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Death needs a complete redo

After patch 3.1 Death is simply unworthy of being a mythic.
His spell does very litte damage, both undead and dwarfs are now totally immune to death mark and to add injury to insult, he does not even inflict 3x skull dmg to death marked enemies.



Thanks guildmate, I have now added him to the discussion!

also plz put back the kingdom mark in the lower right corner of the cards.
Now there is no reminder of who is from where.

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Death keeps catching non-active debuffs. Without changing the card itself he got nerfed when Deathmark was changed, and then again when over 30 troops picked up new immunity to him. The fact he actively lost one of his decent traits is really just icing on the cake.

Missing Kingdom Icons looks like a bug report. Not a feature request.

is really sad to notice that the mega death today in the dungeon was still embarassing weak, compared to the mega gard.

Yeah he went down so easy to an Aurai/Rowanne 1,2.

I’m pretty new player and these bosses are not really challenging… But I dont mind, they are as weak as the RNG on their diamonds, they deserve it :slight_smile:

lol, not complaining, mate. Is just that after the patch Death got another nerf, so i was just stating that imho, even if it were to be buffed like its mega version, would still be depressingly weak…

I mean, to be fair, the “buffed” Eternal Death is almost entirely identical to normal Death except for the fact that he steals 3 Life instead of 2 each turn. I don’t understand why they buffed the various bosses so unevenly.


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The description says he casts more often, but his mana cost wasn’t lower and he still took the normal three colors so I’m not sure how… As for his stats, he was pretty close to my Death including all the kingdom bonuses, so that’s noticeably higher than a normal L20.

War needs a rework too. he has no pyromania now, infernal armor is worthless he is not a tank. change it to armored and buff aspect of war from 2 to 3. And i agree Death its a joke.

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Infernal Armour is better when he’s putting burns out, ways to lower opponent health is always helpful.

Also, people need to shift their thinking away from the current mindset that is all front troops require some form of skull damage reduction.

His primary mitigation when running out front is killing opponent troops through big true shot skull damage.

Well he is a Knight so armored for me is better. He already has piercing and arthema is a better piercing troop than him. She uses only 2 colors and explodes gems. Orion has 75% but his spell is worthless.

In general the apocalypse troops need a rework. And it saddens me that are only good on defense, famine its the most all rounder of them.