Dawnbringer unbalances Arena


i want a new mythic weapon to come out already xD and ofc buff all the ancient weapons finally


Arena is supposed to be a level playing field, no? So if I don’t have the access to the DB and almost every team on defense has it, then you can hardly call it “level playing field”.
I think the easiest solution would be to leave common, rare and ultra rare and limit the hero weapon level to epic. No legendaries and no mythic weapons. I think epic weapon is very much accessible by everyone. And that creates level playing field. If you don’t have 1,3 million souls you’re being bullied in arena, and no one likes being bullied, so the anger and frustration is quite understandable. That’s how most people would feel when there’s inequality where things are supposed to be equal.


there were event weapons you could use in arena for year or 2 that werent available again untill recently buy buying them cant even get them ingame w/o spending atleast you can farm the souls for it.


Sorry, this argument has already been discussed. Read the thread, move on.


Epic weapons have become too weak for arena and only have one colour. Many legendary weapons are available fast after lvl 200. that would be enough for a playing field.


You have access to DawnBringer… just save up 1,300,000 Souls and it’s yours! :innocent:


@AngryMidget it’s not really an exaggeration, we also saw a lot of feedback left across all our social channels, so it saw the light of day on more than just the forums. (And as the human whose job it is to look through all that, I get a pretty good idea of how prominent an issue is.)

In other news, we are still working on this.



(For 10 characters: I wonder how many characters the forums counts that as? Emoji is a fun topic. :woman: takes up more characters than :man: because it’s literally the “man” code plus a modifier. At least on Twitter.)


I stand corrected. You’re right, I indeed do have access to the DB… I will probably be able to get it some time around 2022… But I will probably not play the game then any more :smile:

On a more serious note, I hate DB because it soured one game mode that I liked very much. I don’t like it any more. And I am not the only one.


Does this win longest single word (emoji) post?


Well I wonder how talked about db on other sites then as name wise it basically brings forth the light of day.


Even having a Dawnbringer doesn’t help much


Nothing to work on Salty. Remove Dawnbringer now, worry about future tweaks later.

It’s a simple fix to remove it from defense arena teams. No excuses, no further comments, just get it done.



I’m just curious what the current plan is if it has been “being worked on” for MONTHS.

What has been suggested? What has been tried in a dev-only testing environment? What ideas have been thrown out (and why)?


Well it is a mythic weapon and mythic creatures are not participating in arena so…

Maybe nerf it in Arena rather than removing it? So that if in the future they add more mythic weapons they can add nerfed Arena equivalents to keep the balance of power in tact.


To the “it’s just a simple filter change” crowd:

Go find Tesla in your troop DB this week. Try and reverse engineer why this is hard. I can’t even begin to explain what changed visibly this week that would result in this.


Just fought 2 Dawnbringers in 1 run



No point asking in Q&A, they will dodge the question again.
I would also like a progress report on what exactly they ARE working on?


Yes, that would be interesting.


My guess is “they’re working on a lot of new troops” and “the treasure hunt background”.

Those are the things that were broken with the last update, and it’s logical to imagine stuff breaks unexpectedly when they accidentally push dev artifacts to production.