Darkwarriors is recruiting active people [30/30 ]CLOSED

Time has come to continue growing but is more easy with more people. :smiley:

DarkWarriors is recruiting. No trophies, no gold, no seals are requirement. We are a guild that grows everyday if you need to upgrade kingdoms is not a problem , we have people also doing. We are now all active people but continue growing and recruiting. We look for active people.

Guild level 166   Trophies rank 139   240%gold daily bonus
Master III league. 

All people are welcome, we could help also new players to climb quickly. Donโ€™t wait more join us in guilds or send a message o invite code and I send invites. Thanks for the time to read the post and good luck.

Ono Palaver - DarkWarriors Guild

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Welcome KARZARD. Step a step we become stronger :wink:

Send invite for me FONK SAYUK

you are in another guild you must leave first if you want to join another. If you still interested tell me here. Thanks for the interest:

iโ€™m ready for my new home

invite send , Welcome to Darkwarriors,

I am currently looking for an active guild, how casual are you?

This is a guild of many type of members , someone actives like me and others are upgrading kingdoms and hero. No problem what you do what you play, only one rule play something in a month, I think is no much. If you are interested tell me and thanks for the interest.

Hi Blackjack you are welcome. Send you invite.
We still have spots available.

Hi, Iโ€™d like to join and active Guild.

Invite code: WAYWARDFOX

invite send . Welcome.:sweat_smile:

Can you invite three active players from a dead guild?

All regular players level 150+

Of course I try but you must leave the old guild first you can come you are already out I think.

Cheers. Can you try SQUIGGLES chicken again? She was still in guild at time of invite.

I think old old blackmow will have to solo now.

Cheers. Letโ€™s do some work!

ok I send invite welcome and is no problem we are getting bigger quickly. Thanks all.:slight_smile:

Darkwarriors still have spots available for players. Good luck and thanks for the time.:slight_smile:

OnoPalaver  Master Guild

I would like to join the guild, please.

Invite code: SHAIDARH

Invite sent. Welcome