Death Curse needs to go... at least from guild wars

You might as well just roll a dice to determine the winner…


I think it was @ogunther who actually said it (but lots of us were thinking it), but Guild Wars defenses will quickly settle on griefing defenses – RNG-dependent stuff like devours or death marks – because the AI can’t be trusted to handle anything else reliably.


I agree… a lot of people already do that in normal PVP… Now with guild wars, everyone is going to do it.

Which means that it will make the game a lot less fun, because you’re just being hit with RNG all the time.
Of course, the die hards will love to hate it… but mostly everyone playing for fun will move on.




Death Curse is a daft idea for a trait… just what did people think would happen? Other than it goes straight in at the top of every defence team…


Death Curse can be countered by stun or Dust Devil whereas Deathmark coming from spell cannot…

Before we had 2-truns to save our troops. Now 0… It should be 1 turn at least.


I wish …

I’ve suggested a few months ago to make Death Mark the equivalent of Hunter’s Mark. But not Skull Damage is doubled but spell damage.

But that might be even worse now with Death Knight and Death. Imagine a triggered Death Curse followed by a Crimson Bat cast (or any strong AoE spell). That’s why I was holding my idea back for a while.

EDIT: Regarding RNG in defend teams. I was one of the dudes to try it out shortly after devour was introduced. My defend wins upped from 5-10% to 25%-30% in just one week. Just because I was gambling with insta-death RNG. The team itself was rubbish tho (3x Sand Shark + Acolyte)

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I’m not quite sure how Death Curse is a problem, I see Death all over the place in PvP and his is repeatable. Now Death Mark, the balance of that is worth talking about. But with Wraith and Death and even ol’ Creeping Death kicking around I don’t see how Death Curse itself is problematic.


With mana drain, loop teams, general player-vs-AI superiority, DeathMark from spells is rarely a problem: good ol’ Mythic Death rarely gets to cast.

Wraith and other on-attack DeathMarks are annoying and can spring a DeathMark on you, but that can be avoided, or have a warded or imperv troop in first place.

Problem with Death Curse is it’s pretty much unavoidable, especially in the build limitations trying to get colour bonuses in GW.

E.g. today - a 4x red team all with Impervious or Warded is pretty much unplayable, and will struggle when the defence also has Famine, a weekly-buffed EK, or other strong stuff.

Death Curse can be played around a bit, with Stun, or killing it last - but in a 4 of one colour restricted team?

It’s annoying. It’s not unbeatable, but working around it in the GW environment can make things almost unbeatable. And everyone knows that, which means it is everywhere. Which is even more annoying. Workarounds cost you points. Not working around, you are back to the dice roll, as the OP says.


Total agreement. Deathmark on one troop I can live with. Deathmark on an entire team is garbage. Doesn’t work worth a damn on offense but will insta-kill an entire team on defense. That has got to stop.


Basically Death is no problem (not even taken seriously) for the same reason all other mythics aren’t. Famine exists and counters all other Ai-controlled 20+ mana cost mythics.
So if you see someone outraged over Deadknight but not Death that means he owns Famine.
Without using Famine countering/starving troops like Death in a sustained way takes more effort than it takes to counter Deadknights in general.


Pervasive problem.

Why BoneDragon had to be fixed, but Gard’s Avatar is fine as it is.

Same here.

We want more:

  • strong things that are fun to use, which allow strong combos or quick wins when deployed with skill by a player

We want less:

  • strong things that are no use for the player, but allow the AI to slow or defeat the player through pure RNG silliness or broken mechanics, which soon become ubiquitous as defend teams

Exactly what happened to me in my 5th battle yesterday… Full team wipe before i could do anything…


I know we’re talking about DeathMark but empowered mana drain/true dmg needs to go DIAF too! 3x Spirit Fox, whilst annoying but beatable in standard PvP is simply holy hell against mono-color GW teams. It’s giving me an ulcer :confused:


Deathmark is in a tricky situation because already for invades with it being able to kill on turn one item not OP. now making it go another turn with the possibility of cleansing first? Would be a nerf.

But in defense it’s the most annoying thing.

So I vote nerf, even though it might take away an invade teams fun

Death curse needs to go, Courage needs a nerf, GW point system is unfair. Seems like the only thing people do on this forum is complaining.


Exactly. And while in regular PvP one unlucky dice roll is just a shrug - in GW points are distributed in such a way that you lose about half of you current max possible gain by losing once no matter if you lose first battle or the last. The first one only gives 50 points + bonuses, true - but if you lose it you still fight for those 50 pts. and will never get to the paragon battle. And so on.


Part of the problem which now becomes especially apparent is multiple troops of the same variety. Wouldn’t it be the right time now to allow only one, at least in GW? #3spiritfox #2famine


I said pretty much the same thing yesterday:

DK’s trait right now is just adding unnecessary trouble to a feature already controverse in some points, i believe people wouldn’t be mad by losing one troop or even a battle if their team don’t perform as good as they expected, following the color’s restrictions, but losing maybe your entire team to a single trait is plainly infuriating and it will occur every now and then and build up frustration that can be avoided.

I know we won’t agree on that issue and this is the last thing i’ll say in this thread, but this is simply not true in any way.
It is actually really fing easily avoidable. If killing the DK in your final turn sequence is no option (which is rare in my experience) then you literally only need to put in a single stun spell troop to keep the DKs trait from triggering on kill, without having to break the daily colour bonuses.
It may be inconvenient and you may not be willing to take that extra effort, but it is as far as anything can be from being “unavoidable”.

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