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Daily Tasks rewards are ridiculous

Since 3.5 daily tasks became available on Android. And I cannot tell for what levels they are meant. 200-800? I’m a mid-player with 1135 level, and some rewards just aren’t worth my efforts. For example, “win 8 battles with 3 unique troops from Khaziel and get 2000 gold”. Come on, I’ll earn more in one PvP battle, why would I bother with Khaziel team?

My suggestion here is: could you pick daily tasks according to my level?


That’s already the case, just read here : Daily Tasks and you!

Dailies are not all of the same value. Don’t forget it’s a freebie, and you can skip them. Or even don’t do them if they don’t worth the effort. And the next day you may have more luck :blush:


Thanks for the link. Of course, I do only worthy tasks.

It’s a nice addition to get a little more gems during a week. Ofc it is luck based, but rather this daily task, than non daily tasks at all. Tasks rewarding gems has been more common than what I expected from it.

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What’s the gold retail value on this?
It’s not even worth the effort… As little effort as it takes.

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1200 (10 char)

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I generally only do daily tasks that reward gems.

However, it’s sometimes nice to have a break from the usual pvp farming teams, so if you’re going to play pvp anyway then it can be fun to try out a team of 3 constructs etc and earn a random reward (albeit a small one) by just playing the game anyway.

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Some tasks will have good rewards, and other won’t. Sometimes you’ll enjoy breaking the monotony of your usual teams even if you only get a “pat in the back” (some small amount of gold or gold keys.)

Not having the tasks = No rewards, no incentive to try something new.

If you think a task is not worth your time then reroll it if you can or simply don’t do the task at all. The tasks are not here to drown people in resources.


People get daily tasks and then moan about them? It just feels like some are ungrateful. Granted it is a role of a dice what you get, but something is better than nothing surely? Would the minority rather have no daily tasks and miss out on these rewards? The rewards aren’t all that massive but every one of them soon adds up :+1:


I don’t really care and I do them every time. I think the rewards are about like tributes.

I am not guaranteed a certain amount of stuff every time I collect tribute. I can get 0 kingdoms. It’s a valid result. Tasks are kind of like that. Some days I’m doing them for 8k gold. Other days I get 30 gems. It’s still stuff I didn’t have access to before.

To me, the real reward is finding some team with enough synergy to make a handful of explore matches possible, and playing in a janky manner breaks up the monotony. Sometimes I get a runic or arcane traitstone while I’m at it. Bonus!

I’m way more OK with an optional daily task delivering a low payoff than I am with spending 55 weeks worth of mythic ingots to tack on like 1 player level worth of stats to Dawnbringer. But if the daily tasks gave me 50 gems, maybe I’d think about changing classes every now and then.

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