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Dead and Loving It

Originally published at: https://gemsofwar.com/dead-and-loving-it/

New Troop: Nofseratu

Often known as the children of Draakulis, the Nosferatu are very ancient vampires, who have mastered many of the vampiric talents.
Perhaps the most feared thing about the Nosferatu is their ability to shape into either a bat, allowing them to travel great distances, or into an Umberwolf, who can suck the life from their prey.

Troop Type: Undead

New Troop: Bat Swarm

Bat Swarms are (unsurprisingly) common sights in Ghulvania. Though, often harmless to human, as they’re looking for blood from cattle and livestock, VERY occasionally, a vampire will shift his form adn travel with the bats as their leader.

Troop Type: Beast

New Legendary Troop: Umberwolf

The most feared form of the Nosferatu is the Umberwolf, since it’s said that his howl is an omen of death for those who hear it.

Troop Types: Undead/Beast

Nosferatu is available from Event Chests and for Glory
Bat Swarm is available for Glory and a Shop Troop Pack
Umberwolf is available from Event chests only

All troops will enter normal chests in about 4 weeks time.

Please note this Event is on the XBox One, PS4, PC and Mobile versions of the game (yes that’s ALL of them!).

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First this time.

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Nice every platform


No Merlantis troop?

Console will get the Merlantis troop next week.


Ptobably next week, this week is halloween special

@Ozball any halloween skull this year?

Unfortunately not, it is something we want to do more of, but we weren’t able to for Halloween.

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So all three troops will be in the glory shop (coupled with the trait stones they use)?

Are all troops available for glory this week? Or is legendary only in event keys?

Pretty sure legendary is event chest only

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On Nosferatu, it says “turn into a shadow wolf or a bat swarm”. Is it meant to be “turn into a Umberwolf or a Bat Swarm”?

Also, all of the card art says they have no troop type? Is that correct?


Updated the OP with the information for all the troops.

Yes, it’s meant to be Umberwolf.

The troop types are listed in the text of the post. The card images were made up from earlier versions of the troops.

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Orange pumpkins instead of skulls, maybe?

That would make them only a shell of their former selves.


It’s making me use words.


I don’t have the latest world data yet, so the type info will remain incorrect until I get it.

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Is not Umberwolf supposed to do true damage to fit better with the other troops?


Are all 3 troops available to buy with Glory ???

The legendary is event chest only. The other two are available for glory.

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