wonder why GoW is so utterly incapable of adding resource drains players want to throw their resources at.

Heck, just add a “buy for a hefty amount of cash” option to each weapon in the unowned tab. It’s paying to catch up, not paying to move ahead. If that really smells too much like pay2win, add a cooldown to the money option.

If I’m not mistaken, i think the Slay Bells were on sale also? (Really) feels like I’ve seen them like 3+ years ago on shop? I could be wrong tho, so just take that with a grain of salt.

No clue about that, the “sudden” sale of DP happened a little after i started play, wasnt around 3 years ago.

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For those who don’t know the song:

Defying Gravity