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Dante’s Chat Inferno

When it comes to the Gems of War chat system? Me and Dante are tight. I am talking ninth circle of hell tight—Virgil’s my tour guide, okay? He’s my bro, make no mistake.

An example, you say? Certainly, I rejoin.

Today, I tossed a few idle witticisms into guild chat. Each line was processed and displayed in the chat feed. All being right with the world, I continued on my merry way. Why worry, thought I? I could see the chat lines right there, ready to be plucked by the reader like a luscious berry from a bush.

You see, I am of an unsocial, taciturn disposition, unwilling to chat, unless I expect to say something that will amaze the whole chat-room, and be handed down to posterity with all the éclat of a proverb. Either that or I am a tremendous bore. I can never remember which. Anyway, after fighting a bunch of defense teams comprised of goblins, I returned to chat–

What shock, awe, and horror awaited me. I was exceedingly chagrined to find that the chat system had arbitrarily dropped two of the lines leaving a nonsensical combination of disjointed sentences. My inner grammar nazi, roared.

“GILLIE-WET-FOOT!”, I screamed in frustration; or some such profane exclamation.

You see, this has happened before a few times. And I just do not know what to do. I think the chat system is trying to stir up trouble with surly half-orcs at the local tavern.

Technical schematic follows

  • Line 1 shows up in chat feed
  • Line 2 shows up
  • Line 3 shows up
  • Line 4 shows up

And then when I come back later, line 2 and 3 are missing. Sometimes lines 2, 3, 4 are missing, leaving only line 1. They do show up when I initially input them.

In conclusion, if the chat system were used to pen the Gettysburg Address, it would have read:

Four score and seven years ago
I can’t feel my face when I’m with you

Abraham Lincoln

tl;dr chat flummoxed, any suggestions appreciated

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In my experience, if you quit and restart the game, all your lines should reappear. No idea how it looks to others in said chat group though.

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Speaking of things that are Italian, is there an explanation for the last line of text in this photo? I checked immediately after I saw it, and my settings still said that my language was English.


@Grundulum In English, it reads something like, “Meat Magician has just completed all the missions in the Kingdom Broken Spire.” Maybe he is bilingual and it got confused? This happens in our chat too on occasion.

@actreal Thank you.

But in my case, restarting is not fixing the issue. Here what happened to my post earlier. This was definitely after a restart, and all of it showed previously.

I had typed something like:

Today in Physics: if the 30% of our guild that joined the web site are
represented by this Twinkie -> [==] then my expectations of more
joining--until the Twinkie reached 9 feet in length and weighing
approximately 600 pounds--might have been over the top.

Yes, I am a goofball and post a lot of silliness. But the point is that the rest vanished, leaving only the first and last line :sunglasses:


I had this happen to me when I tried to input four lines of text at once. My theory is that it’s just too much text for the system to handle at one time. So now I do one line at a time.

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To be fair, the edited version thanks the to chat system is about as understandable…


In my experience, notifications (like finishing quest lines and pulling a Legendary) always get displayed in the language of the client triggering the notification.


You’re absolutely right and it’s absolutely nonsensical. They have it translated for crying out lout, it should be no problem at all to make it understandable by all participants by displaying it in their chosen language.

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Ha, you are so right. I suppose some context would have helped. Even so, I blame Egon Spengler.

And then disappear in the next login. I assume nobody sees my successes from 2am, when all are in bed and I in fact should be.