Dawnbringer unbalances Arena


I am playing PVP too on Monday… :flushed:
You are probably right. At least to some extent. There is always an increase of the protests against DB the weeks when Intrim or my guild are having a push week. So it seems that having a large pool of players doesn’t help much if they are playing a little while if some endgamers are grinding a lot.


Problem is there’s no scouting in Arena. Most weapons that can currently be an asset against DB are useless against anything else so you always run the risk of wasting your Hero.


Eh, depending on the design space, maybe not. This is tricky.

I can think of a ton of DB-like weapons that will be powerful counters to DB but not as serious a threat. Really you could “fix” DB by splitting its function: If it “just did barrier” it wouldn’t be so threatening. If it “just did AoE damage”… it’d still b ea monster, that’s probably the biggest problem.

So what if we had a series of weapons that charged relatively quickly, did no damage, but did party buffs. Submerge shuts down DB. Mana Drain harries it. Mana Burn destroys it. Silence would also be effective. We have so many things we could do but can’t because there aren’t generally-useful weapons that do them. There’s new ideas for weapons such as “there’s no mana effect but it regenerates”, etc.

The feedback is two-way. If these weapons are good vs. Dawnbringer, more people will use them. That means they’ll show up on defense and make Dawnbringer less of an “I Win” button. Some Dawnbringer owners will probably switch to different weapons. Thus, we’ll have less Dawnbringer in the pool and a more diverse pool.

It could easily get imbalanced and develop a new, stale meta. Right now, I’d prefer “this set of several weapons is terrorizing the Arena” than “you have to draft to beat Dawnbringer or you will lose”.

Sometimes you want steak but you’ve only got money for Whataburger.


I cannot recall too many troops available in Arena that can Submerge, Silence, Mana Drain or Mana Burn. And you have to be lucky to get them, to begin with. There’s a reason why DB is a pain in Arena and not elsewhere (apart that in PVP you don’t met DB when at the level Arena troops are)


Just my experience: I have DB and I still think Arena should do without it.
It became too much procedural.


Yes, it is really rough fighting the “Dawg” without a “Dawg” so I worked, worked and worked until I obtained the resources to forge ole “Dawg”. Now I use it and abuse it like it once abused me. Anything wrong with that? No reason to be anti Dawnbringer - may take some time but it is available to everyone.


I worded it strangely but meant, “What if you had a selection of weapons that could AoE these effects?”


I think the whole Weaponry needs an overhaul, but the problem with Arena is, you don’t know who you are facing. You need something that 's all round good, but not OP.

And that’s how abuse is perpetuated.

You, sir or madam, are NOT abusing those who made you suffer. You are taking it on innocent players.

…Seriously. We are asking to take out DB from the defense teams. Do you have a problem with that?


No I don’t. It should be taken out of the defense teams. I was there, know what it’s like and totally agree. I just don’t want it taken away after all the time and effort I put forth, to obtain it.


Hi see any of my giant summary posts of this thread. In general everyone agrees we don’t care if you can use DB on offense because the problem is facing DB on defense. So it’s not a new point.

It’s still true that the one Cortaud quoted doesn’t apply for arena: Dawnbringer (and weapons in general) break the rule that “you can’t grind your way to a successful arena”.


I remember when Intrim was pushing for 2 million trophies that was the worst I have ever seen arena. I have fought you a few times and was surprised to see someone from Anonymous not using a Dawnbringer.


How to beat Dawnbringer in Arena:
Step 1: Craft Drawnbringer.


I don’t use Dawnbringer and Runic blade in arena, except during our push weeks. They are not fun to use.


That didn’t work


@Saltypatra will anything be done about Dawnbringer in arena in 3.3?

Guess I’m not getting an answer


Jackelope can take down dB as can sword master. There’s more, especially war goat who can put it at the bottom so it’s less likely to get mana too.
I also have db and coming up against another is a pita and even casting first doesn’t guarantee a win. It really just needs removing from defence in arena but this must be a very complicated situation because it’s taking far too long and people are turning away.


My Dawnbringer got turned into a Mushroom! I was pissed! LOL, it was funny and I still won.


Lol, yeah that’s a right pizzler.


We might ask for Giant Toadstool being mandatory in Arena. Both sides. Seriously.


Gems of Spore