Defenders randomly changing to a different team

Four or five times in the last few days I have logged in to find that my defenders team has changed to a different team in my list. This was happening some weeks ago but then got better - now it seems to have started again. I haven’t pinned it down to what is making it happen - could be when I make a new team near to the time I stop playing but it is annoying to return to the game to find a 0-4 battle log only to find my defense team hasn’t actually been defending. I never use my defenders team in pvp and I definately have not selected ‘defenders’ in error against a different team.
Anyone else having this problem? I am playing on iOS / iPad Air 2

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i think its connected to editing team from within the attacking page, maybe try to not do that

That’s interesting. Editing the defend team from within the PvP page was the only way I got my team to stop changing. Whenever I changed from within “Troops” the change wouldn’t take or stick. I had to change it within PvP & fight a (casual) battle. Don’t know if fighting right after worked, but for me fighting resets stuff, like peering at a player’s defense team or my own from Profile keeps that player’s name as opponent for any battle other than PvP.

this is what i mean to not click:

editing teams from within troop list should work fine and as long as i stick to that i never have my defense changed
but when i edit from the attacking page then my defense gets changed too.

@Annaerith - I think this is the most likely cause as I do edit troops from the pvp page - thanks - I will try and remember not to edit there and see if it stops !
Just an aside tho - sometimes I have made/amended a team in the troop page and when going to the pvp page it has disappeared but hey ho I am pleased to run with your suggestion.

@Annaerith is right :slight_smile:

Ok. I understand now. We were actually saying the same thing. It is when we change defense team from battle screen that defense changes for PvP. @esslee said she never used defense team for attack battles, so she would not have made changes to it in the edit team for battle screen.

I was saying if she wanted to change her defense back to what it should be, she should use the battle edit as that will make that defense team stay what she wants. So we are on the same page, @Annaerith.

Okay, @esslee? :blush:

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you are still a bit confusing me.

the bug occures when you edit any team from within the attacking page.
and honestly i never use my defense team for attacking.

how to change defense back to normal is pretty obvious …

edit: well nvm, yeah
but why would you tell to use the bug to set the defense in a topic where we were still at the point trying to explain/figure out how the bug occures in the first place ? XD that was the confusing part

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Just fyi I am a she :grinning:

I did not realise it was a bug, @Annaerith. When I changed my defense team in Troops, the team would not maintain the change. It was only when I “used the bug” that the team stopped changing. It actually made sense to me to make the changes in PvP battle screen for that particular type of defense battle. I simply don’t know enough about PvP, so I thought I was making a newbie mistake rather than that a bug existed.

My sincere apologies for advising someone to use a bug. ヘ(_ _ヘ)

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just for the record, i edit my defense team in troop list and then i choose the team to defend from pvp defense page :stuck_out_tongue:
never crossed my mind to do it differently xD

It might be this bug? Not sure if it has been fixed.

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Yes @Lyya - pleading guilty to that as well :scream::smile:

happened to me within last 2 days so im sure not fixed