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When I cast Mercy AFTER casting Dawnbringer it removes barrier from all my troops. It has never done this before. I have been using these two troops in my pvp attack team for a very long time.

I just tested this on mobile and could not reproduce the issue. Do you have a video or before/after screenshots of the Mercy cast you could share?

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Did this happen once or multiple times? Did the opponent get a move in between, possibly triggering some dispelling trait/talent?

I wish I did but it was unexpected and unremarkable once the barrier effect was gone. As far as I know this happened twice. The first time I wasn’t sure if barrier had come off for other reasons. But this one I saw happen. I am on PC.

If you can make it happen again, stop and write down the other player’s team.

It’s possible there’s some trait or ability that’s causing it and you just didn’t notice. I play with my brain turned off 90% of the time and have moments like that, where something weird happens and suddenly I have no clue how I got there.

I wish the game had a move log to help with these.

What’s your team composition, including hero class and talents?

Sounds like dispel from the enemy’s hero.

LOL … I am on auto pilot most of the time myself. My team is Gorgotha, Assassin Hero Class w Dawnbringer, Infernus, Mercy. Is there a debuff that an enemy troop could have that would do that? And yes … if it happens again I will note the team.

Thanks all for responses :slight_smile:

Not sure but wouldn’t dispel happen when it is cast from them? This happened immediately after I cast Mercy and before enemy troop had its response. In fact I had a match four and had another move before theirs.

A hero with the Guardian tree (level 70) can dispel the entire enemy team with a 4 or 5 match.
It can be missed easily when you’re on x4 speed because the animation is almost none existant.
Was the enemy team hero a mech, sentinel or dragonguard by any chance?

Fiara … I play on 2x speed only. It could have been though that the enemy had that hero. It was my turn. Dawnbringer was full but I did not need to cast it as all my troops had barrier, even Gorgotha in first spot. He usually loses it at opponents next turn due to skull matches. But the enemy did not have one, so made a 3 match. I did not need to cast dawnbringer but I could make a 4 match if I used Mercy to help fill Gorgotha and boost my weakest troop. As I have said as soon as I cast Mercy, all the barrier glow throbs turned off. Can the enemy’s dispel extend into my turn. I could have been very wrong but I suspected it was a glitch in the cleanse that Mercy does. Probably wrong. But I will note opponents and their abilities better to try to narrow it down. Mercy has been around long enough to have had anything like this resolved so that is another argument for it having been something I just plain missed. If it happens again or I find the answer I will post it here. Thanks every one :slight_smile:

Another possibility, but one harder to accidentally miss, is if your troops were burning before the Mercy cast. A tick of that will dissolve your Barrier.

Can you also lose the barrier if you get cursed or poisoned?

If poison triggers yes. Cursed dispels so yes that would lose barrier as well.

All those animations - poison, burning and cursed - I did not see active on my troops. But perhaps I missed them. I was not expecting this to happen. Question on those things though: if the enemy casts those on me and they are going to remove barrier, would that removal not happen when it flipped to my turn? I am for certain I had barrier on me when I cast Mercy because I was looked to see if I needed to cast barrier again.

However, I do have a hard time accepting this was a bug/glitch since both these troops have been around so long. I was not sure if there had been a recent patch that might have inadvertently messed with cleanse in some way. I brought it here to see if other folks had a similar problem and no one has said … so it is more likely it was one of the other possibilities. This week we have family from out of state staying and I do not have time to play and test this more but I will. And will post results.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

Koromac when does the removal happen? As soon as it is cast? When it flips to my turn? I ask because there is no doubt in my mind … it came off immediately

I cast Mercy.

Ach! immediately AFTER I cast Mercy

Poison triggers at the start of you turn so you could have casted Dawnbringer giving barriers and then on you next turn lost the barriers due to poison triggering just before you casted Mercy. Poison wouldn’t trigger after you casted Mercy due to it not being the start of your turn and Mercy cleanses.

Do you remember any of the troops on the enemy team?

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Hey @Isak, sorry for the delay. If you notice a bug please post it here in the future or contact support.

If you notice this issue happening again we’ll need to see screenshots or a video, or at the very least the exact Troops used on your Team + their Traits and the same for the enemy team so we can try and replicate the issue.

Thank you Cyrup. So far this has not reoccurred. If it does however I will follow your instructions. :slight_smile: