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Darkstone hero class?

Well, just in case I guessed right I put this topic under “Spoilers”. What will be the class which will unlock power 9 for Darkstone? Assassin is already added, Sorcerer too, and Deathkinght as well. All I can think about is Merchant.

Potion Master maybe? I would think so because one of their main things is potions/ hexes. Hexer would also be a good class too, at least in my opinion. Definitely not slave driver tho, as it would almost instantly create controversy.

Magician. Kills you with a bunny pulled out of a hat. (Run away! Run away!)


What, behind the rabbit?

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Alchemist, Gladiator or Slave :stuck_out_tongue: .


Gladiator or some sort of Judicial Champion (like in WHFRP) would be cool.

Mix, mix, swirl, mix.

Cool versions!

And I just remembered WBC III and hero classes there. Found many candidates: it can be an Alchemist (+1 to this suggestion), or a Defiler, or a Tinker. And in the same WBC III was a “Plague Priest” unit, I like it better than “Defiler”.

Plague Doctor as a class would be interesting if the legendary trait would prevent cleanse effects for enemies. (Normal cleanse over time not affected) (Maybe this kind of trait would be better for the Horseman Plague)

Favored Weapons: Artifacts because these Plague Doctors use very strange tools, their iconic masks for example.

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Also if the class weapon applied a team Disease debuff that never went away, and also stacked. That would be my class forever.

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