Deathknight armor

When you look at it like that yes not that much difference.

The death knight pack is listed in specials not in the armor menu on PC/mobile. If similar on consumes it may be the source of the confusion.

It’s under “Bundles” on the console to which is the same as Specials on PC (the real money part of the shop outside of gems.)

I believe someone did the math on the value and found that the armor was essentially free given the cost of all the other goodies in the pack. Up to you whether you want to invest $50 in the game, but it’s definitely a good value if you do.

Personally, I spent enough to get to VIP 3 and am content there, but given my playtime it would be easy to justify $50. Certainly played this more than any $60 game since probably Fallout: New Vegas or Dragon Age: Origins, and it’s probably beat those by now.

The other items are particularly necessary though. Be nice to get the armour on its own, for 5 bucks.

Edit: they aren’t particularly necessary.

Here is the breakdown that @Studs mentioned.

And for those just interested in the DK part:

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Yup, I have it. It has been activated.

Any word when the rest of us will get the armour??
@Nex @Mr.Strange @Foresti

not available for me. x1, german store

Same, US store.

We apologize that some of you are still waiting on the Deathknight Armor DLC. Unfortunately, it’s out of our hands as to when it appears in your store. We submit the data to Sony which pushes it live at various times depending on your region.

If you don’t see it in the store currently, it should be available soon. If you don’t see it by, let’s say, Thursday, July 7, let us know.

That’s great for ps4 users but what about the Xbox one users?

Same deal with Microsoft.

Everything the Console developers do is submitted to Sony/Microsoft, who approve and release at their discretion.


It’s Thursday after the Daily reset (if that matters) and the Deathknight Armor Bundle is still not available on the Xbox One.

PS: I opened a ticket with support a couple of days ago about the “Wild Bundle Armor” that I purchased shortly after starting. As Its still listed in my Bundles section of my Store as limit 1 (and has been for months) like it was never purchased. In the past when purchased a limit one item it is removed. I don’t know if this other armor set is interfering or whatnot…

Thanks in advance.

I can almost guarantee that’s not related. It’s like I said earlier: We submit the update data to Microsoft, then they push it to the live servers. I’ve been trying to find out why it’s taking so long, but so far have not heard anything useful back. I’m going to keep bothering people about it, but my fingers remain crossed that it will be appearing on the Xbox store any time now.

what info have you heard?

Nothing useful.

Largely just confirmation that it isn’t on the store, which we already know.

aww, i was hoping for a bunch of text that tl;dr into it is not in stores yet but it should be soon.

I hope it will be this weekend already.

I’ve got good news, and I’ve got bad news: The good news is that I finally heard back on when the Deathknight Armor will be available to Xbox One players. The bad news is that it won’t be available until July 14.

I’m still trying to find out why this happened, and we’re working to see if it can go up any earlier, but for now you can expect to see the Deathknight Armor on July 14.